Beintehaa 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 2nd April 2014 Written Update

Zain wakes up in the morning and finds sun rays on Aaliya’s face. He tries to protect her face. Aaliya wakes up and sees wearing Zain’s jacket. The both leave for home. They reach home. Fahad and Usman see them coming in. Fahad says grandma told if 2 people are left alone, they will either become friends or enemies, but they both came back silently. Usman says he is sensing something good about them and says we need to find out that. Zain leans on his bed writhing in back pain. Aaliya asks to remove his T-shirt. Zain says if she wants to see his body to tell him directly. Aaliya says his body looks like a matchstick. She asks him again to remove T-shirt to apply balm. Ishq khuda hai…. song plays in the background. Aaliya applies balm on his back.

She makes him sleep on the bed and asks

him not to get up. They start finding out each one’s faults. They then think what is happening to them, they are thinking about each other. Aaliya says he is not bad, but not that good that I will love him, no chance.

Rizwan reaches Shabana’s house. He says he came to Bhopal and thought of meeting them. Shabana greets her in. Aayath comes and greets her. Shabana asks him to sit and she will prepare food in 30 minutes. Aayath says ammi prepares food well. He says even she cooks food well. Rizwan then wipes flour from Aayath’s face. She says she was making dough.

Aaliya comes and sits at the dining table. She asks Usman about Surayya. He says she is not feeling well, so she did not come. Fahad asks Usman to tell his experience if one falls in love. Usman says when people fall in love, they wont’t eat and they feel a change in environment. Zain comes and greets Usman and Fahad. He sits for breakfast next to Aaliya. Usman and Fahad just watch him silently. ZAin asks why are they silent today. Usman says it is peace, not silence and says you listen to English music, so your feeling silence. He says your wife prepared tasty food. Fahad asks Aaliya to serve food to Zain. Usman and Fahad watch them eagerly. Zain starts eating food.

Fahad asks if the food is tasty. He then says Usman he knew Zain won’t iike this kind of food. Aaliya asks if it is spicy. Zain says it is not. Usman says he tought it is spicy and asks Aaliya to serve Zain more curry. Zain drinks water. Usman and Fahad excuse themselves and leave from there. Aaliya gives Zain kheer. He likes it. Ishq hai ye mera ishq hai… song plays in the background. Zain says he is full and says food was tasty. She asks how is his back ache. He says it is better now and goes from there. Chandbibi asks her to have food. Aaliya says she is not hungry. Chandbibi says their relationship has changed a bit. Aaliya asks how. She says to ask herself or Zain and goes.

Fahad asks Usman care for each other is a good sign. Usman says it is a sign of love and they both laugh.

Gowhar comes in search of Rizwan. She asks servant about him who says he would have gone out. Gowhar then remembers tht Rizwan was telling of going out for 3-4 days and says how will she live without him for 3-4 days now. She strikes with Nafisa and asks sorry. Nafisa says it is ok and says looks like she is searching for someone. She then asks if she saw Rizwan and says Rizwan is believing in you now a days than me. Gowhar says she did not see her from morning and told he is going out for 3-4 days. Nafisa says I told you he is believing you more than me, else he would have informed me. Gowhar says he is your brother and will always be. Nafisa thinks cheapster is telling right, he will be my brother always. She calls Rizwan. Rizwan sees her call but does not pick it as Shabana and Aayath are with him. Nafisa thinks why is he not picking my call. Shabana asks who are there in his family. He says his parents are deceased since long ago. Shabana prays for his parents. He says he is alone after Nafisa’s marrige. Shabana asks to find a good girl and marry. He says only good guys get good girls. Shabana says he is good both by face and nature, Allah would have kept a very good girl for you. Rizwan sees at Aayath and thinks Allah has kept a relly nice girl for him, but she should get to know about it.

Zain thinks why is Aaliya shying from him, it does not suit her. Aaliya thinks she used to speak to him boldly, but now she is nervous. Zain thinks he should speak to her today. If she has any misunderstanding, he has to clear it. He thinks where is she now. Aaliya thinks how to go in front of him, she is feeling weird, she has to go as she cannot stay her whole night. She then thinks why is she afraid of Zain Afraid. She is about to leave but sees someone going from there. She starts following the lady and calls her and asks who is there.

Precap: Aaliya informs about the woman near the well and asks who lives there. Woman is revealed as Surayya.

Update Credit to: MA

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