Beintehaa 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 21st April 2014 Written Update

Chandibi informs Aaliya that Barkath was smoking beedi. Aaliya asks Chandbibi not to inform about it to Surayya and she will handle the issue. She goes to Barkath’s room and asks her to come out as Quran recitation ceremony is kept for her. Barkath asks her to go and she will come later. Aaliya takes out beedi packet from Barkath’s bed. Barkath gets tensed. Zain comes there. Barkath goes and hugs him and asks him to forgive her. Zain asks what happened. Aaliya shows beedi packet. Barkath says she wanted to hide beedi packet from everyone as she used smoke beedi.

Barkarth starts narrating her story about starting smoking beedi. She says she burnt beedi, but did not smoke. Zain says good she did not smoke and asks her to come to him if she needs moral support. Barkath asks them not to tell Surayya about this. Zain says she will not, but he is not sure about maamu ki bhaanji.

Usman and Surayya call their family and tell that they want to talk about Barkath. Usman says he wants to talk about Barkath’s future. He says she believed Meer Khan as her father all these years and asks his family not to discuss about her past. Shaziya asks Aaliya if they should ask Barkath about her past. Aaliya says Usman and Surayya are right, we should not talk about Barkath’s past. Usman says he wants to give surprise party to Barkath. Surayya says Ghulam and his family are coming tomorrow morning via flight and asks Zain to pick them with Aaliya.

Zain wakes up with alarm sound. He gets hurriedly and gets ready. He asks Aaliya to get ready soon, but thinks she is in the bathroom. He starts talking to himself. His soul comes and says he loves Aaliya. He says he is Zain’s mind/soul and says Zain is very much afraid. He says he announces that Zain loves Aaliya. Zain’s is amused with his soul’s words. Soul says he is mad behind his wife. Aaliya comes out of bathroom and asks if they are late. Soul asks Zain to tell Aaliya that she is hot. Zain says he does not want to say that. Aaliya asks what is he talking. Zain says he is talking to his mind. He asks his mind to shut up as Aaliya is his wife. Aaliya asks what is he talking about. Zain says he is tensed that he has to pick Ghulam and his family.

Zain and Aaliya bring Ghulam’s family. Zain says he came late because of Aaliya. Aaliya says she does not go out without taking bath. Shabana asks what were they doing in the car. Aayath says they were doing kitkit. Ghulam says it is a sign of love.

Ghulam and Shabana see Usman and Surayya. Surayya acts like being angry on Shabana. She comes near Shabana and smilingly hugs her saying she is welcome in Barkath to meet Barkath. Usman gets happy and says he was waiting for this day when her sister and her family is greeting his house like this. Barkath comes and greets Shabana and Ghulam. Surayya says she got 2 daughters now and hugs both Barkath and Aaliya. Barkath meets Aayath and says now that everyone is here, what we should do. Shaziya says we should party. Usman and family gets angry that she is revealing their plan. Shaziya then changes her words and asks Barkath that she should suggest. Zain says he will take out Barkath for shopping. Zain jokes with Aaliya that she should not get late in cleaning herself/taking bath again.

ZAin and Barkath wait out near the car for Aaliya. ZAin’s mind/soul comes and says he will go and check. Zain says why will he go. Barkath asks whom he is talking to. Zain says nobody. Aaliya thinks why is she going with Zain, she then thinks she is going with Barkath, so not to worry.

Shaziya and Nafisa think that after Barkath came, everybody is talking about only Barkath and Aaliya. They go and say Surayya that they will arrange the party. Surayya goes and asks Aaliya if she will help her arrange tonight’s party as she arranged holi party. Aaliya agrees. Aaliya thinks Zain must be angry waiting for her.

Precap: Zain is still waiting for Aaliya out. He starts his car angrily and goes before Aaliya comes out.

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