Belan Wali Bahu 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Family buys old jeep

Belan Wali Bahu 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa and other women are learning to drive car in house. Naren comes infront of their fake car. Roopa says you are distracting us and then you people say that women dont know how to drive, he says sorry and leaves. Roopa is learning the steps. Laddo’s ghost says very good Roopa. Instructor leaves for the day. They take training for days in house and on road too.

Roopa comes to family and says after taking training, we have got our learning license. Laddo’s ghost says wow. Suzzi says we will go for hangout now. Dada says we will all go together. Shalini says we will take all men for outing today. Roopa says yes in Laddo’s car.

Family comes to see Laddo’s car, its all dusted and breaking from everywhere. Laddo’s ghost says no one took care of my car. Roopa says we will make it fine. Roopa sits in car, everything is coming in her hands. Roopa tries to start the car but steering comes in hand. Jitendra says its engine is stolen too.

Scene 2
Suzzi says to Dada that we dont have car to drive so its useless that we learned to drive. Suzzi says I want a new car, we learned to drive so we dont want to waste it. Roopa says we want a new car. Laddo’s ghost says you can get my car repaired. Roopa says we can buy a new car and get his car repaired too then we will have two cars. Dada says I have decided that Suzzi wants a new car, I mean all want new car so we will get it, he asks Jitendra to call salesman.

Instructor comes to their house. He says I have come to sell car, I sell cars. Dada makes instructor sit beside him. Laddo’s ghost says my car can be used. Roopa says its old, we can get it repaired too. Instructor shows cars to Dada, Dada likes one car and asks for rates, he says 10lacs. Dada says its very expansive, Roopa says to instructor Vikas that give us good rates and we will send many people to you. Vikas shows them car of 5lacs, Dada says lesser than that. Vikas says I understand that you people cant arrange money in one go so I can get loan for you. Dada says you can get loan on my name. Vikas says you are aged so you wont be able to get loan. Prem says you can get loan on my name. Vikas asks what he does? Prem says I never had to do anything. Vikas says then you cant get loan. Jitendra says I am suspended. Vikas says you cant get loan, he says no one is employed so you people cant get loan, Suzzi is working for Dada who cant be trusted. Roopa says we cant get loan so what can we do? instructor says I know a dealer so you have to arrange money to get a car.

Family is counting money. Jitendra is counting coins. Prem says Dada you can break your FD to give us money. Dada says its for my bad days. Roopa says this is bad too. Suzzi gives 15k as her contribution. Dada says you say I dont give you salary then how you got them? Suzzi says you give me gifts. Roopa says we have arranged 96k till now. Laddo’s ghost says my car can get repaired in this price. Roopa says we can repair his car. Dada says that car is useless, its face is like Laddo. Laddo’s ghost says they dont have manners, he leaves. Dada says we will get a new car in 96k.

Scene 2
Dada calls car dealer. Dealer asks what is their range starting from 3lacs? Dada says we have decided that we dont need a car. Dealer says I understand that your budget is less but I have a car in low budget, its second hand.

Family checks old jeep by dealer. Vikas says this is second hand jeep but it looks new. Dada says its good but what is the cost? Vikas says 1.5lacs. Prem says we only have 96k. Vikas says its not possible in that range. Dada says we can give you stepney, Prem says you can take this car’s music system. Vikas says now car price is 98k, will you remove its roof too? Dada says yes remove roof, now whats the price? Vikas says now car price is 94k. Roopa says now we can buy it.

All family members get ready for outing. Prem says we will take out random name and see who will drive the car. Dada takes out name and its shalini’s name. shalini says I can drive it but who will take selfies. Prem says no selfies during driving. Prem whispers to Roopa that I wrote Shalini’s name in every chit so atleast she will do something. They all sit in car.

PRECAP- Awasti family sits in jeep. Roopa tries to drive it but it stops after some steps. Katori laughs and says to people on road that Awasti family’s cheap old car is not working. Dada says enough, now Awasti people will bring a car which you havent even seen in dreams.
Shalini says to family that car has come. All go out of house and gawk at something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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