Madhubala – A New Love Story (Episode 12)

Scene1:Aarya hears the person telling that Madhubala and Raj are same like rishbala.Deepika heats this from a distance and gets teary eyes.She immediately leaves the place ,Aarya was shocked by this news and he try to follow Deepika ,while he was going ,he was about to fall when Madhu helps him and prevent him falling,Madhu says “Take care bhai”.Raj also sees this and comes to help . Raj comes and ask “What Madhu,” she says I have not seen him before but feels connected to him . Raj teases Madhu that all this happens due to Lack of sleep. Madhu says “shut up ” and gets angry . The director calls Raj to continue the shoot and Madhu leaves the place with the smile

Scene2: .Aarya tries stops Deepika and ask “what the hell are you doing here ?”. Deepiks shouts at Aarya ” yes all this happens because of me and it is my mistake ” and gets into her car and drives home very fastly ,Aarya cannot understand anything ,Madhu sees Aarya and calls him to stop him but he starts to leave on seeing Madhu coming out and he try to leave the place as soon as possible.Deepika reaches home ,SKB sees her crying and ask “what. happened to you , Deepika?”.she did not reply to him and goes to her room and closes the door with a sudden force .Aarya enters the home shouting “Deepika, where are you?”.SKB ask Aarya “What?”.Aarya stares at SKB
He shouts to SKB that “You are cheating me Dad,you have known the truth and hiding it to me “.SKB says nothing like that and he try to call Deepika to come out. but in vain .Aarya shouts that you said that Madhu didi died before child birth but I saw her daughter ans her husband. today.SKB was shocked and takes Aarya along with him to his room and Ask “What ! do you see her “Aarya nods yes.
Scene 3:
SKB tries to say something but Aarya cries that I hate you because you are cheating me dad. SKB ask him to be cool and he’ll explain,Aarya says “I don’t need any explanation and I am going to kill that family who killed my father and I won’t spare anyone in that house “.SKB shouts “First kill me because It was me how have fooled you ” he fainted. Aarya makes him lay on bed and ask SKB to calm ,Deepika hears this comes down to see What is going on.She calls Dad. He signs her to come near him.Deepika walks towards him.
Madhu reaches her house ,she was late due to heavy traffic jam ,Radha was waiting for her in the front door.Radha scolds Madhu for not taking care of herself.Madhu says “don’t worry ,Dida I am totally Fine”. Madhu tells Radha about meeting Aarya and how he denied her help.Radha was freezes due to Madhu’s meeting with Aarya.She changes the topic.Raj was getting ready to go to his home .he notices a cellphone on floor and He found that it was Deepika’s phone and decides to give it to her and Calls the number saved as Bro.

Precap: Raj was calling Aarya’s number and Arya was talking with Deeika and shocked to hear the voice .

Note: you can imagine your favourite actors as SKB,Aarya and Deepika and share your thoughts.

Credit to: Janani

  1. share with me which actor do u consider as the characters

  2. today’s epi was nice.
    curious to know who is really SKB.
    Superb janani sister.
    and how did u do ur semester?

    1. Siky R.K brother

  3. no it is not yet completed , there time gap between each exam for 3-4 days, that why I updated the episode .

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