Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Peehu asks Gunjan to go for shopping with her. She says that there is a lot of work at home, Peehu says as if you do all the work. Rachna says that I am also busy. Gunjan asks will the shopping end in an hour, Peehu promises that it will finish before an hour as she only has to buy a saree for her. Peehu stops an auto, Gunjan was reluctant but they all force her to come.
Mayank comes home with fruits; Seema asks why he spent so much money. He asks about Gunjan, they all say she has gone shopping. Mayank asks did she take Chacha’s car; they say she went by auto. Mayank is worried and says he will bring her home just now. They all ask him the reason, he says Gunjan might be expecting a child. Gunjan stood just behind in the doorway and hears all this, thinking that pregnancy isn’t yet confirmed and they all are so excited. Khushbu calls Gunjan inside to tell everyone while Seema and Shayl share sweets with each other. Mayank acts for apology from Gunjan, she asks everyone to get herself texted. Seema says that one can know about it without texting. She asks Gunjan does she feel nauseatic and wants to eat sour. Mayank qualifies that she ate four plate Gol Gappay. Seema takes money from Prabhu, and tells him he is going to be a grand-father. Gunjan takes their leave. She comes in the room, Mayank comes behind and explains that he was tensed for her and spit it out. She says she had asked him not to tell anyone. Mayank says they are just family. Gunjan says that everyone is hopeful, but if she isn’t pregnant what will everyone feel? She says what will everyone do at home when we will have a child. She says she bet they would have searched the names as well. Seema comes there and asks what is in her hands. Gunjan says this is pregnancy test kit. Seema says she will take her to the doctor when engagement is over. She hands her fruits and instructs her to rest, taking the kit away.
In the kitchen, Peehu compliments about the color of henna. Shayl says that she is sure, that KT loves her dearly. She asks did he call. Rachna was quiet. She says that her phone was off as the battery went dead, so she couldn’t talk to him. Shayl says she will ask Dadi. Rachna asks isn’t it late. Gunjan comes to ask for some work but Shayl says no way. She asks is it Sooji ka Halwa, can I taste it? Shayl says it is for her. She predicts you will have a boy, as you want to eat sugar. Seema calls that Rachna’s dress has arrived.
They all appreciate the dress, but Rachna didn’t seem happy. Gunjan’s phone rings, Seema takes it but Gunjan asks her not to tell him anything. Shayl supports her. Gunjan’s father tells her she is just coming.
Rachna thinks about KT waiting for his call. She says she won’t sleep until he will call. She was angry, and says she won’t talk to him. It is their engagement and he isn’t here. Gunjan comes and says how she will fight him if she won’t talk to him. She assures her that her KT loves her dearly. Gunjan teases her and Rachna hits her, and then says she forgot hitting her is not allowed. Gunjan says she isn’t confirming anything yet, and is nervous.
Dadi tries KT’s number, and is worried why she isn’t getting his call. Rachna comes to meet her straight from temple. She asks KT isn’t still here. Dadi says he will come, why she is worried. Dadi thinks she can’t see her crying and must tell her a lie. Rachna heads to leave, but Dadi says she just talked to him. Rachna gets excited; Dadi says he told me he is just taking the flight.
Seema makes Gunjan eat apples with her own hand. Khushbu teases that soon she is going to be fat as her. Gunjan is worried. Sangeeta comes to tell Seema that she got a facial. Golu teases her that she looks horrible. Bauji asks is KT back? Shayl says that he talks to Rachna and emails her too. Bauji says what is the use of it, he says that if he doesn’t return this will be the second time with Rachna.

PRECAP: On the engagement date, Rachna is ready. Dadi tries for KT. Bauji says it would be better to break the engagement. Rachna asks for 15 minutes time, Bauji says only 15 minutes.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Thank you for being so quick today!! Much Appreciated!

  2. Finaly Engagement day coming

  3. OMG will Kt turn up or not?????
    Iam too scared 🙁 hope this has a good ending 😀

  4. I hope he gets back soon!!! What If They replace him???? Because hé is ill…

  5. What the hell is wrong with KT

  6. I think he will come back… He must have gotten better by now otherwise the show wouldn’t have move forward with engagement. I think his mother will create chaos after engagement leading up to wedding but they will definitely get married.

  7. i hope he comes back so that this doesnt bring problems for rachna,and pls he should not be changed

  8. K.T won’t come back.

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