O Gujariya 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Natsaha tell.kabir that she is not pregnant…kabir laughs and tells he knww it…kabir stands on bench and dance…kabir tells he plays safe everytime…Natasha lies kabir tells that she is preganant….kabir gets shocked…At college everyone wishes Balli happy bday…give flowers and cards…Balu gets shocked…Vaibhavi comes…Bali tells Vaibhavi he got many cards..flowers first time…Vaibhavi tells it is starting…tells still party is there…Vaibhavi tells she is his girlfriend..thats why…Bali sees Vaibhavi both goes….Veer sees and says..”pyaar laga jo..huya bhai chaara…Loocha-e-ulfat” hogaya…
In canteen Vaibhavi scolds Natasha that why she lied kabir…Natasha says soo that kabir should get reality check..Vaibhavi tells Natasha that today is Bali birthday…Natasha gets shocked..says what..Vaibhavi says infact his family dont know…Vaibhavi tells she want to put a grand party…Natasha tells she will do the all arrangements…Vaibhavi tells about the cold drinks she will tell to kabir and Samar..Peon tells that principal called him…Vaibhabi goes…principal tells that tommrow a big review is coming in college…He tells Vaibhavi that many proff suggested her..Principal asKs Vaibhavi to preapare the speech…Vaibhavi tells thankyou…Vaibhavi asks permission for Bali’s birthday in the college campus..Principal agrees but tells that it is her responsibility that the rule does not break..Vaibhavi agrees…while going Mr Rao calls Vaibhavi…..Mr Rao asks Vaibhavk what is her name…Vaibhavi singh or Vaibhavi chahuhan..Mr Rao asks she is daughter of pilot or a backstabber..Mr Rao asks that it may be co-incedence that her mother name and Annirudh chahuhan”s name is Same…Mr Rao says to tells the truth otherwise he will say to principal…On Anotherwise..Veer rests on Car..his friends stops ask some students where they are going…they reply Bali’s birthday party…Veer’s friend tell him that Vaibhavi dint called him.in birthday party…Veer tells in party dedication is needed not invitation…Mr Rao calls Siddiqui..Vaibhavi stops…Mr Rao asks if she is Annirudh chahuhan’s daughter..Vaibhavi is quiet again Mr Rao asks Is Vaibhavi is traitor’s daughter…Vaibhavi says yes and tells her father was innocent…Mr Rao asks how one could believe that..Vaibhavi tells truth does not nees evidence..believe is needed…Vaibhavi tells she came college to prove this…Vaibhavi tells she suffered alot because of this…Vaibhavi cries and says that she will prove her father innocent and leave proudly asks mr Rao lasr chance..Vaibhavi cries and pleases….Begs not to tells anyone..Mr Rao nodes the head and says yes…Vaibhavi thanks..Vaibhavj asks Mr Rao if he can help her..and known what happened in that factory that night..Mr Rao says noo…Vaibhavi goes..Vaibhavi call Siddiqui and tells wanted to talk something about past…Natasha drinks juice and orders kabir to do the work properly…Vaibhavi comes Natasha asks what happened to her…Vaibhavi comes and says that.ministry delegation is coming in college soo principal wanted her to preapare speech…Natasha tells that is soo easy..Natasha tells to forget that…and enjoy the party…Kabir brings muffins…Natasha tells she in no.mood and goes..
Vaibhavi closes Bali”s eyes amd surprises him..Bali cuts the cake is happy..After that Vaibhavi and Bali dances…Kabir and Natasha dances….Bali tells he want to bring something for Vaibhavi Bali goes in washroom…and sets his hairs and thinks abour Vaibhavi..Suddenly lights are turned off..someone beating dhol comes….its Veer…Vaibhavi..Samar..Natasha and kabir sees..

Precap::Vaibhavi tells Veer that he is regret for his parents..Veer tells to shut up…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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