Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 24th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shavani asking Latha to listen to her. Latha says she does not know why she has still allowed Shivani to leave in her house. She asks why is she troubling her family so much and asks her not to show her fake love towards her. She asks her to go and sit in her room.

Karan calls Shivani, but she does not pick her call. He thinks how to contact her. Latha tries to pick up fallen kid. Kid’s mother asks her not to pick her kid as she is a mother of murderer. Latha says you people know Vivek from childhood, he cannot do anything. She asks what about the news channels and papers and says everyone loves their kids. Another woman says there is something wrong in her upbringing, one son has 2 wives and another murdered and is in jail. She asks Latha to keep away from her family. Shivani comes and scolds ladies for misbehaving with Latha. She asks if they forgot the days when Raghu helped them with money and took care of her husband when he was ill. She says it Latha’s upbringing that Raghu helped them. Lady says she remembers everything but asks Latha to be away from her as her son is murderer. Shivani says what if her son would have killed someone, if she would have behaved the same. Sumitra backs Shivani and says instead of sharing their pain, why are they troubling Latha. She asks the neigbhors to go from there.

Nishi comes home crying with bruises. Bela asks what happened. Nishi gives her a letter which reads my uncle is a murderer. Nishi says school kids bullied her and said Vivek killed a small kid. Roopesh comes and sees Nishi crying. He reads letter and gets angry. Bela says Vivek did not do anything and asks Nishi to get ready till she prepares her favourite food. Bela asks Roopesh to try getting bail for Vivek. Roopesh says he cannot do that as already media is involved. Babyji would have bailed Vivek, but she herself declared Vivek a culprit instead of judge.

Sumitra is trying to console Latha. Shivani comes and asks Latha not to think about neighbor’s words. Latha says her son is behind bars because of her and says she will not see her face once Vivek comes back. Sumitra starts acting and says why will Latha forgive you, her son is behind bars, even Raghu was seriously injured because of her. Latha says Shivani she does not care if she stays here or not, her family will not keep contact with her or speak to her. Shivani gets happy and thinks she is feeling peace looking Shivani in pain.

Shivani gets out of house and starts walking on the road remembering Baburam and Latha’s words. She remembers Maya telling that Vivek is behind bars because of her and will not forgive her. A lorry is about to hit Shivani. Karan comes and rescues her. He says she has to be strong and takes her to the park where they used to play in their childhood. He says we used to play here and shows her the bench where they carved their name. Shivani sees their names on bench and smiles. Karan says nothing has changed, I was your friend before and even I am your best friend. Shivani nods yes. He says she would have bailed Vivek and make her family happy, but would she have faced herself. Shivani says she does not how to explain her family, they helped her always and today they are in pain. She knows she is the reason for their pain and cannot explain him what she is going through. Karan says he knows her situation, but no mother will believe her son is a murderer. He asks her not to lose hope. She says will not lose hope and knows Raghu will not leave her alone.

Shivani says she did not speak to Raghu since he left. Karan gives his number and asks her to speak. She speaks and enquires about Raghu. She gets happy that he is coming back. She then thanks Karan for helping her and leaves from there.

Shivani gets a call from a constable who says she is speaking from Jodhpur hospital and Raghu’s bus met with an accident. Shivani is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Shivani goes to hospital, sees people around there and starts crying. Baburam goes there and asks what is she doig. She cries and says Raghu.. Baburam asks what happened to Raghu.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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