Beintehaa 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain looks at his and Aaliya’s marriage pic and hopes to find Aaliya soon. Hyderabad city and Charminar is shown. Rehan comes with his kids to Aaliya’s dhaba and kids call her ammi. Rehan asks her not to call her ammi and says they forced him to bring them here to eat her dishes. Aaliya serves them dishes and feeds kids. Rehan eats his food and romantically looks at Aaliya. A song plays in the backround. Aaliya thanks him for getting this dhaba. Rehan says he should thank her for the food and says he got a job in Hyderabad and he got this dhaba cheap from his friend, it is just his duty and asks for the bill. She says she gave food for kids and when she will prepare food for him, she will collect money.

Servant comes and says Zarina that Surayya is calling her, referring her as Zarina Khala. She scolds him for calling her khala and sends him. Bilal comes and asks her 30,000 and asks if she is penniless. She says she is still rich and says she has a plan to get Surayya’s whole propety. She gives him 27,000. He asks 3,000 more. She says he took 11,000 from Surayya for her car repair and he paid 7000 rs, so he has 3000 left. She then thinks she will rule Surayya’s place soon.

Aaliya’s servant informs about getting his daughter married in a mass marriage. She asks who is the sponsor. He says some good rich guy from Mumbai.

Surayya is having dinner with her family. Zain informs Surayya that he is going to Hyderabad for a mass marriage. Surayya asks if it is for MKB foundation and says he is ignoring his dad’s business for MKB foundation. He says he is going for sure and leaves. Shaziya asks what happened to him. Surayya says even after divorce she did not get back her son.

Zain looks at Aaliya’s earring and reminisces the moment he gave it to her. Aaliya on the other side says her maid that she will attend bilquis’ marriage and even will meet a good guy from Mumbai.

In the morning, Zain sees Nafisa packing his bag and gets angry. She says she is doing it for Aaliya. Zain says you already did a lot to Aaliya and if anything is left. Nafisa says you and Aaliya kept my secret and says she wants to take care of him until Aaliya returns. Zain gets irked again hearing that. She says you continue your hatred and I will continue my humanity and walks out with tears. Faahd sees that and asks why is she once again coming out of Zain’s room in tears. She says she cannot see Zain in pain and says he has not forgiven Aaliya yet. Fahad says she forgot mom going to jail and dad’s death, but did not forget Aaliya. Nafisa thinks because of her, many lives got into trouble.

Rehan informs Dr. Habeeb that they are going back to Mumbai. Ghulam comes there and says he brought him and his daughter to Hyderabad and now he is going back to Mumbai. He gives him Aaliya’s prepared dish. Rehan thanks him. Habeeb says we are one family now and should stop thanking each other and asks Ghulam to speak to Aaliya. Ghulam says he will and says we are all moving back. Aaliya thinks they are moving back to Bhopal and says there is nothing wrong with it. Ghulam asks what about Dhaba. She says she can start it in Bhopal. Rehan asks Ghulam to tell that they are going back to Mumbai. He asks to tell himself. Rehan says her that they are shifting to Mumbai. Aaliya gets irked hearing that.

Precap: Zain says Fahad he will not inaugurate their new project until Aaliya is found. Fahad says Bilal that it is time to stop Zain from his misbehavings.

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  3. I love zain soooo much he’s soo lush

  4. How do I get with my crush any tips???

  5. I think rahaan is good for aliya not with zain. pls, aliya should love to rahaan and accept him.zain and his family is not suitable for aliya.

  6. Idk if I like aliya and rehan like I cringed at yhat scene together they suit each other I do like them jus bit cringe I prefer aliya and zain

  7. I like zain and Aliya but the charm decreased after the death of Usman Mamu and Rubish Zahira and her son useless people remove them

  8. I agree I think rehaan shouldn’t be on the show zain and aliyah are better together and rehaans just comin in between of them

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