Beintehaa 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 24th April 2014 Written Update

Barkath starts packing her clothes. Surayya and her family comes and asks what is she doing. Barkath says she cannot become reason for their insult. Fahad asks why is she behaving like a mad. She says she became mad after getting so much happiness. Her past life will not leave her easily. She asks her family to forgive her as she cannot become the daughter of this house. Zain tries to stop Barkath, but Usman asks him to let her go. He says let her go where ever she wants, nobody will stop her. Barkath tries to leave taking her suticase. Surayya says Usman that Barkath is going. Usman says we all will go with Barkath where eever she goes and make our house there. Zain says it is a good idea. Surayya also backs him.

Barkath asks her family why are they loving her so much without knowing her past. Usman says we do not want to know about your past and says god sent you back to us and we are all happy getting you back, then why are you sad. Saif holds Barkath’s hand and asks if she will become his dance partner. She says she will. Surayya smiles emotionally hearing Saif’s words and asks Barkath not to leave her again. Barkath says she will not leave and promises to become a good daughter.

Zain says to himself that he became Aaliya’s fan and thanks her. He remembers how Aaliya rescued Barkath. His soul/mind comes and calls him phattu/coward and asks him to go and tell Aaliya that he loves her. Zain says it is his problem and asks his soul to leave. Aaliya comes and sees talking to himself and asks if he is alright. He says he is alright, says he will go to bathroom and goes in the opposite direction. Aaliya says bathroom is on the opposite side.

Aaliya looks at Zain’s gifted earinings and remembers how he gifted them to her. She sees Zain sleeping and smiles. She says kitkit remembers her wishes. She says he bought be something for the first time, then it means he likes me, but he must have gifted them as a friend. She says then why am I feeling nervous, like butterflies running around her stomach. She says she likes him, it looks like he wants to tell me a lot, but cannot. She looks at Zain romantically. Ishq dua…. song plays in the background. Aaliya thinks what must be there in his heart, even she does not know what is in her heart. She sees Zain sleeping with mouth opened, goes near him and closes it. She covers blanket on him.

Aaliya starts getting nauseous and vomiting. She asks Zain to come out of bathroom. Zain asks her to wait as she is taking shower. He opens the door, she drags him out and goes inside the bathroom saying she is getting vomiting. Zain says no girl gave him this reaction till now.

Surayya is preparing breakfast for Barkath. She says Chandbibi that Barkath used to like it a lot and because of Aaliya she is preparing it again.

Shaziya says Fahad that bengali baba made her pregnant again. Fahad stares at her. She then says she got pregnant with bengali baba’s medicine. Fahad says he knows if she is vomiting or acting as he got 3 kids now.

Aaliya vomits repeatedly and asks Zain to stop his kitkit. Zain says with his kitkit she stopped vomiting. Aaliya goes back to bathroom again. Barkath comes and asks Zain what happeend to Aaliya. Zain says she is vomiting. Barkath goes and informs Usman and his family that Aaliya is vomiting. Everybody says let us go and see her. Zain asks Aaliya how is she feeling now. Aaliya says she is feeling like eating sour food. Zain is amused to hear that and asks her if she is pregnant. Aaliya is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Zain informs his family that Aaliya is vomiti8ng since mornign. Shabana and Surayya say Zain and Aaliya that they are becoming abbu and ammi.

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  3. What happen to aaliya? The story is going somewhere.

  4. i think she is prgnant becus she feels like eating sour I think on the day of holi when they both consumed bhang they had it and they both might not remember. we will have to see know and this is my prediction and dont take it seriously.

  5. How could aaliya be pregnant cuz dey both haven’t had it yet. N y did zain ask her dat?

  6. omg i think she isnt pregnant but maybe food poisoning or something like that… U can still feel like u want sumthin sour when ur not pregnant…
    They dint spend a night or something like that lol neither did they spend a romantic moment… Waiting for today’s episode!!

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