Dil Dosti Dance 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 20th January 2014 Written Update

Rey and Kriya were in the room chatting when Kriya tells she will miss her friends after she goes.She takes everyone’s name except Rey . Rey asks and me when Kriya says he is not a friend but true friend.Kriya tells this time you will not have any issues as you know prior that I would be leaving in 3 days. Vicky and Nil decide to make Kriya happy . They decide to become jokers but scrap it off imagining themselves in the costumes. They think to bring a smile on her face before she leaves. The girls in canteen think Kriya is about to leave in 3 days and they need to make her feel like she is a member of their gang. She must remember this trip after she goes . Sharon tells she go an idea to have a pajama party. The girls discuss on who will do what when Aashi takes incharge of the gifts. Sharon tells she will do it. Aashi asks does Sharon not trust Aashi when Sharon replies she has planned a surprise for Kriya. The girls decide they will not allow boys to enjoy the party. Nil and Vicky come in and ask what are the girls planning when Sharon asks them to stay away and not let anyone know about it

Rey in a class room thinks that you go by informing or without the bottom line is that you are going far away from us.Swayam sees Rey and asks him why is he hear. Rey says he is about to go.Swayam asks Kriya is going within 3 days and you are upset thinking about it.Rey tells when she cam I made her life difficult and when she is going she is going in such condition. Swayam asks him to tell it straight that he will miss her. Rey says everyone will miss her.Swayam says Kriya is going in 3 days and they must make it special for her.Do whatever she likes.Make every moment worth it.Rey tells universe ji made you for me Swayam asks you are speaking Kriya’s language. Rey says staying with her in same house he got it. Swayam says you cannot hide your feeling about Kriya from me. Swayam moves saying you think I have some work to do. Rey thinks how do I get to know about Kriya’s favorites. He gets an idea.
Swayam is near BB court working when Sharon comes there asking him for some favor. Sharon tells the girls are organizing a party for Kriya at Rey’s residence. Can you please take Rey away from his house. Swayam is shocked. Sharon says think what you want to think will you help. Swayam says she can directly ask it to Rey. Sharon tells she can but he may blur it out and the surprise won’t be a surprise. Swayam agrees to help and Sharon goes to make arrangements.
The kaka comes and gives Kriya a slam book saying Rey gave it and asked her to fill.Kriya think Rey has gone crazy he is giving it like taking some exam.Rey in the rehearsal hall reads the slam book and finds it odd reading she like paani purii,ice cream with spice,candy floss ,balloons and so on. Rey says thank you Kriya Ghai your wish is my command.

Nilesh meets Simmi and asks how is the party preparation going on. Simmi asks are you invited.Nilesh says he was just concerned.Simmi blasts off when Nil says it was mistake. Simmi says she is pointing his mistake because he has not only hurt one emotionally but physically too. You must tell sorry when you feel for it and not just by words.Nilesh asks did you care for my feelings when Simmi says she needs to go its getting late. Rey convinces kaka to get Kriya out. The kaka brings her out saying someone is waiting for her on wheel chair. Kriya comes out and Rey brings balloons for her. Kriya sees a mini fair organized for her. Rey blows the bubbles. Kriya asks is it for her. Rey says no he likes this all and hence arranged. Kriya asks Rey was it the reason why he asked her to fill the slam. Rey asks Kriya to have paani puri competition. Kriya says Rey will fail and they start. Kriya asks for spicy puris while Rey asks for sweet one. Rey was leading by one when Kriya asks the person to add spice in Rey’s puris . Rey eats spicy and runs to get ice cream. the song Tumse hi plays in background. Kriya applies Ice cream on Rey’s nose. The enjoy their ice cream and move to have Candy floss enjoying it.

Precap; Girls night out. Boys try to gate crash

Update Credit to: FrozenRain

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