Beintehaan 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Surayya is anxious and walking around. Nafisa and Shaziya say Usman will be angry if he knows it. Surayya says she will handle Usman. Fahad brings Zain. Surayya gives Zain some money and asks him to go with Rizwan. Zain rember’s his dad’s word that he is his dad’s pride. He says he will not go. Surayya gets shocked and asks if he is ready for the marriage. He says no he is not ready for the marriage. He is worried about dad. If he goes now, dad will feel ashamed both for himself and me. He says he won’t let his dad lose his dignity because of him. Surayya says that is the difference between you and Fahad. He always listen to me and you won’t.

Zain says he is staying for his dad’s sake but will find a way to avoid marriage. Usman sees Shabana walking worried. He asks what happened. She nods her head no, saying Aaliya didn’t agree. Usman says he will talk. Shabana stops him and says she doesn’t want to listen to anyone. She has grown up now. She thinks if she marries Zain, all the allegations will be proved true. Phupi comes and says she will talk to Aaliya. Shabana stops her and says listening to Aaliya, I doubt if we are taking a decision in hurry. Usman assures Shabana that Aaliya nikah won’t happen without her wishes and he will talk to her.

He goes to Aaliya’s room. He goes near her and holds her hands. Aaliya says she knows whatever you are doing is for my parent’s happiness, but what about me. Abbu challenged that my marriage will happen before Zeeshan, but you were my best friend and you had promised that you will find a best guy for me. Why are you not helping me and leaving me alone. Usman says he is still his best friend and will always be. He promised her to find a best guy for her, but due to his busy schedule he forgot his promise. Now with all the incidents happened here, I felt Zain and your marriage should happen. I even thought that this decision is not his decision, but Allah’s. He is not trying to handle the situation or trying to help anyone. It is very easy for him to just make a call and 50 guys standing in front of you for marriage, but he didn’t do it. He asks her to sit and says his words will look weird to her, but you will realize that you have got a best guy for you and Zain got best girl in you. Why didn’t he realize it before to get you both married. He knows Zain very well, you both will live very happily. Once you come to our house, Ghulam, Shabana and me will be very happy. He asks her to take her own decision now and goes.

AAliya gets Zain letter stating he wants to talk to her and is waiting in the backyard. Aaliya goes and meets him. Beintehaa music is played in the background. Aaliya asks why did he call her. Zain says he can’t marry her. Why did he come back to pick the phone. All his friends are destroyed now after marriage. He can’t let this happen to himself and cannot marry her. Aaliya says even she can’t marry her. Zain says why don’t you ignore to marry me. Dad is forcing us to marry because of Ghulam’s sake as he promised him. Zain says he needs his help for the first and last time. Just convince Ghulam that you don’t wanna marry me. She says she will go now and ask dad to stop the marriage. Zain asks for a promise, she shakes his hand promises. Zain thanks her and says he won’t be a problem for him anymore. They part ways.

They turn back and look at each other before moving out. Zain asks her sorry for whatever happened. She says its ok and they walk away again. Aaliya comes to Ghulam’s room. She sees him writhing in pain and coughing. Surayya asks Zain if he is sure Aaliya will convince Ghulum and Usman to stop the marriage. Zain says of course she will. Nafisa says she will book tomorrow morning’s tickets and asks Rizwan to call the travel agent. Shaziya stops Rizwan and says she already asked travel agent to book the ticket. A kid comes and informs Zain that someone is calling him inside.

Ghulam kisses Aaliya’s forehead emotionally. Zain comes and sees that. Ghulam sees him and asks him to come. He asks about the marriage. Zain asks Ghulam to take rest. If he listens to his point, he will be convinced. Ghulam informs that Aaliya agreed for the marriage. Zain gets shocked and sees Aaliya angrily. Ghulam gives Aaliya’s hand to Zain. They look at each other angrily. Ghulam is very happy and even Shabana is happy. Usman comes and informs Ghulam that kazi saheb has come for the nikah ceremony. Ghulam gets happy and says Subhan Allah.

Precap: Zain and Aaliya get married. Kazi saheb asks Aaliya if she accepts nikah with Zain. She says she accepts. Kazi saheb asks Zain if he accepts the nikah.

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