Beintehaa 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Usman on call with Shabana, apologising for Suraiyya’s rude behaviour and then discuss about the lovebirds and their new found pyaar. Zaya come and Zain lifts Aaliya , carries her to the room but both get embarrassed on being spotted by Usman. Usman pulls their leg and gives them their wishes, also hints at taking their relationship to next level–consummation….shukriya Usmaan sahab 🙂

Zaya enter the room, Zain talks abt pregnancy, Aaliya asks him to put her down on the ground, Zain in full mood, locks the door and windows, Shukranallah plays in BG, he reaches out to her but she goes to change,when she returns, finds Zain asleep, she takes the pillow and gets the FB of the past romantic moments with Zain, she puts the pillow on Zain’s side,smiles with khushi ke aansoo and finds Zain luking at her with bedroom eyes, Zain brings his pillow closer to her, their faces inches closer, intense eyelock,almost about to kiss her when the kids knock at the door, Zain tries his level best to avoid but fails miserably and end up sleeping together with 3 kids in between

Aaliya wakes up, finds her hand in Zain’s , Zain too wakes up,kisses her on forehead and she goes to make tea 🙂

Ayat meets Aaliya, teases her and she asks her to help her with unpacking.

Usman informs Suraiiya on call that he has changed will and divided the property amongst 3 kids. Suraiyya and Barkat who was overhearing are both angry at this turn of events.

Zain is getting ready for office, tells Aaliya he doesnt want to go to office but Aaliya coaxes him to go and they have a romantic moment, also Zain gives a peck on her cheek while leaving.

Ayat-Aaliya are unpacking from the trunk, Shabana calls up and teases Aaliya, Ayat spots a family album, A finds a pic where Ghulam and MK are standing with Ayat, Aaliya and another girl, Shabana informs that MK also had a daughter. Aaliya wonders if Barkat is the real Barkat then where is MK’s daughter.

No Precap!!!

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