Ek Boond Ishq 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
om’s mother come to house, tara stops her from coming in, all looks at her, tara comes to her and says you cant come in like this, om says excuse me, tara says she came after many days so she cant come in like this, I have to take do the aarti, mom smiles, tara does her aarti, mother ask how are you sia now? I know 5 years is big time, om says that in happiness of you coming, sia made home like earlier, mom says that I know sia love me a lot, I think I have 2 daughters mannat and sia, mannat ask her to go in room and take rest, she goes, om says thanks to tara, tara ask why? he says by not misbehaving infront of her, tara says if you think that I will do drama infront of her and will not tell her that I am tara then you are wrong, om says look, tara says look if you accept that I am tara and you are just pretending that I am sia then I might think but you are making me a liar and wants me to make your lie truth then you are wrong, she goes from there.

Scene 2
tara comes in her room and fumes, she says what they think that I am a statue, they are lying to their mother, she sees mj holding glass of water, he says this is cold water for hot mind, tara ask what you want?, he ask her to drink water, she drinks, mj says I want that you accept om’s request, I met his mother in mandir and she has cancer so you can lie for her smile, tara says you mean, you accept that I will lie that I am sia, he says yes and if you say a lie for others happiness then its not a lie, he goes from there, tara thinks.
at dining table, mother ask where is sia? om says she is in her room, mother says that sia used serve me food, she used to have a check on my food, I will go and see if she is fine, tara comes there and says what never happened will not happen even now, tara comes and serves food to mother, mother says only lucky one get DIL like you, I hope both remain a couple like this, tara looks at mj, he smiles. tara recalls how they used to have food in shikhawat villa, mannat comes and brings chocolate cake as mother like it, they all enjoy it, tara recalls her mother and her moments with her, she is in tears and starts leaving from there, mj ask what happened, tara says I saw this family here and recalled my family where I had my mother, sister and my husband but today is no one with me.tara says I am very far from you mj even when you are here, she goes from there, mj thinks.

Scene 3

at night, tara recalls how she used to have fun with her mother, nandu and mj, she is in tears, someone knocks on her door, she sees its pari and ask what are you doing here at night? pari says that I listened some noise on roof, I think there is some thief, tara ask where is balli? pari says he is sleeping and wont wake up, tara says ok, I will see thief, I can manage alone, go and tell this to your balli, pari goes from there, tara goes on roof to see the thief. tara ask who is here, come out and I will beat you, she sees some shadow and is about to hit him but man shows her cake and its mj, he is clean shaven and removed his moustache, tara says mj, what you did with your face? mj says its your bday gift, you accepted my thing so I accepted your wish, he ask tara to not be emotional and cut the cake, he brings her to table, tara sees flower on table and sees whole area decorated, she says you did that? mj says no you did that as if you wish for something genuinely then it becomes yours, he ask her to make a wish, tara says my wish is already fulfilled by my mj, tara cuts the cake, mj sings bday song, tara looks at him, mj wishes her, tara extend her hand and make mj have the cake, tara recalls her earlier moments with mj, she ask will not not make me eat the cake, mj cuts the cake and makes her eat it, tara puts cake on mj’s face, she says you can also do that as I am bday girl, she holds his hand and makes him apply cake on her face, she recalls how she kissed him earlier. it starts raining, mj and tara are looking at each other, they are lost and drenched in rain, tara recalls how it rained in stable and she hugged mj, mj touches tara’s face, he cups her face, tara closes her eyes, mj too closes his eyes and is about to kiss her but stops and moves back, laado is tensed looking at all this.

PRECAP- laado is in kalawati dress, she looks at mj tara pic and says that I killed one of them(tara) and made other my servant(mj) but now is alive and other is not following my order so I have to become kala, she burns the photo and says kala will ruin her enemies.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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