Beintehaa (True Love Never Ends) Episode 1

It is a fresh start of Beintehaa.
So it goes on like this……….

The city of Bhopal is shown.Then the scene shifts to a very rich house.A man is seen praying Allah.Somewhere from the house a lady voice comes,”Aliya …Ayaat… wake up it is 7’o clock.Get ready.Fast”. Then scene shifts to the girls room.A girl with yellow blanket wakes up first.The girl seems be some 20 to 22 yrs old.Her eyes sparking.Her eye balls brown in colour.Her lips pink but her breath is as cold as the Antarctica ice bergs.Her hair is in slight reddish brown color as it left free touching her shoulders.Another girl with a pink blanket having the same look of the girl but her age seems to be from 18 to 20.
Again the same voice tells”Aliya….Ayaat…. if u dont get ready within 15 minutes n come down then–” before she completes it the girls shout”…….then u will tell to dad to cut our pocket money.Mom u dont need to worry.we will be ready within 15 minutes.

The high traffic jammed road of Mumbai is shown.A boy around the age of 20 to 22 is shown standing in the center of traffic.Actually it is his car which is causing the traffic jam.People keep shouting not knowing who is the owner of the car.The boy’s eyes shows mischievousness.He is wearing a green T-Shirt with a black jacket over it and a blue jeans. He looks to be the most handsome man in the world.He looks at his watch to see time to be 8’o clock and the he yells at the crowd to wait for few more minutes as he is waiting for someone……….

Precap: A modern girl get downs from a black Zenvo car and walks towards the boy…….

Pls everyone give ur comments.If it is not nice pls tell me so that i would correct it in the next episode.
Sorry for having less content.I was little busy.
If it sounds boring pls tell me so that i could change.

Credit to: wellwisher

  1. i never watched this ur story seems good

  2. Epi is interesting. Btw who is the girl who got down frm zenvo car

  3. Write ahead plot seems to b interesting…

  4. My favourite serial

  5. Nice intro Well-wisher..keep it up..Waiting for next part..update soon..Take care ? buddy..

  6. Thank u guys for ur comments.
    Aparna sister pls wait.
    A serial should have suspense.
    so pls wait ha?
    i m sorry if i have hurt u.
    i m just requestind u to wait.

  7. super dear

  8. i have some more questions to ask u all.

    1.Do u want Fahad to have 2 wives???
    If no tell me whom u want to be his wife.Either Nasifa r Shazia???

    2.And do u want ayaat and rizwan to be the pair?
    thats all for now.
    give ur opinion pls.
    i would ask u whenever i have doubt,
    thankq u everyone for ur comments.

  9. Nyc plot:-) let fahad hav 2 wivs, their fyts r d funniest part f the story. . .

  10. They must be zaaya

  11. I used to love this show…thanxxx for your lovely update….
    You write very well…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Hey…plz show aayath nd rizwan….. nd also nok jokh of shazia nd nafiza…
    ♡ 🙂 🙂 ♡

  13. Nice intro …..
    But its very short

  14. beintahaa is just adorable and fabulous serial……i love this fan fiction of beintahaaa………. 🙂 🙂

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