Ek Boond Ishq 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Boond Ishq 25th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
guru says to nimmo that i will not tell your secret, she leaves, mj pats on guru’s shoulder and ask what you are doing here in night, guru says i came to walk, i dont feel like sleeping, mj says if you dont wanna say truth then dont lie, you are fine thats enough for me.
nandu ask tara where was she? tara says i went to count stars as i was not feeling sleepy, nandu sees mud on tara’s slippers. she ask what about this mud? tara says i must have put it in mud by mistake, nandu says are you making plan against us? tara says how can i do that, i understood that if you throw stone at moon it will hit you back so i am on your side, nandu says your heart is not favouring you thats why you dont sleep, tara ask about adi, nandu says she will not give him food and water till

he bends down and accept me.

Scene 2
Meethi says that nandu called and adi said her that he’ll never come to her. He’s mine and we don’t consider, that piece of paper divorce. I told her that he’s gonna bring sindur for me. yug says that means nandu knew that he’s going to temple today. We should not sit idle. Meethi says yes we’ve to do something. They kidnapped adi what if they harm him. jairaj says do whatever you think is right i’m with you. Yug says go to bring adi. Scene 2tara is going with a dish. Nandu stops and asks her what are you doing? tara says you’re not using brain so i said i should. Nandu says what you mean? She says you want his love or vengeance? nandu says love. Tara says you think he’ll love you for doing this to him. You’ve to be good to him. Take this dish and make him eat this. He should know how much you love him. Nandu nods and says you’re right. Tara says hurry up now. Tara smiles.Guru ji says to mj you were asking me why i haven’t slept and you’re up yourself. He says i’m thinking about adi. Bringing adi back to home is nandu’s biggest mistake. We have to let tara know that adi should stay there. But we can’t call her.

Scene 3
Nandu goes to adi. His eyes are covered. He asks who is this? Nandu says sorry i had no other way. Adi says how dare you to kidnap me. You thought you’ll get my love by doing this. You’ll never be mine. You’re don’t deserve to be loved. I wont love you even if you’re last woman on this planet. I can’t believe this is the same tara who wanted me and meethi to be together. Nandu says don’t shout drink some water. nandu says go to hell then, you have two choice either accept me or accept death, she blindfolds him and puts tape on his mouth, she leaves, tara looks on and thinks that i have to make adi free from here, meethi was haapy after many days and now they must be worried about adi, i have to do something.

Scene 4
kala is in her room, she says bye to walls, bye to my freedom, now i have to live in this room only till adi is here, i cant roam freely. otherside tara frees adi’s hand and leaves from there before he could see, he thinks who was she. he says i will not nandu. PRECAP. adi says what eunuch is doing here, you kidnapped mje? dont think that i will leave you all, he ask about nandu, nandu attacks adi on head and he falls unconscious, kala gets angry, nandu says i tied him, kala says what would have happened you know, someone calls out to nandu, she goes down. meethi is there with police, meethi says nandu kidnapped my husband, nandu say what rubbish, you know what inspector meethi doesnt share good relation with ad so he must have left her, meethi warns nandu tara comes there and thinks i freed adi. tara says meethi adi is not here, you are doubting her wrongly, yug says why you are supporting nandu, tell me if there is anything, meethi says tara is with nandu they hurt our family alot, inspector says we will check whole house, nandu says why? they say we all know adi is not here so why are you worried, policemen goes to search adi, policeman comes to the room where adi was kept, he shows inspector ropes and cloth, meethi says she must have tied adi with it, nandu says carpenter was doing work, its his, inspector ask them to search more, they comes to kala’s room and says only this room is left, nandu says only one room left you will not find him, inspector ask her to let them check. nandu says how can you find him in one room when you can’t find him in whole house. Inspector says we should check that room. They go to kala’s room. A cop says he heard something from behind the books. Inspector asks him to check. He looks there. Kala is worried in her alcove. She takes her gun out and points it towards the door. Cop says he can’t find anything. They leave. Meethi asks could they find Adi? Inspector says he couldn’t find him. Meethi shouts at nandu and says where is my adi ? nandu asks cops to get them out. Yug says lets go meethi we’ll find him. Nandu says kala must be so angry how’ll i face her.

Precap – tara goes into mj’s alcove and finds him reciting the mantra. His face is on the other side. She says mj.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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