Mahabharat 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mahabharat 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Today’s episode begins in Hidimb’s forest. Arjun is almost about to come and discover Hidimb and Hidimba’s meeting place. He goes around the tree but there is nobody there. Hidimba is back in her rakshas form, and Hidimb tells her to hurry up and bring the humans to him, and that she better not try and make a fool of him.
Hidimb suspects something is going on as Hidimba has never taken so long to bring humans to him before. Hidimba makes excuses saying the Pandavs are too clever. Hidimb suspects that Hidimba has fallen in love with Bhima, and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t bring the Pandavas to him soon.

Yudhishtir asks Arjun if everything is ok. Arjun says he saw the face of the rakshas king Hidimb. They share a smile and walk back to the others. When the return

they are surprised to see Hidimba sleeping where she had originally been.

Later the Pandavas, Kunti and Hidimba are travelling through the forest. Bhima is leading the way, with a worried looking Hidimba following him. They stop in a clearing. Bhima says he’s sure there is a village nearby as he can smell food being cooked. Arjun notices Hidimba’s tensed expression and agrees with Bhima, that they should move towards the village.

Hidimba stops them and says that village belong to rakshasas, we can’t go there. She tries to lead them in another direction, but Yudhishtir blocks her way. Yudhishtir tells her that she’s worked so hard to being them this close to the village, why turn back now? Bhima is confused, and Yudhishtir reveals that Hidimba is a rakshasi.
Arjun says a women who competed with you in eating couldn’t have been a woman. Bhima is shocked. Hidimba reveals that she is Hidimb’s sister and shows them her true form. (Surprisingly nobody faints from shock!)

Hidimba says she was following her brother’s orders. Bhima says she has betrayed their trust. Arjun says only you had trusted her, Yudhishtir and I had known her truth all along. Hidimba says she will lead them out of the forest but Bhima no longer trusts her. He asks Yudhishtir what his orders are for him.
Hidimba kneels at Yudhishtir’s feet and says she will take them away from the forest as nobody can kill Hidimb, he is too strong. Arjun says that they have come this far, so they’ll make this forest safe for humans again. Despite Hidimba’s protests, the Pandavas move deeper into the forest.

Krishna and Draupadi arrive back in the palace of Kampilya. Drupad and Draupadi get emotional seeing each other. Draupadi touches his feet for blessing and Drupad asks her to forgive his sins. Drupad tells Draupadi that she truely is his good fortune and that he unthinkingly asked for a life of pain for her. Draupadi says that he will teach her how to overcome her problems. Krishna tells Drupad to organise a plan so that Draupadi is protected throughout her life.
Krishna tells Drupad to start organising a Swayamvar for Draupadi. Krishna says Draupadi’s wedding day will be the start of a new era. Drupad agrees saying all precious items have a protective layer, a shield. He will find the best warrior of the land to marry his daughter. Drupad says he has only ever seen one warrior like that, and Drona agrees.
Flashbacks of Arjun fighting Drupad are shown. Drona says he is filled with good upbringing, he never insults his enemy even after defeating them.
Drupad agrees and Draupadi is intrigued when they say his name is Arjun. Krishna smiles to himself.

Precap: Krishna says that if fate wishes, God himself will make sure Arjun gets to the swayamvar. He tells Drupad to organise the most difficult test in the swayamvar that only the best archer in the world can accomplish.

Update Credit to: Bhavaani

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