Belan Wali Bahu 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo’s ghost and Roopa works as a team

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Belan Wali Bahu 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Katori taunts Jimmy that he is burden on his inlaws and says I will never comeback to this house till Jimmy doesnt become cock and apologize, she leaves. Gudiya his wife says he had to pay rent of garden so he stole mangoes and came here. Jimmy says I got pickles order, we have to deliver it till tomorrow then I will get money to pay the rent. Dada says who will make this pickle? Jimmy says you all, all are stunned. Jimmy says I am your son in law, you can do this, I took 2 lacs advance for this contract, Dada says and you have to pay 10lacs of rent? how much brain do you have? Community head comes to Laddo’s house and says that every year you people make bhog for big function of the society so you will make it this year too? Dada says we will follow the ritual and we will make bhog this year too, head leaves. Jimmy says I have taken order to make pickles so first you all have to make pickle then you can make bhog if you have time, this is business, you have to be serious. Dada says its our ritual of 25 years, we cant break it, Jimmy says to hell with ritual. Roopa sees all tensed and says dont worry, we will make bhog and pickle both together. She recalls how Laddo’s ghost said he wont see her face, she thinks maybe he will come seeing this all.

Laddo’s ghost is sitting with dog, he says what she thinks that she will ignore me infront of all, does your wife do this too? or she must bark only, I can only see Roopa and she is doing this, dog leaves. Laddo’s ghost says those who doesnt get respect from wife, doesnt get respect from dog too. Laddo’s ghost sees car coming near him, he says stop.. but car doesnt see him and goes through his soul.. Laddo’s ghost says I get saved from everything else just not Roopa’s balen.

All family members are cutting mangoes for pickle, Shalini says servant’s ghost is asking me to not work, Lata says its about son in law so do it. Dada says once Jimmy took project of municipal and we have to clean all gutters.

Gudiya comes to Jimmy and sees him sleeping, she shouts at him to wake up, he does, she says you are making all work and sleeping? jimmy says I am a businessman, I dont do work, Gudiya shouts at him to wake up, he does.

Jimmy comes to lounge, Roopa says we made all pickle, all homemade, Jimmy says homemade? I got contract of chinese pickle, Dada says we dont know any chinese pickle, you tell us how to make it? Jimmy says I saw it on TV and sold it to client and he gave me contract, we have to give chinese pickle, Lata says who will tell how to make it? Roopa looks on.

Roopa is tensed, she recalls how she won contest to win balen, she looks at Laddo’s photo and says all are tensed in house and you are still miffed with me? you dont help me but when you are near, I have strength and hope, please comeback. She sadly looks at his photo, Naren calls her, she leaves.

Laddo’s ghost is sitting in market, he says Roopa didnt come to look after me, she must be enjoying that no one is scolding her, no one is behind her, he asks dog if their wives stop talking to them too? its good when wives dont talk but I can only see Roopa and dogs, I promised that I will not comeback home, she cares about family so let her be with family only.

Naren says to Roopa that I brought chinese recipe books, start searching for chinese pickle, Suzzi says there is no recipe for it, Jimmy you should cancel the order, Jimmy says I never go back on my words. Dada says once you opened car garage on 8th floor, not any car but even cycle didnt come there for repairing, we lost 5 lacs in that. Jimmy says you people are insulting me? I am leaving, Ramnath says no one is stopping you. Lata says I am sorry, Jimmy please stay, how to make chinese pickle? Nirupa must have known its recipe. Roopa says Katori always make chinese food at her home, Jimmy can you ask her? Jimmy recalls how she said he has to say sorry, he says okay, you have to bow sometime for business.

Jimmy comes to Katori and says I have to make chinese pickle, can you tell me recipe? She asks him to become cock and say sorry, Jimmy acts like hen and says sorry, please help. Katori smiles.

Jimmy brings Katori and her kids to Laddo’s house. All are stunned to see them talking nicely, Jimmy takes her to kitchen. Rammanth asks how Katori agreed to come? Jimmy says she is nice. Shalini sees Katori’s kids eating noodles and Katori must know recipe of chinese pickle. Katori comes there and says I dont tell recipes but since I am sincere so I will tell you, Dada says yes you are sincere to take sugar from us daily, Katori glares at her and says I will make you all learn how to make chinese pickle. She puts pickle in noodles and says noodles are chinese and when you put pickle in it, it becomes chinese pickle, all cough. Katori asks Jimmy to say sorry. Jimmy says you are a liar, fake, I knew you dont know how to make pickle, you think this is a joke? you cheated us, Katori says you Jimmy.. Jimmy says get out, dont comeback. Katori says you are bad omen, you bring troubles for this family, Jimmy asks her to shut up otherwise I will break your head, she throws jar on ground. Katori says I will break your face, she throws another jar, Jimmy says I am scary, he breaks another jar, Katori throws another jar in anger. Ramnath says enough, these are our utensils. Lata says I will break anyone who tries to break my utensils, she throws jar and screams. Ramnath says enough of this Lata, she always get angry, he breaks jar too. Roopa says you all fight and break things.. Dada says I will not spare anyone, all start breaking things and fighting.. Katori takes one jar and starts leaving, Jimmy says this Katori is a thief. Roopa shouts at everyone to stop.. she says KAtori stole noodles and left. Dada says she made us all fight and left. Jimmy says what will happen to my pickle? what we will do now? Jitendra says are you all done using your mind? I have an idea, that chinese stall have every dish, he must know chinese pickle recipe, I will go and ask him, Jitendra says I am leaving, Lata asks Roopa to go and understand recipe.

