Bepanah Pyaar 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati-Raghbir work together on presentation

Bepanah Pyaar 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pragati was fast asleep. Sahas bent over Pragati and says she must not have returned had she not meant for him. His love is true, and Pragati deserves to be kept in the locker of heart. He promises to keep her protected from eyes of everyone. Pragati wakes up in a state of shock, Sahas backs up at once.

Pragati breathes of relief that it was only Sahas. He turns to leave. Pragati asks Sahas what happened to him and his hand, something surely happen. Sahas says he sat in his room all alone, then thought about talking to someone who genuinely cared of him. He was upset that he lost his parents in childhood. Pragati is important for him. Pragati holds his hand and assures she is there, he stood with her when no one was her side. She advices him to live in the present and forget his past, he might get what he previously couldn’t. She goes to make tea for him. Sahas sits on the rocking chair in the room and says he will now write his own fate, and there will be single name Bani.

In the kitchen, Pragati burns her hand. Raghbir comes to her and asks why she burnt her hand. Pragati says they have done such madness earlier as well. Raghbir says those days were different, but Pragati replies they are same. Raghbir leaves. Pragati thinks in a few days she will unveil some secrets, then they will enjoy night teas together. Sahas watches them together and cheers that’s she will now do what she used to do for Raghbir earlier.

The next morning, Pragati finds the bill in her drawer. Kunti passes by, talking to Pandit ji that she will reach soon. Pragati cautiously goes into Kunti’s room and looks for the bills. Downstiars Bari Maa remembers the cheque she had forgotten in her room. Pragati looks around the room. Kunti was about to open the door when she hears the sound inside. Pragati was cautious as the door slowly opens. Kunti looks around the room, then takes a cheque and leaves. A servant takes Kunti’s permission to clean the window of her room. Kunti says she is going to temple right now. She later cheers as she had spotted Pragati hiding behind the window of the room, and thinks she won’t be able to find the bill.

Later Pragati leaves the room wondering where the bill has gone. Sahas meets Pragati and says neither he is going to hospital, nor she will go to office. Pragati apologizes as she has an important meeting in the office; but next time she will surely accompany him. She assures Sahas that someone in the house is there to stand beside him, whenever he is alone.

In the office, Raghbir and Pragati worked in their respective cabinet. Both yawned and unable to focus. Pragati decides to go and wash her face. She wish she hadn’t lost the bill, she could have proven her innocence to Raghbir then.

In the conference room, Raghbir comes to Pragati with two cups of tea. He says they have to work all night, and she is used to night teas. Pragati and Raghbir discuss about the presentation. Raghbir asks if they can work together. Pragati likes the idea of team work to convince their client.

Raghbir sat on the table while Pragati was busy with the presentation work. She notices his stare over her. Raghbir looks away and sips from the cup. Pragati says the cup is empty, should she get him a coffee. Raghbir tells her to focus on work. Pragati teases it seems he is losing his focus. They work night long. Raghbir gets coffee for both, they cheer when the presentation was finally done.

PRECAP: Raghbir and Pragati celebrate together. Kunti says it was Raghbir’s hard work. Raghbir says the client liked Pragati’s presentation. Anyways, the deal is big so there must be a big celebration.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Episode was so pyaara ? loved it..but didn’t like the scenes with sahas because instead of being a good friend, he is using her to get her back when she does not even love him. Precap ? pragati in danger just hope raghbir is the one that gets to her. Love their bond and upcoming episodes should be interesting to watch

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