Madhubala 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 18th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Madhu scolding Madhu for cheating her. She says RK is my husband. Its a pure relation, where we have to support each other, we will keep the seven promises. Abhay laughs and says you understood the meaning of marriage, how will you explain him, he does not know marriage and suhaag’s importance. She says maybe he does not know, but I will stand with him in next seven births too. She says maybe he does not know about mangalsutra, but I will protect him. She says maybe he does not know anything about sindoor, but I will fill his life with colors. Gopi smiles. She says if I had to take rounds, I would have taken separate rounds. She answers Abhay well.

She says I would have stood first in all seven rounds. Madhu supports RK and ties his shoe lace. Madhu asks Mami

how can she do this, she has made Sweety marry Abhay, why. She says Bittu knows about this or not. Mami says he does not have time for us, he went back. She says he worries about you and dida, not us. She says he asked to take care of you, don’t try to get related to us, he is my son in law now, maybe your enemy. She says Bittu worked for your dad, but now you are my daughter’s slave. Sweety says I m not your sister, I m your boss. RK hears this. Mami and Sweety smile. Mami taunts Madhu.

Sweety too taunts Madhu and says she is not a Suhaagan. She laughs on Madhu. Madhu says it will be from today, I will be a suhaagan. Madhu says no one has a right to make fun of my husband. Bittu calls Madhu and she lies to him. She cries and says Mami told me about dr appointment, I m sorry I could not spend time with you. He says I understand your job and your boss’ birthday party. He says Abhay invited me too, tell me sorry to him. He says look for a good job for Sweety too. Madhu cries. He asks are you crying. He thinks about her and asks what is the matter, you are not telling your problem to me. She says I m alone here so I feel lonely.

Bittu says Dida is praying for your marriage. I told her that you will be married soon and not to worry. Madhu cries. He says you will get a good guy one day and you will go in rich house. He ends the call. RK asks her about Abhay’s marriage. He asks whats marriage. She looks at him.

She tells him he will never leave him and smiles. Ananya asks Abhay why did he marry Sweety. She says why are you taking revenge with yourself. Pam says he did not tell us anything, come on Abhay, we are family. Abhay says oh really, and throws some papers. He says do you know the meaning of family, I would have known about the will if we were family, you have interest in property not relations. He says if I did not marry, Pam and Nikhil would have got the property and for that you brought Tamanna.
Abhay asks Ananya why did she not tell him about mum and Nikhil. Ananya is silent. Abhay says you also need property right. He asks Pam to tell him why she did this, he would have given her the property if she asked for, but she has cheated him and put a question on their relation, so they lost every right now. He says I should kick you all from this house, but I will not ask you to leave as you are my dad’s wife. He says Ananya I have always been your brother. He taunts Nikhil and says stay with Ananya. He says if you want to stay here, be nice. RK asks Madhu why did she leave him at school. He says I have looked out for you a lot, I cried and it was all dark on the road, I was scared, then I went to temple and I prayed to Kanha, someone dropped me here. She says I m sorry, I will not leave you alone again. She promises him. He promises that he will not trouble her. RK hugs her. Madhu smiles.

RK fills sindoor in Madhu’s maang and puts the mangalsutra. Madhu smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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  1. Characters name should be proper and mistakes r more in it

  2. Ameena thanks for posting daily updates. When will RK bedome normal? AK is so creepy, if madu is 20 yrs old then how old is sweety? Psycho AK !!

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