Scene 2
Roopa and Jitendra comes to chinese stall, Jitendra asks about chinese pickle, seller says I dont know about it, I am from Bihar, I dont know about chinese pickle recipe. Jitendra says do you even know how to make chinese? Seller says yes just put vinegar, chinese salt and soya sauce, chili sauce in anything and it will become chinese. Jitendra says to Roopa that lets go home.

Jitendra and Roopa comes home. Suzzi asks if they found anything? Jitendra says yes that chinese seller is Bihari, I wanted to arrest him. Ramnath says what we will do now? Lata asks what halwa to make in bhog? Sujji? Suzzi says me? Dada says just use oil, sugar and nuts for it. Roopa recalls how seller said to use soya sauce, vinegar, chili sauce and chinese salt for chinese. Roopa says I have an idea for pickle.
Roopa and others come in kitchen, Roopa starts making chinese pickle. She puts four things in mangoes, she says they are used in chinese so maybe we will make nice pickle. Roopa sees Lata making bhog. She recalls flashback when Laddo was alive, Laddo saw Lata making halwa and said I like it, Lata says you should smile more often, Laddo says give me halwa, Lata says let me wash halwa.. Laddo gets angry and says why roopa doesnt wash plates? I need halwa as soon as its cooked. Lata puts hand on his forehead and says calm down, why you get angry so much? you want halwa? I will give it, Laddo calms down, Roopa sees all this from far, flashback ends. Roopa sadly looks at halwa.

Lata makes bhog halwa and Roopa makes chinese pickle. Dada says both are ready, their mixed aroma is good. Some man comes there with his goons, man grabs Jimmy, Jimmy tries to hide but goon grabs him and says you thought you can runaway from me? I can find birds too. Dada says who are you? Man says I am Babblu, owner of 40 gardens, I gave one garden to Jimmy on rent of 10lacs but he cheated, he didnt pay my rent and when we asked him to leave garden, he stole all mangoes and left. Jimmy says mangoes were mine, surface was yours only. Babblu points gun at him and says give my 10 lacs and where are my mangoes? Jitendra says I am policeman, you cant threaten here, Babblu points gun at him, Naren says ignore him, Babblu brother you are like family, please spare Jimmy. Babblu says he ranaway with my mangoes, he strangles him and asks where are mangoes? Roopa says we made pickle of it, she shows pickle boxes to Babblu and says mangoes are in there in pickle form. Babblu asks his goons to take all pickle boxes, goons take pickles and bhog boxes both. Jimmy says give me pickle back, I will return your mangoes, Babblu says you have 10 hours, Lata says atleast give us bhog back, Babbly ignores her and leaves. Jimmy says to Roopa that why you told him about pickle boxes? Lata says Roopa you gave them bhog too, Ramnath says function is about to end and we dont have bhog. Dada says I will say sorry to community and tell them I couldnt make it. Roopa says I can make it again. Dada says we dont have time, we got insulted because of you Roopa, you pointed at those boxes and they took bhog too, I was always respected in this neighborhood but I will be ashamed and insulted today, this is not good, he angrily leaves from there. Lata glares at Roopa and says Nirupa would never do it, Roopa says sorry and leaves.

Roopa comes to kitchen and recalls Dada’s words. She says I will make bhog again. She finds Laddo’s ghost there and says you here? there are so much trouble. Laddo’s ghost says I smelled Lata’s halwa, I like it, Roopa says this was parsad but some goons came.. and took it because of her. Laddo’s ghost says this is 25 years ritual and you told them about it so they took it and left? Dada must be hurt, Roopa says he has gone to say sorry to community in Jagran.

In Jagran. Suzzi brings Dada there, Dada greets community, he is sad recalling they dont have bhog.

In house, Roopa says to Laddo’s ghost what to do now? Dada is going to say sorry. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that just tell Dada to not say sorry, he doesnt have to apologize, I will bring halwa, just stop Dada. Roopa comes to family and says to Lata that stop Dada from saying sorry, I will do something but he will get halwa on time, we will get halwa.

In Jagran, Katori comes and asks man if they will give noodles in parsad, he taunts no like you will get pizza here.

Ramnath says to family that if Roopa is saying she will do it then trust her. Lata says you are asking me to trust her? Ramnath says trust God, Roopa you do your thing, he leaves to stop Dada. Jitendra asks Lata to come, its about Dada’s insult, Lata says its about his respect, they leave.

In Jagran, host says after this last bhajan, we will get parsad from Awasthi family(Laddo’s family). Dada looks down hearing it.

Laddo’s ghost says Roopa always just make mess which I have to clean. Roopa comes there and says how we will make parsad? we dont have material and all shops are closed. Laddo’s ghost says let me speak. Roopa says okay. Laddo’s ghost says to Roopa that we will make parsad from mangoes’ seeds, crush them, Roopa says yes, where is crusher. Laddo’s ghost says just use your weapon balen to crush them. Roopa is reluctant to use it.

PRECAP- Dada says I will say sorry to community. Ramnath comes there and says wait for sometime.
Jitendra comes to Roopa and asks if she made parsad? Roopa says give me 5 minutes.
In Jagran, Dada is about to apologize. Lata says today 25 years of ritual will break and Dada will be insulted because of Roopa.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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