Beintehaa 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya and Zain start fighting that they will teach Barkath car driving. Aaliya forcefully takes keys from him. Zain says she got bubblegum in her hair. Aaliya starts checking her hair. Zain takes keys and says he will teach Barkath car driving.

Zain teaches car driving to Barkath. She rashly drives and applies brake. She asks him to teach in less crowded road. Zain takes her to another road. Barkath bumps a guy and the guy falls unconscious on the ground. They both come out and check the guy. Zain calls Usman and informs about the accident. Fahad and Surayya asks what happened. Usman informs about the accident. Zain and Barkath come home. Barkath hugs Usman and Surayya and says she should have been alert. Usman says it is okay. They hear foot steps and see the accident guy coming. Surayya asks who is he. Zain says he is the one who met with an accident. Zain says when he told that he is Usman’s son, accident guy wanted to meet him. Accident guy greets Usman and Surayya and calls him mamu/uncle and mami/aunty. He says he is Zubair Qureshi. Just then Aaliya comes running seeing Zubair. Zain and everyone see her surprisingly. Aaliya happily meets Zubair and asks why is he here. Zubair calls her Aloo and says he came here searching for her. Aaliya says she is angry on him as he did not come to her marriage. Zubair says even he is angry as she did not wish him on his birthday. They both start laughing. Aaliya sees Zubair’s hand injured.

Zubair calls his mother and gives his mobile to Usman. He says he did not identify Zubair as he saw him when Zubair was 15. Surayya asks Zubair if he is alright. Zubair says he is fine, accident was just a reason to meet them. Usman asks Zain he must be knowing Zubair as they used to play in childhood. Zubair tells them about thei childhood incidents and says they used to play with each other. Aaliya says she and Zubair used to win against Zain and they both start talking happily each other. Zain gets angry. Rizwan says looks like Aaliya is very close to Zubair. Aayath comes running and happily hugs Zubair. Rizwan gets angry seeing that. Zubair says Usman that he has hidden Bhopal’s both beauties in his house. Aaliya asks Usman to permit him to show Zubair his room. Usman says ok.

Barkath is busy preparing juice. Nafisa asks her to go and rest in her room and she will send it there. Barkath says she is preparing juice for Zubair. Shaziya says it is not necessary that she prepares juice and says Chandbibi should prepare it. Barkath says she is working from years and does not mind working. She takes juice to give it to Zubair. Just then Aayath comes there and asks if juice is for Zubair. Barkath says yes. Aayath takes it from her and says she will give it to Zubair. Barkath gets angry. Nafisa and Shaziya joke about Barkath.

Zubair asks Aaliya why did she marry Zain as she used to fight with him in childhood. Aaliya says Zain has changed and… Zubair says then she loves Zain and asks if Zain loves her. Aaliya says she does not know. He asks if she professed her love to Zain. She says no. Zubair says they are maried for 4 months and still did not profess their love. Zubair asks her to do it soon. Zain comes there. Aaliya thanks Zubair and says someone is there now with whom he can speak freely.

Precap: Rizwan informs Zain about his friend’s party and asks Zain to take Aaliya there and profess his love for her.

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