Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 21st April 2014 Written Update

Rachna hugs everyone. Seema and Sangeeta bless her. Sangeeta tells her to appreciate Pihu who fought for her. Rachna thanks her. Bablu comes running and asks Murli to spin him like a superman. He spins him. Pihu thinks why he is so happy today. They look into each other. Shayl thinks Murli is working hard to make up with Pihu and it seems he is successful.
KT is in the work-shop. He sees Rachna working in the workshop. He closes his eyes and sees Rachna, tears coming out of his eyes. Mayank announces that they should wish Rachna together, they all shout ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ Bauji comes forward and tells Rachna he had to say something to her. He says that after today, not only her but he also dislike if she leaves this job. He tells her never to leave her work for their happiness. Rachna hugs him crying. She says she is quitting the job happily and that is true. Gunjan wants to protest but stops.
Sonal was going from the house. KT stops her. she is delighted and says I knew it you will forgive me. She runs towards him saying that I won’t go anywhere my love. KT stops her by his hand and takes off the ring her hand. KT says Sonal, now leave. Sonal shouts saying for you that ‘Behn ji’ (sister-type) is suitable. KT tells her not to say a word about Miss. Garg. He says she has sown it, and now she will eat it all up. Sonal laughs at him saying whatever she had sown, KT also tastes it. He has fallen in love with his assistant Miss. Garg. She claps her hands and says enjoy your romance violent love Mr. Kabir Tripati. She stops for a while before leaving.
They were all sitting together. Mayank says Pihu thought Murli had specially come to meet her, but he had actually come because of her sister-in-law. Pihu begins to leave. Murli stops her and tells her that she had brought ‘Jalebi’ for her that she liked. Gunjan tells Mayank to see how husbands took care of wives likings. Murli takes a piece and puts it in Pihu’s mouth. She refuses to take it but Sangeeta and Mayank encourages her and she takes it from him. Mayank tells Murli to sit near her. Shayl thinks everything hopefully should get better between them. Shayl gets Vicky’s call and disconnects.
Rachna announces she will give the dinner from her. Shayl says they will get the food delivered from outside. Rachna insists and goes to kitchen. Gunjan offers her help but she refuses. After she leave, shayl asks Gunjan if Rachna is happy with her decision. Gunjan asks what you think. Shayl says she just want her children to be happy be it her, Rachna or Pihu. Pihu ask Murli if he is feeling well. Gunjan encourages him and he says as long as you are fine, I accept all the illnesses otherwise he is not. Murli appreciates his poetry and comments it seems Pihu has awakened the poet. Pihu smiles. She gets Vicky’s call. She hides her mobile as Murli says another poetry verses. Mayank says he should take classes from Murli. Pihu leaves. Everyone was worried.
She comes inside, and hopes Murli ji doesn’t follow her. She receives the call. Vicky says he wants to meet him right now. Pihu says she cannot meet him right now as she has guests. She disconnects the call. Vicky is suspicious about it.
Rachna thinking about KT, how he lost his fiancé. She thinks she must call him then thinks why she must call him now. Shayl comes in and asks her to go outside. She refuses. Shayl asks her if she was happy and everything went alright today. Rachna thinks about the moment of farewell with KT, and then says who can be happier than her who had a supporting family. Mayank calls Shayl. She says she doesn’t understand why he is so much after Murli today. Rachna smiles. She leaves telling her to call her if she need anything.
KT was vigorously boxing thinking about Sonal announcing he was in love with Rachna. He remembers how Rachna said that neither was there any love between them nor will exist. Dadi comes in and asks him whom he was angry with. Rachna? Sonal? Or himself? He says he has lost, as he could not understand Rachna and Sonal. Dadi says that win or lose is the part of life’s game. He should not get angry, and tells him he had still not lost. He can hold it, lest he should lose the coming happiness in the grief of loss. She asks him to come for dinner but he requests her to leave him alone. She abides. He sees the injury in his hands.

PRECAP: Rachna thinks what must KT be doing. KT jogging on the road in a cold night.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Nice epidode. Good Luck Kabir! U need it.

  2. And in the precap he is jogging and comes to her home

  3. Rachna plz join dat job. Kabir will get hurt if u dont

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