Beintehaa (True Love Never Ends) Episode 2


Location:Mumbai a traffic jammed road.

The episode starts with the boy shouting at the people to relax and be quite as he is waiting for someone special……….just then a black Zenvo car comes. A modern girl get downs from the car.She is wearing a sleeveless white top and a blue shorts.She looks super hot.The girl walks towards the boy and says”Zain ur always so hot.You do what u say man. U won the bet and so u won me too. So from today on words i will date with u only.I love u Zain.”, but Zain replies back to her”Aarushi its true that i won in the bet but that doesnt mean that we both should love each other.I won the bet just to prove u that nothing is impossible to Zain Osman Abdullah.”Aarushi is stunned to hear this from Zain.She tells”….but Zain u won the bet from my sake right?Dont u love me???”.Zain replies,”I never loved anyone.Especially girls like u never.U think ur so beautyful and to impress u we boys have to do something heroic r something against the law and in the end u just say goodbye to us marry someone else and go and we should grow beard and cry for u.Store this in ur mind strongly.I won the bet just for my friend’s sake as u insulted him.”by saying this Zain and his friends who had been watching this leave the place in Zain’s white Audi car and the traffic jam gets cleared.Aarushi stands there embarrassed and leaves the place.


Location:Zain’s college

Zain and his friends get down from the car.As Zain is about leave one of his friend stops him and says”Thanks budy.”
Zain:Dude no thanks and sorrys in friendship.Such type of girls are suppose to be handled like this.
Friend:Zain can i ask u something?
Friend:Have u never loved anyone?
Zain doesnt reply.
Friend:Zain u cant hide from me anything.I know everything.
Zain looks at him shocked and then replies,
Zain:Azaad, well u know everything right, then just be quite.
Azaad:But Zain how long are u going to be like this?Ur first love is dead and dude u have to move on ur life.
Zain:No Azaad according to me she is still alive somewhere in this world.My Aliya isnt dead.And pls no more u r going to talk about this topic to anybody else, not even to me again.She is still alive somewhere in this world waiting for me to come and take her…………


Location:Bhopal–Aliya and Ayaat’s house

The 2 girls get ready and come down.The elder one Aliya is wearing a light blue chudi.She looks prettier now with free hair.Then Ayaat the younger one just the resemblance of her sister.She is wearing a green long top with lot of decorations in it and a light green leg-ins.She is in her pony tail.Both of them modern yet they dont give up their tradition and culture.Their father Ghulam Haider Khan a rich business man comes there.Though they are rich they sit down and have their breakfast.They eat their breakfast silently. Then Ghulam says”I m proud that i have 2 girls as my daughters.I m the luckiest man in the world.”He says as soon as Aliya finishes her studies she will take care of my business just then Ayaat interprets and says “Why bapa dont believe in me?”Ghulam replies “Sure Ayaat.I believe u too. because u very good handle things especially when u get caught for ur mischievousness”Ayaat”Bapa……..”Ghulam”Okay okay ur also my sweet daughter”The whole family laughs.It seems like they are the happiest family in the world………..

Precap:Aliya and Ayaat reach their college.Someone from behind touches Aliya….

Guys i m class 10 so my updates will be irregular so pls adjust.I CAN UPDATE MAXIMUM THRICE A WEEK SO PLS ADJUST.

Credit to: wellwisher

  1. Its ok dr…. concentrate on ur studies yaar… jab time milega tab update karna

  2. Nice dr..aliya belongs to reach family interesting…

  3. wellwisher..r u a malayali???

    1. no.i m from Tamilnadu and i really dont understand hindi much.
      and how was my episode today?
      was it okay?because i was not in good mood while writing it.

    2. u knw it is fabulous. bt i have a doubt…zain’s part saying that aliya is died…bt aliya is still alive and she is with her family..i never watched this show..thts y i am having this doubts

  4. ya its true.
    u will come to know the actual plot in the next three to five episodes.

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