Madhubala 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Agni thinking what might have happened with Madhu as Bai ji called her at wrong time. She is shocked seeing the snake and is unable to shout. She shouts for help. Bhanu comes there and asks what happened. She shows him the snake. Bhanu is shocked and takes a rod. He says someone call the snake man. She says he won’t come, he went to city. He looks at her puzzled. Tara comes and faints seeing the snake. Bhanu says go and call the snakeman. Agni says its very poisonous. RK comes and sees the snake. He greets the snake.

Bhanu says it’s a snake. RK says it’s a snake, but a ghost. Dau ji comes there. RK says first the snake have troubled my wife and now my sister, please go. He says fine, I will leave you. RK picks the snake and shows it to Bhanu. Bhanu gets worried and moves away. Dau ji smiles. RK says take his blessings and goes to leave the snake out. He says I have left it. He tells Bhanu that animals won’t be afraid of rod, they have to use heart to control animals.

Bhanu feels embarrassed. Dau ji is impressed by RK and says I can see myself in you. Bhanu gets jealous. Dau ji says I was always brave like him, and you have always been afraid. Everyone leave. Dau ji asks Bhanu to become fearless. Bhanu throws the rod and leaves. RK comes to his room and sits on the bed praying. Madhu takes her pillow and sleeps somewhere else. She says we can’t be equal. RK says once I sleep, if snake comes and you shout, I won’t get up, fine, snake is there at your left. Madhu wakes him worried and RK says afraid? She says you are insensitive idiot.

RK says I know the meaning of Idiot and flirts. Madhu lies to sleep. She says sleep now. RK says no and sits near her to guard her. He says you look very beautiful in anger, like a wild cat. He says sleep, I will not trouble you, I will sit here and guard you whole night. Madhu sleeps. RK smiles seeing her. He covers her with a blanket. Hum hai tere deewane…………..plays…………. He falls asleep. Bhanu talks to Agni and asks why did you bring snake at home. Agni says I wanted to get rid of Madhu.

She says I thought she will go to city being afraid, RK will also go with her, but RK spoiled my plan. He says don’t be foolish like Tara. She says I wish to leave this house in anger, I can’t see RK and Madhu win, did you not see how RK has become a hero infront of Dau ji. Bhanu says I know to make him zero, wait for right time, he does not know me. RK won’t be able to run and not be able to face me. She smiles and leaves. Its morning, Madhu wakes up and sees RK sleeping.

She thinks to run away as RK has just slept, being awake all night. She thinks everyone might be sleeping, it’s a good chance to run. She runs and goes out of the main door. Dau ji says bahurani and she stops. She gets tensed. He asks where are you going in morning, answer me. Madhu looks at him and says I m running. Dau ji is shocked. He says what? Running? He says great, you are city girl and does running in morning, you are like us, I can’t believe this. He says we will do jogging from tomorrow together.

He says but don’t wear this fashion slippers, wear shoes and run. He says else we will run barefoot. He asks what happened, come here. He gives her neem bark to clean teeth. He says I will get more for you. He says come, lets tell everyone that you wake up early, come with me. He wakes up everyone and says learn from Madhu. Madhu gets tensed and goes back to her room following Dau ji. Dau ji sees RK sleeping with a stick and asks whats this way to sleep. RK gets up and sees Madhu.

Dau ji says learn from bahu, she was running in morning. RK is shocked and looks at Madhu. Madhu gets tensed.

RK ties Madhu and says if you run again, I will tie you here and make this home jail for you. He says think what you have to become, my Rani or a prisoner.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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