Ek Boond Ishq 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
jairaj says I know that tara doesn’t agree that mj is her husband but if she loves him little than she should do fast, mj nods in no to tara, tara says thst I don’t believe that he is my husband so I will not fast, mj ask where are you going, tara says I can go to market, anywhere don’t ask me questions, she leaves, rudra ask did you see nandu, nimmo ask didn’t she come last night? he says no, nimmo says you scolded her and said to get out if she doesn’t respect us os it must have hurt her, jairaj says we should call police, nimmo says no, mj says actually nimmo is fearing that police might take me, if you want to call police than do it, rudra says no need to call police, nandu is just making me worry, he leaves, mj goes behind him and says give me holiday I want to go to suseela, I have to do puja wih her, mj says please don’t cut my salary, I am sweet please don’t do it with me, rudra says okay go, mj kisses him, rudra says don’t do it again, mj gets happy and goes dancing, rudra laughs at his banters.

Scene 2
mj and tara comes to restaurant after shopping, mj says you went to take one saree and took 20 sarees, tara says we have to shop for purse and shoes for these sarees, waiter comes, mj orders something and whispers into waiter’
ears, tara ask what, he doesn’t tell her, waiter brings much food, mj says you are my rat, you will fast tomorrow so I want my rat to eat as much as she can today, I will make you eat with my hands, he makes her eat, amrapali comes there and sees them feeding each other, tara bites mj, amrapali gets happy seeing them and calls rudra, she congrats rudra and says I never thought that this bablu will make tara agree that he is mj so soon, rudra says he wasn’t able to do it till now, amraplali says no they are here in restaurant and making each other eat, rudra says this cant happen, tara went fro shopping and bablu went to meet suseela, amrapali says maybe there are more people of mj’s face, rudra says I will come soon. rudra thinks whats this new game.

SCene 3
adi and meethi are with nandu, meethi ask her to eat food, nandu denies, adi says she will not eat, I also want her to be hungry, meethi says oh she to fast from now, she says nandu I shopped for fast, she shows her bangles, nandu fumes, she shows her saree and shows her necklace which adi gave her, adi calls her, meethi goes, nandu tries to free herself.
amrapali is watching them, mj makes tara eat food, tara says this food will be wasted now, mj says I will eat whole food as I have to eat for bablu and mj both, he eats it fast fast while tara looks on shocked, tara says if you want to eat more? mj says should we order sweet dish, tara is shocked, tara ask what else I don’t know about you, mj says some mystery should be there in marriage, mj gives bill and ask tara to leave, mj says 1s you have to tell me which saree should I wear tomorrow, she shows him 2 sarees, mj is confused, tara shows him more sarees while mj just keep looking at her, mj praises all sarees she shows, tara shows him one cloth, mj syas this one is also good select it, tara says look with concentration, its table cloth, tara says in which world you were, you were getting bored, mj says I am not bored, we saw 400 sarees, selected 20 sarees and now have to select one but I am not getting bored, tara says don’t taunt me, mj says I got confused, tara says okay I will not confuse you tell me which will look good on me, mj says okay and makes her get up from chair, he shows tara the mirror and puts red color on her shoulder, rudra comes there, mj says every color shine on you, every saree looks good on you, you are that beautiful that I think I will cast evil eye on you, he is about to kiss her, tara says its not America but india, mj says india is advanced that I can kiss you on forehead in public place, mj says I am again saying that don’t do this fast, if rudra sees us together he will understand that I am real mj, rudra listens this and gets shock of life, rudra says that’s why nandu was saying he is mj, he says I will punish them in such a way that they will remember it, tara sees rudra’s reflection in mirror and freezes, mj ask what happened, tara says rudra is there, mj turns to see in mirror but rudra disappears, mj says where, he sees here and there and says there is no one, tara is confused, he says I am with you, he hugs her, tara is afraid.

PRECAP- tara comes to dining table and says where all went leaving half food, she listens some noise and goes to see, she sees blood stains on floor like somebody dragged injured person on floor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. oh my god!!ab kya hoga???i m dying…i cant handle this…naa jaane kala ab kya karegi???kal raat tak main maar jaungi…

  2. Oh no!! Kahi mj ko kuch Hua toh nahi?

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