Mahabharat 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Mahabharat 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Mahabharat 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode begins with sahadev being lost and slaved by duryodhan . duryodhan now points at arjun and says he is my next slave, bheem with lot of anger says no one in this sabha and duryodhan says its none other than karna. on this bheem says karna is sut putra how can he be compared to arjun this upsets karna and he points at arjun and says atleast i don’t elope with a lady on her marriage n asks duryodhan how can u bet me for this arjun . on this duryodhan says im betting u bcoz i want arjun to be ur slave.

On the other side karnas wife is informed about her husband being betted on which upsets the whole of karnas family. In the sabha the game begins and as the games before yudishtir again looses the game which upsets the whole sabha.kunti is informed by one of her slaves that arjun is slaved as well.

In the sabha on winnig the game duryodhan offers arjun to karna andhis auspicious dhanush which was offered to arjun by lord of fire{agni devta} is also given to karna. Bheem and arjun are in tears at this sight .

Arjun offers the dhanush to arjun and says u can have this i can have more of such i have lost myself not my samarthya(power ). Karna refuses to accept the dhanush saying my dhanurvidhya is divya(divine). Mamashri calls arjun as das arjun and asks him to join his two slaved brothers the whole sabha breaks into great laughter, bheem and yudishtir r shown emotionally imbalanced .

Bheem asks mamashri to begin the game and asks duryodhan to bet himself in competition with bheem. Mamashri gives a circastic look to bheem ,on this bheem says samrat yudishtir i know u will lose me as well n my knowledge is not a sale and he breaks his gadha. Bheem tirns to yudishtir and says are u still proud of urself on being lost and yudishtir says no more proud of myself infact im ashamed of myself and then bheem says then how can u and duryodhan bet on eachother its against the rules this brings smiles to apndvas and put kuravas in tension.

The game begins with bheem and dushsan being betted the pandavas asks mamashri to win this game and laughs at them bcoz what may happen bheem will be slaved and he has already broken his gadha ,as usual yudishtir loses and duryodhan wins.

Yudishtir then says i have lost everything so this game ends here. This puts mamashri and duryodhan in big question……!!!!!

Bhishma says yudishtir u are a samrat order me and i will free ur brothers……!!!!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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