Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update Malkhan turns ghost

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tilu gets funnel,angoori asks Saxena and tilu to hold vibhu and pours the kadha in vibhus mouth,angoori asks did it work,amaji gives a call,angoori puts on speaker,amaji asks Did you make kadha,angoori says yes I did and gave him too and added donkey piss too,amaji says oh no there’s a mistake,pandit Ramphal said he mistakenly said donkey piss it was actually cow piss.

Angoori says I’m sorry,Saxena finishes the kadha,and asks I need some more.anu with vibhu in bedroom says why did you think of yoga,vibhu says I just wanted to try fitness,anu says you never said when I told you,vibhu says inspiration matters,anu asks who is that,vibhu says I carried away because of Saxena and tilu,and I’m sorry baby about dance competition,anu says is okay,they hear loud music and anu goes check outside.

Tiwari dancing in balcony,anu sees him dance so badly and makes faces,vibhu asks what’s going,anu says torcher in the name of dance,tiwari says hello bhabhiji did you see my dance,anu says yes I did,carry on and leaves.tiwari calls angoori and says my legs are paining.

Vibhu asks what’s wrong,anu lays beside him and says it’s all because of you,you got injured and I have to see all that,vibhu says I’m sorry,anu asks why are you smelling like a cow piss,vibhu says no it’s not cow piss,anu asks then.

Gulfamkali dancing in her bar and happu enjoying,tikka enters and says stop it gulfamkali,happu asks what’s wrong why spoil the fun,tikka says it’s your fault Happu,Malkhan is no more and it’s al because of you,gulfamkali says what and how,tikka says he commuted suicide by jumping in lake,Happu says there’s no water in lake,tikka says he is dead and because of you,he found your wallet which had no money just tickets and you insulted him and he wrote a suicide note read it,Happu says isn’t he illiterate anyways let me read.

Happu reads I Malkhan I am commuting suicide and reason is happu singh and sentence him to death for this crime,happu starts crying,gulfamkali says that’s sad,Happu says I was having fun,I have 9 kids a pregnant wife and look at this,I’m sorry,tikka says I may forgive you but Malkhan and his soul will they forgive you and leaves.

Angoori pricking needles to vibhu,angoori asks is this painful,vibhu says no but how will this be helpful,that you are puncturing me,angoori says it’s amajis remedy and you will be cured,Saxena says it’s fun these needles in body right,tilu says it’s called acupuncture,vibhu says how do you decide which needle where to prick,angoori says I don’t know I’m just randomly pricking,and how are you feeling,vibhu says like a ballon,angoori says anyways just 5 more,vibhu says no I feel better,Saxena remove the needles,tilu and Saxena says she is trying so hard why do you do this to her,vibhu says okay bhabhiji go ahead,angoori tilu Saxena prick him needles.

Amaji makes angoori fall and she puts on speaker,vibhu says thank you aunty,I need your blessings,amaji says angoori I called to tell you don’t use needles it won’t work bye now,tilu says these needles are rusted,Saxena says wow these will cause Septic fun,vibhu says Saxena please remove them,angoori says I’m sorry.

Tikka at tea stall crying with Malkhans photo,and says sorry brother I don’t have 3000 to fulfill your last wish,happu comes and sits beside him,tikka asks when did you come,Happu says just now,tikka says look at his happy face and I can’t even fulfil his last wish to distribute 3000 amongst poor people but I don’t have money,do you have some money,happu says money I have money but I have a better idea don’t distribute money give poor food.

Tikka says but Malkhan and his wish what about that,and starts crying,happu says okay don’t cry,Malkhan walks to them,tikka says look ghost,Malkhan says take money from him or else I want RIP,happu hands him money and runs away.

Tikka walks to Malkhan and asks how much,tikka says 2000,Malkhan says I told 3000,tikka says we have more time and you are acting so well.

Pre cap: tiwari says bhabhiji don’t worry I have setting with judges he will score you highest.
Angoori staring with love into vibhus eyes,amaji calls and says it wasn’t love it was onion put onion juice in his eyes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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