Beintehaa 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 18th April 2014 Written Update

Zain rescues Barkath from Meer Khan’s angst. Barkath gets happy seeing her brother protecting her.

Usman sees Aaliya still awake and praises her for bringing back Barkath. She says it is all Allah’s wish. Usman remembers about her marriage with Zeeshan and she then getting married to Zain. He says it is all Allah’s wish. He prays Allah that every house should get a daughter and daughter-in-law like her, says her goodnight and goes.

Barkath says her bhayu/ZAin that nobody resuced her when Meer removed her from studies and made her work and used to beat her daily for money. Nobody rescued her thinking it is their daily routine, but today he saved and protected her. She thanks Bhayu/Zain. Zain says nobody can hit his sister until he is there. Barkath promises she will not meet Meer Khan again and will start a new life. Zain asks her to forget everything and be happy in her new life. She cries hugging her brother.

Aaliya is still waiting for Zain as it is 11.30 p.m. and went without informing. He tries to call him, but then thinks he will start his kitkit. She thinks she will not wake up when he comes. She hears Zain’s footsteps and acts as sleeping. Zain comes and sees her sleeping. He calls her cheatercock for sleeping without doing kikit with him. He removes blanket from her face and goes to check clothes thinking she will suffocate. Aaliya once again drapes blanket on her face and sleeps. Zain removes the blanket from her face and asks her to remove it from her face, else she will suffocate. Ishq ka jazba… song plays in the background. He sleeps switching on bedlight. Aaliya sees him sleeping and remembers her father removing blanket from her face and saying someone who loves her like her abbu will remove her blanket from her face.

Zain wakes up in the morning and does not find Aaliya. He sees Aaliya’s blanket on him and gets happy. Aaliya comes drying her hair after bath. Zain looks at her romantically. Ishq dua…. song plays in the background. Zain thinks why is mamu ki bhaji looking different. Aaliya think why is he staring her as if he did not see any girl. Aaliya asks her to get ready as today they have Quran recitation ceremony before priest/Imam saheb comes. She gives him kurta and asks him to wear it today. Zain thinks if he it would have been some other girl, he would have told she is looking hot, but why could not he tell her. He asks god what is in store for him.

Quran recitation starts with Imam saheb and others reciting Quran. Surayya and hr family also recite quran. Chandbibi sees Aaliya reciting quran and says Surayya that Aaliya is praying vigorously as her prayer got fulfilled today. Surayya says all of us prayer got fulfilled. Aaliya starts coughing while reciting quran. Zain sees that and brings water for her. Aaliya takes water and thanks him. Surayya sees them and gets happy. Imam saheb and everyone prays after Quran recitation. Barkath cries emotionally. Usman asks servant to serve juice to everyone. He says Zain that he is lucky to have a wife like Aaliya. Nafisa gives juice to Barkath, but she says she will take have it later and goes from there. Surayya asks Chandbibi to call Barkath. Chandbibi is shocked to see Barkath puffing beedi.

Precap: Aaliya asks Chandibi why is she tensed. Chandbibi says Barkath was puffing beedi.

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  1. Ppl d real barkath is aliya and now whoes barkat is fake

    1. But how do you know this?

  2. No…aliya cannot be barkath…how can zain marry his own sis….

  3. I guess d real barkath is aayath

  4. this barkath is so cute<3 i hope abdullahs adopt her:p

  5. Zaya u both rock on, on screen. Hw cn they think that barkat is none someone aayat only. If she is barkat then why shabana nd ghulam r hiding the truth.

  6. nice epi and thanks for update

  7. As per the new spoilers, Aaliya and Zain will have misunderstandings in their relationship after Aaliya suspects Barkat to be fake….
    Fingers CROSSED!!!

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