Beintehaa 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shaziya angrily walks towards her room murmuring it is the same biryani even today. Fahad comes and says even he does not like biryani. He says he needs paneer tikka, etc. She says she will order it. He asks her to prepare it for him. He angrily walks towards kitchen. Fahad then smiles at Nafisa and they both walk.

Shaziya angrily tries to prepare food. Bilal comes there and asks why is she preparing food instead of Nafisa or Aaliya. She says Fahad wants food prepared from her and says her hand is paining very much. He says even he will enjoy food from her hand. She asks him to prepare it for him and walks out.

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Zain comes home and sees football on floor. Aaliya comes and says she kept it. She hugs him and says she wants to transfer her 51% shares in his name. He says they talked about it in the morning. She says he runs hotel and has to take many decisions, so she cannot be always with him and wants to transfer her shares to him. Zarina hears their conversation and thinks she should get Zain’s duplicate and get all the property in her name. Vase falls don by mistake and Zarina runs from there. Aaliya goes to check. She walks till stairs and turns back seeing Zain, but falls from stairs and goes unconscious after hitting her head on pillar. He gets worried and aggressively wakes her up. She awakes. Other family members also gather around her. Fahad asks if she is feeling dizzy. Aaliya says she is fine, but limps. Zain carries her and takes her to their room. Fahad and Nafisa walk behind them. Shaziya says Zarina it would have been good if Nafisa would have fallen and asks Zarina if she did it.

Bilal happily prepares food for Shaziya and gets tired. He takes it in plate and thinks of serving it to Shaziya. Zarina comes there and says Aaliya is giving her 51% shares to Zain and asks why did not he find Rocket yet. He gets a call from someone and says Rocket is found. Shaziya comes and asks what rocket. Bilal tries to tell about duplicate, but Zarina stops and says he is talking about diwali cracker rocket. Shaziya asks what about food. Zarina gives her veg biryani and asks her to enjoy, walks out from there with Bilal.

Zain drops Aaliya on bed and massages her feet. She says if he noticed that she did not feel any pain since 15 minutes when he is touching him and fall from stairs when he did not. She says during 1 year of separation, he suffered a lot and even after that she troubled him. She says we both cannot stay away from each other and asks him to promise to get her out of fear of separation. He throws pillows between them and says he did it with fear of losing her, but now let us see who wil come between us.

Bilal and Zarina reach Rocket’s house. Bilal reminds him of their meeting before. Rocket remembers their meeting in car and in hotel corridor and says he does not forget people easily. He says they found him out, that means they need him. Zarina says they need a small favor from him. Rocket stares at her and says she does not look like aunty. Bilal says he is my ammi, so you can call her aunty. Zarina asks her to stop and shows Zain’s pic to him. Rocket asks when did they take his place and how did they erase his mustache and goatee. Zarina says he is Zain Abdulla, Barkath Royale’s owner. Rocket realizes that hotel staff were thinking him as Zain. Zarina says he has to enter Zain’s house and get some papers from his wife. Rocket says he needs 2 lakhs. She says she will get. He gets greedy and says he needs 10 lakhs. He gets more greedy and says 10 lakhs is less. She says she will give him 50 lakhs.

Precap: Rocket looks at Aaliya’s pic, thinks to get closer to her, and says Zarina that their deal is done.

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