Beintehaa 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain sees Aaliya and Zubair talking in his room and asks Zubair to go out as he has to get ready for office. Zubair goes out with Aaliya following her. Zain angrily says his name is Zubbu or Zubair and says Aaliya takes care of him than her husband. Aaliya hears his conversation and asks what is he murmuring. Zain says Zubbu looks like a cartoon name, Zubair looks good. Aaliya says it is just a habit like someone calls her mamu ki bhanji. Zubair signals Aaliya to say I love you to Zain. She gets shy. Zain asks why is she blushing. Aaliya hesitantly says sh wants to say him something. Zain asks what she wants to say. Aaliya says she wants to say…. Zain asks her not shy and to speak out. She says she wants to say… Zubbu… and asks if he likes Zubbu and says Zubbu was asking if he can stay with them for some days. Zain says he can stay here till he likes as he is her cousin. Aaliya thanks Zain. Zubbu gets dissapointed that Aaliya didn’t say I love you to Zain.

Zain gets ready to go to office and while walking around the house with office bag starts cribbing about Zain. Rizwan hears his conversation and asks him what is he talking about Zubair. He says even Aayath is mad about Zubair and he cannot tolerate Zubair for even 2 hours. Zain says Aaliya asks permission to let Zabair stay for 3-4 days. They both start cribbing and say why have not we professed our love to our ladies. Rizwan gets a call from his friend inviting him for a party. He informs Zain about the party and says even him and Aaliya are invited.

Barkath sees Zubair and asks about his hand injury. Zubair says he is fine and says his mom told about her. Barkath says she is missing her childhood. Zubair jokes he can become child for her. Barkath asks what he does in Dubai. Zubair says he works as an investment banker. He asks her what she does. Shaziya comes and says Barkath is enjoying pampering from her family and will join her family business soon. Aaliya comes there and says Zubair that she will show him his room. Barkath says Zubair that he should stay with them for some time. Zubair agrees and goes with Aaliya. Barkath says Shaziya it looks like Aaliya and Zubair are fond of each other and asks her not to inform about it to Surayya. Shaziya agrees but goes in search of Surayya.

Aaliya shows Zubair his room and they both start talking about their childhood days smilingly. Zain comes there and asks Aaliya to come out. He informs her about his friend’s party. She asks about the occasion. He says U love you… Ishq duaa…. plays in the background. They both romantically look at him silently. Zain says his friend did not say his girlfriend since one month, so he is giving party to celebrate and asks if he can confirm about their presence. Zubair peeps out and says Aalya does not miss any party. Aaliya says yes to Zain.

Rizwan informs Aayath about the party, says even Zain and Aaliya are going and asks her to accompany him. Aayath says Zain and Aaliya are going as they are husband and wife and her parents have sent her to study, she says she will come if time permits.

Zain and Rizwan eagerly wait for Aaliya and Aayath. Aayath and Aaliya come dressed well with Zubair following them. Rizwan asks if he invited Zubair also. Zain says he is kabab me haddi. He then sees Barkath also coming and standing next to Zubair. Aaliya says Zain that Zubair said he did not see any party in mumbai and asks if he can join them. Zain thinks Zubair will take the limelight and will be with Aaliya and thinks of rejecting him. Barkath says she wants to come with Zubair. Zubair says he invited Barkath. Zain says they can come and they all leave for the party. Rizwan thinks he will spend romantic night with Aayath. Aayath thinks she wants to study and will not fall for Zain. Zubair thinks he wants Aaliya to profess her love for Zain.

Preap: Zain sees Aaliya with Zubair, drags Aaliya with him and gets angry on her.

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  1. kebab me haddis everywhere

  2. Lol, I loved it wen Zain sed “Kebaab me haadi.” Nd moreover, Zain is gettn more nd more jealous wiv ZUBBU ND AALOO!

  3. oh pix u r back…….didnt hope

  4. MA copies the whole update of desi tashan’s written jpdate

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