Beintehaa 15th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain, Ghulam, Rizwan and Ghulam’s whole family break fast/iftari. Zain starts eating looking at Aaliya. He says he did not know till now that iftari happens like this where people serve iftar to each other’s house. Rizwan says maybe that is the reason Aaliya bhabhi and Aayath came in our lives. Shabana looks sad, Ghulam signals her to cheer up. Aaliya gets her paralytic uncle’s call who informs that his doctor is in mumbai and gives his address. Aaliya notes down address and thinks she knows this adress.

Zain searches Aaliya. He asks Ghulam if he knows where is Aaliya. Ghulam says he knows and says she is in your heart. He sees Aaliya on a swinger and sits with her. She smiles seeing him.
says he searched her in whole house. She says she came up to look at Bhopal’s moon. They both look at moon then. Zain says it really beautiful, he did not look at it in Mumbai any time. Aaliya syas it has to cross all the barriers and buildings in Mumbai to get its place. Zain says he was looking for his moon and says she should not think anytime that their romance is over now. Aaliya reminisces their fighting incident and tries to open up her mouth, but Zain stops her and asks her not to tell it even in dreams. She apologizes. They both hug romantically.

Zain and Aaliya reach Barkath Villa back. Aaliya asks if maami will allow Aayath and Rizwan’s engagement here. Zain says she should not underestimate her husband. Surayya hears their conversation standing at the door, comes and says she was thinking of Rizwan and Aayath’s engagement here. Zain gets happy and goes out to inform phupa/phupi. Aaliya tries to hug Surayya happily, but she avoids her and angrily walks out.

Aaliya reaches Rehan’s house and says she came to a wrong address searching for a unani doctor. Rehan says she has come to the right place, he is his abbu and asks her to come in. His children get happy seeing Aaliya. Doctor comes down dancing on a song Tu ne maari entriyaan.. song.

He looks at Aaliya and says he does not need assistant. Rehan says she is not his assistant. Doc starts enjoying music back. Kids remove earphone from his ears and ask him to listen. He asks who is this girl. Rehan says she is Barkath group’s Usman Abdullah’s daughter-in-law and has come here as Usman has got paralysis now. Doc says he sees only poor people. Rehan insists him to check up once as he believes Zain as his brother. Doc agrees and says he will travel in auto and does not like unnecessary talk. Aaliya agrees and takes him with her.

Surayya calls a specialist from Spain who checks Usman and says he will be alright, miracle do happen, to keep faith in god. Just then Aaliya comes with unani doctor and introduces him Surayya and family. Surayya gets annoyed and scolds Aaliya for brining hakeem/unani doctor to treat Usman. Doc says only unani medicine can cure Usman. Surayya asks him to get out of her house.

and says she cannot allow this cheap doctor to experiment on her husband. Doctor tries to go out, but Aaliya stops him for mamu’s sake. Spain doctor says Surayya he does not like interference in his treatment and goes from there. Nafisa thinks this is the right time to call Shabana and make her listen Surayya scolding Aaliya. She calls Shabana and let her hear Surayya scolding Aaliya. She says Aaliya brought unani doc and Surayya is scolding her in front of everyone. Aaliya says this doc treated her uncle in Bhopal. Surayya shouts she does not allow even her servants to be treated with this doc and says the money which I spent to call Spain doc, this doc must not have earned in his life. She asks Zain if he wants his dad to be treated with hakeem/unani doc. Zain says mom is right, she will decide who will treat dad. Shabana silently hears that on phone. Nafisa says she told her already, Surayya’s sons are under her control. Unani doc goes from there being insulted.

Precap: Zain asks Aaliya why did not she inform him about Unani doc before. Badi phuphi informs Ghulam that Surayya was mastermind behind Zubair’s plan.

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