Beintehaa 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 25th April 2014 Written Update

Aaliya informs Zain that she is feeling like having sour food. Zain shockingly asks if she is pregnant. He informs his family and Usman asks Fahad to call doctor. Doctor checks Aaliya and asks since how long they have been married. Zain says 4 months. Doctor says they should check pregnancy test then. Surayya, Shabana and whole family gets happy hearing Aaliya is pregnant. Doctor says it may be stomach upset, but she wants Aaliya’s pregnancy test done before prescribing antibiotics. Whole family starts congratulating Zain and Aaliya for becoming parents. Aaliya sadly looks at Zain.

Ghulam happily congrats Usman that they both are becoming grandfathers. Usman congratulates Zain for becoming father. Shabana and Surayya hug each other happily. Usman asks Chandbibi to bring sweets. They all feed sweets to each other happily. Rizwan and Aayath fight that it will be a girl or boy. Aaliya looks at Zain angrily.

Shaziya says Nafisa that she does not believe Aaliya is pregnant as Zain was acting like he does not like Aaliya. Shaziya says Nafisa it is because of her brother Rizwan that she could not get out Aaliya and get in Gowhar. She would have been pregnant instead. They see Fahad standing behind. Shaziya says they both are going to dargah to pray as Aaliya is pregnant. Fahad asks them to first sort out their differences and then go to dargah.

Zain angrily asks Aaliya why did she say that she is pregnant. She asks him he would have told instead. They both start fighting. Aaliya asks how will they get a kid. Zain says he thought she is pregnant as he was inebriated during holi celebrations and she took advantage of him. Aaliya asks if he is insane to think that and asks why will she do that. She starts beating him with a pillow. Zain says he will inform everyone. Aaliya stops him and asks not to say that. Shabana comes and starts her rituals and says they both are becoming parents. Aaliya says it is not confirmed yet. Shabana says so what, she has signs of pregnancy and says she will not inform anybody till 5 months and asks her also not to tell. She asks her what she wants to eat and says she will prepare something for her and come. She asks Zain not to trouble Aaliya and goes.

Barkath comes and hugs Aaliya. She gives her taweez and says lab assistant has come and to come with her. Aaliya asks her to and she will come later. Zain says Aaliya that he will inform their families. Aaliya says not to tell them as they will understand after the blood test, she does not want them to understand that their marriage in not yet consummated and does not want them to give tension. She goes to give blood test. Zain thinks Aaliya is mad that she can do anything for family’s happiness.

Lab tech is about to take blood sample from Aaliya. Zain comes and asks her to stop. Aaliya thinks he will tell the truth now. He asks Aaliya that he as important work with her. Usman asks what happened. He asks lab tech if the needle is new. Lab tech says they use new needle for every sample. Zain checks the needle and says with thin needle, pain will be less. Ghulam smiles and says poetry. Zain says if Aaliya is troubled, she will trouble her later. Lab tech asks Zain to be comfortable as they table small kid’s blood sampling painlessly. She takes blood sample. Zain holds Aaliya’s hand and looks nervously. Ghulam jokingly asks Zain to leave Aaliya’s handle as samping has been done. Everyone laugh. Aaliya asks lab tech when will the reports come. Lab tech says she will send them by evening.

Chandbibi brings tea for everyone and laddu for Aaliya. Kids come and asks Aaliya if she is getting a baby. Saif says what will they call the kid. Fahad says they will have to think about the name, but it will be surprise till the end if it will be boy or girl. He asks if kids will take care of their new sibling and love it. They say they will. Another kid asks how will kids come. Saif says Zain must have kissed Aaliya’s cheeks, so she is getting a baby.

Precap: Zain and Aaliya think how to inform their family that Aaliya is not pregnant. Barkath asks Zain to take Aaliya for a date. Zain asks Aaliya if she wants to come with him for a date.

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