Hi Frnds!! am back from vacations with a new story.

The story belongs to our Twinj who are forced to get married and both are just opposite to each other so now let’s c further how they adjust and manage with each other and the most important thing is whether they will love each other or not???

KUNJ SARNA- A very handsome, famous and big businessman whose empire is set up in Australia, India & europe but he resides in Australia. He is good person by heart but has passion for women.

TWINKLE KUNJ SARNA- Belongs to a very famous business class family but is very shy and traditional girl, loves cooking and loves wearing Indian dresses only no western wear.

YUVRAJ – Kunj’s best friend, a big flirt also Kunj’s business partner

MAHI- Younger sister of Twinkle, teenager and very bubble girl just opposite of Twinkle

LEELA & RT- Twinkle’s parents

MANOHAR SARNA- Kunj’s father

Rest of the characters will be included as per the story.

NOTE- Before I start writing this story further i really want all of your support.

I also want to ask do you all want me to continue my previous story (based on ask laftan an lamaz) as well, If yes plz mention in ur comments and if no u all can frankly tell me. I would love to hear from u all.

  1. Vibhu

    Interesting plot dear

  2. Interesting intro dear
    plzzz post soon dear
    aur ff bhi dear

    1. SSK

      Thanks dear 🙂

  3. Continue this…….plsss

    1. SSK

      Thanks dear…:)

  4. Ananya_DSK

    Hello Sakshi… Sorry for being this late… I’m really exciting at this idea, and I’m sure you are going to rock it!! I see that you’ve posted a few episodes., I’ll read them real soon too…. And yes, please so continue your previous story, coz I badly want to read it… I was absolutely loving that one, and I’m sure it’ll love this one too

    1. SSK

      Thanks Dear 🙂

  5. Hi sakshi
    Awesome intro Yaar.
    Will be waiting g to read it.

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