Namah 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Parvati Saves Mahadev

Namah 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narayan tells Laxmi that his love and duty for Amrith can make him consume even halal and asks to let him perform his duty. Laxmi returns home. Samudradev yells if she returned after seeing Narayan’s arrogance, Narayan can go to any extent to satisfy his ego. Laxmi says Narayan is just performing his duty. Samudradev says he will not let Narayan win and will give him halahal instead. He gets halahal with his superpowers. Laxmi pleads not to do that as he will kill his own praja/citizens. Samudradev says praja is because of Raja and when he doesn’t care if anything happens to his praja.

Asurs start getting killed due to halahal’s poisonous effect. Bali alleges Narayan that he tricked to kill Asurs. Narayan says he will consume halahal and protect the people who are supporting him and will perform his duty. Mahadev says let him consume halahal as he wants to contribute in Laxmi-Narayan’s reunion. He consumes halahal and falls down weak. Narayan asks why did he do this. Samudradev says Narayan put Mahadev’s life in danger to protect himself, he is very clever and cunning. Devtas also ask Mahadev why did he risk his life. Devi Parvathi holds Mahadev’s throat and stops poison from further entering Mahadev’s body. Mahadev stands up.

Narayan warns Samudradev that Samudradev used his cunningness, anger and everything possible to stop Samudradev, now he see power of love. He orders to restart samudramanthan. Devi Laxmi requests Samudradev to forget his revenge and support Narayan. Samudradev shouts he will never forgive Narayan and restists.

Brahmadev tells Shristi that due to arrogance, Samudradev lost all his wealth and became very weak. All the wealth that came out of samudramanthan was distributed among devtas and asurs. First a 7-headed horse emerges and Bali makes it as his vehicle, next 3 headed elephant emerges which Indradev makes it back as his vehicle, then Kamadhenu cow emerges which is given to rishi, then Samudradev’s jewels emerge because of which Samudradev gets more weak. Devi Laxmi pleads Samudradev again to forgo his superego at least now. Samudradev shouts never.

Precap: Bali says whether jewels or Laxmi emerges, asurs will have right on it. Mahadev warns him to mind his tongue.

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