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Beintehaa 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya calls badi phupi and says she on her way to bail out Zubair. Phupi asks how did she get so much money. Aaliya says Zain himself gave her money. Badi phupi gets happy and informs Ghulam and Shabana that Aaliya arrange Zubair’s money and will be coming here with Zubair in 2 hours. Shabana remembers Surayya’s warning words and thinks nothing bad should happen to her daughter.

Aaliya looks at Zain’s pic and thanks him for being on her side. Zain is driving his car. He remembers both Aaliya and Surayya’s words. Aaliya calls him, but he cuts her call. Aaliya thinks he must be busy.

Zara’s teacher asks her why did not her father come. She says he dad has gone to Delhi and will not come back in 10 days. Rehan reaches there just then. Zaara asks Rehan why did he come back soon. Rehan says he missed his flight to Chennai. Teacher asks why did he bring his helmet if he is coming from airport. He silently goes and sits with parents. Shaziya stormingly comes with Saif and starts scolding Zaara for breaking Saif’s tooth. She sees Rehan there and says Zaara’s parents have hired a lawyer. Teach says he is Zaara’s father. Shaziya starts scolding him also. Rehan checks Saif’s tooth and congratulates him. Shaziya gets more anger and scolds him for taking his daughter’s side instead of scolding her. Rehan says Saif that he is lucky as he will get a gift from tooth fairy now. Saif gets happy hearing about the gift. Shaziya angrily scolds Saif for being dumb like Fahad and takes him from there.

Rehan coems out of school with Zaara and asks her why did she make her lie.

Aaliya is waiting in court for Rehan. Judge gets angry on her as her lawyer did not come yet. Rehan reaches there and apologizes for his mistake. Judge scolds him for coming late and gives 15th July as next hearing date. Aaliya says she has brought 4 lakhs for Zubair’s bail. Judge does not hear her and says 15th July before walking out from there. Aaliya gets angry on Rehan for being so careless and says she will hire a best lawyer for Zubair.

Aaliya angrily comes out of court scolding Rehan and sees Zaara and Kabir there. She asks them what are they doing there. Zaara says she is with her Paapi/father. Aaliya says she is angry on a late lateef lawyer and says she has to find a good lawyer for her. Zaara suggests her to hire her father. Aaliya asks what is her father’s name. Rehan comes there and says their father’s name is Rehan Khan. She asks Aaliya if she wants to re-hire him and says she has to be patient then. He says after break, Zubair’s bail will happen and takes children to drop them at home.

Surayya thinks Usman did a mistake by marrying Aaliya to Zain.

Court hearing starts again. Badi phupi comes there. Judge gets angry on Rehan for coming late and says he cannot accept bail. Rehan says he had to attend his daughter’s school, so he came late. Judge says he cannot be a bad lawyer for being a good father. After Rehan’s apology, Judge issues bail order. Rehan says Zubair, he will not keep quiet until Zubair is proven guilty.

Aaliya calls Zain, but he does not pick her call. She calls Fahad and asks why is Zain not picking call. Fahad says he is not picking even his call and says Shaziya told there was an agreement between him and mom. Aaliya thinks where he goes, she will find him out. Zain is sitting on the beach silently thinking something. Teri galiyaan….. song plays in the background. Aaliya comes home and does not find him. She goes back in search of him and thinks he must be near the beach. She finds him on the beach and goes and sits next to him. She smiles and kisses on his cheek while he looks at her silently.

Precap: Surayya stops Zain and Aaliya outside house and says she does not have place in her house for people who insult Usman, so Aaliya cannot her house.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. what is happening poor zubair

  2. I don’t know but what evers happening is sad for Zubair. Aliyah is getting herself in trouble for doing something good for someone. I don’t want them to get divorced.

    1. Please allah unka divorce mat karvana. Allah raham farmao

  3. update fast

  4. i hope that they both dont get divorced

    1. same here prachi

  5. Shut up prachi

  6. Devi UK you don’t seem to be a devi. Your damn rude!

    1. Samreen Ansari

      well said mehreen 🙂

  7. i think zubair will be bailed out

  8. LOOOOOOOL Mehreen.

  9. quick update

  10. fast please

  11. this is really sad

    surrayya should behave like tht

  12. Well ppl Devi uk also had a prob wid da way I talk

  13. Wt the hell is going on in beintehaa

  14. its boring ya , pls i dont want zaya to get divorced

    1. If Beintehaa going to leaps and zein Aaliya separate I swear never watching Beintehaa I’m not lie This is Nadia promise

      1. Nadia you are absoulutely wright. I m with you

  15. I feel beintehaa is getting boring who is the real culprit ? Who really behind usmaans condition? If it isn’t ,zubair then who? I feel Bobby s got something to do with it what do you think?

    1. Same here. Bobby ufffffffff

  16. Zaya is made for each other.suraiya is doing wrong . This track will fall down the trp that i m shore

  17. im also in your spport nadia

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