Beintehaan 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaan 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaan 20th January 2014 Written Update

Aaliya goes to her room and locks it. She starts crying. Aayat comes and asks her to open it, she does not. Aayat goes to call her mother. Zain climbs the ladder to go into Aaliya’s room. Aaliya is seen crying profusely. Usman says Ghulam that he should be happy that her daughter is saved now. Shabana hugs Usman and cries. He consoles her ans asks her not to worry as Aaliya will get a good guy like herself. Zain goes inside Aaliya’s room via window and picks his phone. He sees Aaliya crying.

Shabana is still crying. Zeeshan’s mom warns her that she will inform everyone in the community about Aaliya’s affair and see that everyone insult them. Usman says he will see who will get insulted, do they want to test. Zain goes to Aaliya and asks why is she crying. Aaliya remember Zeeshan showing her pics of her and Zain intimately and other insulting words from Zeeshan and his family and sees Zain angrily. Zain goes near her and asks if its Zeeshan’s family. He asks her why is she marrying Zeeshan and sacrificing.

Zeeshan’s parents leave. His mom asks his brother not to go inside and they got insulted very much and does not want any more insult. Zeeshan’s mamu says he will see what happens, he has seen many nawabs getting insulted in Bhopal. He goes inside. He says Usman he will take revenge.

Aaliya asks Zain why did he come here. He says he forgot his phone. She catches his collar and asks why did he come to Bhopal. She says her parents were insulted because of you in front of the whole relatives and city. He tries to console her, but she says don’t touch me. Zeeshan’s family is alleging what we are having an affair. Zain gets shocked hearing this. He says she would have told that we can’t withstand each other and can murder each other. She says she is not worried about marriage being canceled, but is worried about her parent’s dignity.

She asks why did you tell you are Zeeshan and says he hates her starts beating him. He tries to console her and hugs her and she starts crying profusely hugging him. Everyone come and see them hugging each other and gets shocked. Zeeshan’s family gets happy, but Aaliya and Zain parents are shocked and stand mum. Zeeshan’s mamu says Aaliya and Zain sorry to disturb you people and asks Usman what will he say now. He says his sister that Zain was with Aaliya before and said she is his fiancee. He even said the taxi driver downstairs that he is going to pick his life upstairs and to wait. He is planning to pick Aaliya and elope. Zeeshan’s mom thanks god to save her family from Aaliya. Even Zeeshan’s dad insults Usman. Zeeshan asks what is happening. Zain and Aaliya says they are lying and he was hugging her to console her.

Surayya says Zeeshan’s parents that she will pay them to stop the drama. Zeeshan’s uncle asks them not to listen her. Zeeshan’s dad says he won’t listen to her. Zeeshan says Aaliya that you slapped me, but your misdeed slapped your parents and your uncle Usman and her whole family will pay for the slap. Aaliya says Allah knows she didnt do any wrong and her parents know she won’t do anything wrong. Zeeshan’s mom interrupts and asks what all the people saw is not true?

Zeeshan’s parents start insulting Aaliya and says he wont’s accept her for his either due to her adultery and misdeed. They will get a lot girls for their son and challenges that they will get Zeeshan married within 7 days and they leave. Ghulam sees Aaliya angrily and goes. He stops Zeeshan’s family and catches Zeeshan’s collar. He says if all their allegations are true, then let Allah take his soul right now. He and his Allah knows what is the truth. He says he knows Aaliya is pure. He challenges them that he will get Aaliya married before Zeeshan’s marriage with a good family guy which they cannot even imagine. That will be his daughter’s victory.

Precap: Ghulam stumbles and falls down. Zain says Aaliya whatever happened is because of her. Usman slaps Zain and takes him to Ghulam. He says Zain made a mistake and he has to marry Aaliya.

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