Bepanah Pyaar 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati feels some negative vibe in house

Bepanah Pyaar 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati’s father says sorry to her and says I didnt see that you were made for him, how is his family and him? Pragati recalls hatred there and says everything is fine, I dont know what Raghbir is going through, he doesnt listen to anyone. Father says he lost his love, you dont have to take his wife’s position, make place for yourself, his pain is yours now. She nods and thinks there is something in that house that I feel.

Pragati comes to Raghbir’s house and sees Raghbir making a house. He murmurs that Bani will like it. He hammers a nail and hits his finger, it bleeds. Pragati runs to him. Raghbir sees Bani and says why did you come? You ruined my surprise, she gets sad, he says sorry, I didnt mean to.. he caresses her forehead, his blood drips on her forehead, he looks down and sees its Pragati, he leaves from there. Pragati looks at her forehead in mirror and is tensed.

Priya says to Nakul and Harshit that we have to do something about Raghbir. They come to Raghbir. Priya says nobody cares for me, all are busy in their lives. Raghbir says tell me what happened? Priya says you dont spend time with us. Nakul says lets play music. He brings instruments. Raghbir starts playing guitar and plays kiya hua tera waada tune, he plays it fast and closes his eyes, he imagines Bani and sings kiya hua.. all look on.

Scene 2
Sukaniya is angry and tells manager that Pragati thinks she won but now its my turn.

Pragati comes outside a room and tries to open it. She sees mark on her wrist and says whom to tell about this?

Beeji is asking Bua to massage her feet. Pragati comes there. Beeji asks her to come inside. She asks Bua to bring something to eat. Bua leaves. Pragati says I think someone doesnt like me in this house. Beeji is tensed.

Priya thinks that wish I can tell Raghbir where I am lost. She calls someone and says why its taking time? She sees her father getting call. Father says thats a great news, he ends call and tells his wife Shalu that we have got proposal from a good family for Priya.

Beeji says to Pragati that they wanted Sukaniya in this house so many people might not like you. Beeji says I saw their love, they were two bodies and one love, Raghbir loved her too much, he might give you right as a wife but not as lover. Prgati says I didnt mean that, I meant someone came in my room and touched me when I was sleeping. She shows her wound.

Doctor comes to meet Raghbir. Harshit says you hurt your finger, Raghbir you are married now. Raghbir says I was married earlier, this is just a drama. Raghbir says send this doctor away, he grabs him and shouts at him to leave. Pragati comes there and says you have to bear a little to become fine. Raghbir recalls Bani said same thing.

PRECAP- Aditi tells family that what if Pragati starts finding answers? She cant know what happened to Bani here.
Doctor tells Pragati that there is a way to make Raghbir fine, she says anything. He says you have to co

Update Credit to: Atiba

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