Beintehaa 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Surayya is shocked to hear that Bilal will perform halala nikah with Aaliya. Bilal says he is ready to sacrifice for his brother. Rahman hears that and says he will not permit it. Zarina asks him to calm down and sends Zain and Surayya from there. Rahman says Zarina he told her not to show her true colours and says if he finds something fishy, he will stop nikah. Rahman calls Bilal, but Bilal runs saying he will bring Qazi saheb.

Zarina says Surayya that she did not have any other option as Zain said he will not come home if his condition is not met. Surayya says she already spoke to Rehan about halala nikah and he is ready for it, asks why is she risking Bilal’s life. Zarina says Bilal will not divorce Aaliya after marrying and they both can take their revenge, asks if she can arrange nikah now. Surayya says nikah will happen at Barkath Villa.

Zain informs Fahad about Bilal agreeing for halala nikah. Fahad asks him to control himself instead of getting mad behind love as he, mom and their company needs him. Nafeesa hears their conversation, thinks she is the reason for all this and thinks of informing it to Surayya. She sees Surayya on her seat, reading book and says that she is behind everything and Aaliya is innocent and tells her all the mistakes she made, asks her to stop halala nikah. She is shocked to see it is Zarina and not Surayya. Zarina asks why she wants to ruin her and her children’s life, says Fahad will divorce her, promises her she will not tell her secret to anyone. Once Nafisa goes, she thinks she is the weakest link of this house and she should be careful. Nafisa in her room thinks how to stop Aaliya from performing halala nikah with Bilal.

Ghulam sees Shabana preparing for Aaliya’s halala nikah and asks if she is ready for it. She says even if she is not ready, there is no other way.

Zain informs Aaliya about Bilal agreeing for halala nikah. She says if he is not feeling weird about Biala agreeing. Zain says Zarina and Bilal are worried about them and it must be Rahman’s affect, says after one day they will be back together. She says another 3 months of iddat/separation will be there. Zain says after 3 months, they will be together. She says she is worried. He asks her not to worry as everything will be alright. He sees their photo frame breaking due to wind, checks it and injures his finger with broken glass. She calls him. He says he is fine and says everything will be alright.

Aaliya walks in a garden sadly and sits on the ground. Zain on the other side is busy decorating flowers for halala nikah. Rahman asks him to tell if there is anything in his mind as there is still time before nikah, asks if he is fine. Zain says there is no other way and he believes Bilal completely. Aaliya is back at her home. Shabana asks her to get ready for nikah.

Rehan’s children sadly look at him. He asks what happened. Zara says she heard about Aaliya’s nikah and asks if they are attending it. Rehan says we are not.

Zain gets ready for Aaliya’s halala nikah and eagerly waits for her. Aaliya gets ready for her nikah at her home. Man marziyaaa…… song plays in the background.. Rehan tensely looks outside of his window. Aaliya enters nikah venue with Ghulam and Shabana. Zain is mesmerized with her beauty. Tears roll down her eyes. She comes and stands near him.

Precap: Bilal goes missing before nikah. Zain in search of him. A man is shown kidnapping Bilal on gun point.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. evil plan of surayya and zarina please aliya do not marry other person speak the truth that you were not responsible for all past things nafisa were responsible and nafisa you have no shame why will you did not spoke the truth ???????????????????????

  2. I think Rehaan will do nikaah with aliya and not bilal

  3. I think are an has had bill kidnapped or maybe Nafisa did it as they know what Zarina is like and this way Aliya can get married to Rehan. It all madness!!!

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