Beintehaa 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 30th April 2014 Written Update

Aaliya sees Barkath is Usman’s study room and asks her why is she here. Barkath does not reply anything. Aaliya sees legal papers on table and asks Barkath what is she doing with these. She checks Barkath’s moile and finds pictures of legal papers. She asks why did she take these pics. Barkath says to mark words and says she studied till 7th, so she marks words to know the meaning of them. She says she shows some other document pics and says she takes pics to know meaning of difficult words. She then says Aayath told you used to teach in Bhopal. Aaliya says yes and asks if she wants to be her student. Barkath says yes and hugs her. Aaliya asks her to go and sleep now and goes from there.

Aaliya comes to her room and says she wants to tell him something. He asks her

to wait till 12 a.m. and once he sees it is 12 a.m., he says Aaliya that she is very arrogant, etc. etc. Aaliya asks he told he loves to wait for her. He says he does not like waiting for her and told lie. He does not like his dresses and so on. Aaliya says something happened to him, he took her out and praised her whole day, but now is doing opposite. Zain says he lied whole day and says he made a promise to Barkath that he will praise her till 12 a.m., so he praised her whole day. Aaliya shockingly looks at him and cries. She then sits near the pool side and remembers Zain praising her and then scolding her. Zain also remembers his whole day spent with her and thinks he is stupid to scold Aaliya as she it is not her mistake. He goes and sits beside her. He asks her sorry. She asks if he saying sorry as Barkath or other family members told. She says she does not need his praises or scoldings. She says she is not crying because scolded, she is crying she felt very happy with him today, but she she is cursing herself that she allowed him to be part of her happiness and made her believe she is special. She goes from there after telling this.

Zain wakes up in the morning and sees blanket on him. He sees Aaliya sleeping on a sofa. He goes near her and asks her sorry. He says without her, his life is vacant and incomplete. He blows air on her hair. She wakes up and sees him near her. Sana comes and says Aaliya it is time for her tutions now and asks her to come soon. Aaliya asks her to go as she will join her soon. She goes without telling anything to Zain. Zain says let her be angry, it does not make him any difference.

Usman sees Zain and Aaliya sitting silently and asks Zain if there is any problem. Zain says he is absolutely fine and there is no problem. Barkath signals Zain to speak to Aaliya. He does not and goes from there. Barkath asks Aaliya if she fought with Zain. Aaliya says they did not find and asks why did she aks Zain to praise her. She says Zain did it himself and he arranged sugarcane juice, gola ice, etc. himself. He is walking around the house just to say sorry to you.

Precap: Zain says Aaliya I love you in his dream.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. plz update fast….

    1. Today episode is not so good as zain scold aaliya

  2. Amazing as well as funny Zaya

  3. luv u zaya

  4. I guess barkath wld b fake one watevr d epi ws nce

  5. I think zain is saying i luv u to aliya bhatt

    1. Yea he does! Xxx

  6. Upset as zain shouted at aliya! But then he did apologise which was too cute. I jus love beintehaa soo much ♣♣♣ does anyone live in uk that watches beintehaa xxxx

    1. Meee lol i agree with you such a good drama

      1. Yes sarah wohooo its amazing I cant explain how much I love it its an addiction despite having school next day I always have to watch it I love it sooooo much! Lol listening to beintehaa tunes now ahaha xxxx

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