Beintehaa 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain and Aaliya reaches their project venue. Hotel’s owner meets them. He congratulates zain for the project and congratulates Aaliya for becoming owner of a big hotel chain. They both get irked. They then reach their hotel room, open their room’s windows together. They then look at rain and reminisce their romance on a rainy day and consummating their marriage.

Ghulam meets Rehan and says he was just passing by. Rehan says Aaliya is fine and has gone on a project outside. Ghulam says he is worried about Aaliya as she did not even meet him in 2 months and informed about her divorce. He then sees a man with his sister being dragged for burning his wife, man pleads that it was cylinder blast and not his mistake. Girl’s parents ask police not to leave them. Ghulam runs and asks parents to talk to their daughter first and stop ruining her life, gets emotional. They don’t listen to him and police take husband and sister in their van. Ghulam cries saying he should not have listened to Nafisa.

Aaliya opens her room door and is shocked to see Zain is sharing same room and changing clothes. She calls manager and asks why did he give them same room. Manager says he got a info that they both are married. Zain says he is divorcing her. Aaliya asks him to arrange another room. Manager says there is no room available. Zain says they will manage. Aaliya says she will change her hotel. Zain says she can do whatever she wants but to listen to him first. He touches her eyes, cheeks, lips, etc., and then says he is not interested them.

A lady rings door bell and Surayya asks maid to check. Maid opens door and asks lady who is she. Lady does not reply anything and gets into the house. She then prays for Surayya and says she had an evil shadow. She then asks Surayya if she forgot her. Surayya realizes she is her sister Zarina and says she has changed. Zarina says she has not and says she is same and she always wanted to be like her. She says though she disconnected her contacts with her, but she was being updated about her by her relative, says she heard about Usman’s death and asks her not to worry from now. Surayya introduces Nafisa and Shaziya to her. Zarina says she will stay with them, sees Nafisa wearing veil and Shaziya not and scolds her. She asks them to be like a sister from now. She then goes to pray namaz.

Hotel owner apologizes Aaliya for not having another room. He sees her uncomfortable, says room’s AC not working and says he will do something. Zain who is drinking alcohol says she is irked with me drinking alcohol. Aaliya says he is telling right, alcohol makes man it’s slave. Aaliya leaves out. Owner adds tablets in Aaliya’s drinks and tries to go out. Zain says he will give her drinks and takes it from owner.

Zain gives Aaliya her juice and file and says he does not them. Aaliya says she is worried about their divorce in 3 days, says their relationsip is made by Usman and does not want to beak. She says she wanted to talk to him once and wanted to tell… Zain asks what??? if she wants him not to divorce her. Aaliya says yes. Zain holds her and says he hates her a lot. Aaliya says she will go away from her forever, but not to divorce her. She says he divorced her twice in front of many people and says if he ever loved her once, then not to divorce her third time. Zain says he cannot leave his mom in black dress forever and cannot forget Usman dying in his hands, he cannot forget inspector’s words that Aaliya is not safe with him, says if she is not safe with him, then she cannot be safe anywhere else. Aaliya reminisces their marriage and happy moments and cries. Jo bheji thi dua… song plays in the background. Zain reminisces Surayya’s arrest and torture and gets irked on Aaliya.

Zarina looks at Surayya’s home and likes it. She then asks about Aaliya. Surayya says Zain divorced Aaliya.

Aaliya drinks tablet mixed juice and starts feeling drowsy. Zain on the other side drinks alcohol. Ye dil tanha kyun rahe… song plays in the background. Owner takes Aaliya to his room forcefully and tries to misbehave with her. Aaliya resists. Zain sees that and beats manager red and blue saying Aaliya is his wife. He asks how can he touch her.

Ghulam informs Rehan about Nafisa being behind all this. Rehan questions Nafisa about the complaint.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yeh kya hora ha hai. Un doña ek hona hi hoga. Mujhe Acha nai lagti.

  2. Hurry plz and thank u

  3. Pyaar esi hoti. Mujhe shaadi esi thi aur hum divorce ki baad fir pyaar hui.

  4. Mujhe Kuch nai kiya aur mera partner Mujhe pass vapas ayi divorce ki baad. I’m hoping that happens to them

  5. Zarina seems like she is going to make a good change. Fingers crossed!

  6. Hi Mrs.Priya….hope u are having a peaceful life!!!!!!may be ur husband got realisation of ur value!!!!!u r damn lucky!!!!
    hope d same (actually not becoz i dont want zaya divorce) unite zaya!!!!

  7. K.ajay thank you hun! I’m having a good life at the moment. Totally correct it’s better they don’t divorce!

  8. Oh sorry your talking to priya

  9. Lol Mehta ji, accident kabhi hotha jab jalbasi kar ki paarti.

    Shukr hai K.AJAY ji. Hum achi zindagi gusar ra hi. Moved to Bahamas and Saab Kuch koobsorat. Ek ek pal koobsorat!

  10. Hahhahaha

  11. its ok mehtaji!!!!
    priya ji aapki jodi ko kisiki nazar naa lag jaye!!!!!jindagi mein pyaar ek khubsoorat cheej hoti hai!!!!!masti karo!!!
    shub ratri!!!!

    1. Pls can u tell me the name of the song which got playyed when zain beatrd up the staff at end

  12. I thought aliya becomes pregnant so then zain doesn’t divorce her? :/

    1. one gud thng happened in a bad way…zain acceptd aaliya as hs wife n beat dat blok!!!!
      aaliya n zain plz be together u luk grt dear!!!!!

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