Balika Vadhu 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daddu telling that he was scared of fire and fire killed him. Vivek says it is sad, but strange that he had Arsonphobia had killed himself. Shiv says, it is not a suicide, but murder. Subhadra says, how you will prove yourself innocent. Ira comes and says I am still alive. I won’t let anything happens to my son. Shiv hugs her emotionally. Ira says, nothing can happen to you. Shiv says, you have come, there is no need for me to worry. She meets other family members. Saachi meets her and says we all missed you specially bhaiyya and bhabhi. Meenu says, Anandi is trying to prove Shiv innocent. Ira holds Anandi’s hands and says once again I am proud of you. I know you are a pillar of strength for Shiv and blesses her.

Teacher asks the kids to take out their books and show the home work. Nandu tells his friend that he forgot to do the homework. His friend says that teacher won’t scold you as your brother is MLA. He tells something to Nandu. Teacher asks Nandu to show his book. Nandu tells her that he didn’t do the homework as he was playing with MLA’s son and threatens her. Teacher gets scared and asks him to complete his home work.

Anandi tells Ira that she tried and talk to Rasika too. She says, I feel that Rasika and Brijesh are having more than friendsip. She says, I should have force Rasika to speak. Rasika accused Shiv. I told her that she will get her punished for lyingly. Subhadra asks, what you will do? Will you punish Rasika? Ira says, she is Shiv’s wife. Subhadra says, she was sympathizing with me and told to massage my legs, but forgot completely. Anandi says, I will come. Subhadra says, I don’t need anyone’s help.

Nandu plays with his friends. His friends praises Nandu. They play cricket. He sees Basant going in his jeep and turns his face. He tells his friends that Bapusaa didn’t see him. He runs to catch the ball and gets caught by Basant. He brings him home and scolds Nandu for playing cricket in school hours. Gehna scolds him too. Dadisaa takes his side. Basant says, he used to go daily. I met his teacher on the way and she told me everything hesitantly. He says, he used to threatens his teachers and said that his brother is MLA. Dadisaa is shocked.

She asks Basant to handle him with love. She makes him understand that he have to work hard if he wants to become like Jagya. She makes him realizes his mistake. Nandu cries. He promises not to repeat the mistake. Dadisaa forgives him. He apologizes to everyone. Basant forgives and hugs him. Dadisaa smiles.

Vivek tells that one thing is going on in his mind that who is the third person. Anoop says, someone is there who brought kerosene and set Narendra on fire. They wonder who. Shiv says, there might be some camera near traffic signal. We should get the footage from the concerned department. Subhadra comes blaming everyone. She tells Vivek that you didn’t invite me to your house. Vivek says, you are most welcome. Subhadra says, I will come tomorrow. Daddu asks her to go after the case ends. Subhadra says, let me go tomorrow. Everyone is stunned by her behavior. Ira thinks, what will Buaji do in her sasural.

Nandu comes to the school. His seniors stop him and bullies him for threatening everyone with Jagya’s name. They ask him to take science papers from teacher and threatens him. Nandu is in dilemma. His friend says, you have to do this.

Anandi asks Shiv, shall I bring tea. Shiv says, we will drink with Daddu and Papa. He says, I am hopeful that we will get some clue with CCTV footage of the traffic signal. Alok and Daddu come back and says we didn’t get anything as the cameras are not working since two months. Alok says, our hope is broking. He says, don’t know why we are not reaching to the proofs. Shiv asks Anandi to brings his mobile. Daddu asks, did Police searched Narendra’s phone? Anandi says, no. His phone got burnt with me. Shiv says, we can get a clue from the service provider. Daddu says, it is a good idea.

Shiv says, Vivek found out about Narendra’s service provider. I can check Narendra’s call list numbers. They see international number as the last call. Shiv says, it was Dubai’s number and calls on that number.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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