Beintehaa 13th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 13th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aaliya sees Barkath brainwashing Nafisa and telling her that she will divide her property share between Nafisa and Shaziya. Barkath asks Nafisa not to leave the house and goes. Nafisa thinks Barkath is stupid to give 25% of property share to her. Barkath thinks she will teach them lesson once the “will” gets executed.

Aaliya asks Barkath why did she tell Nafisa that she will give her property share to Shaziya and Nafisa after will is excuted and asks if she is trying to stop the partition or trying to do it. Barkath asks why will she do that. Aaliya says with will execution, property division will not stop and asks her to understand what she is trying. Barkath sees Zain coming there and starts acting. She says she stopped Shaziya and Nafisa from leaving the house. She goes and hugs Zain and says Aaliya is alleging that she is trying to divide the house and runs crying. Zain gets angry on Aaliya and goes from there.

Barkath sees Zain coming to her room and starts acting by trying to cut her wrist with a blade. Zain sees that and runs stop her. He snatches blade from her and throws it. Barkath hugs her and says people are alleging me that she is trying to divide the house and once she dies, they will realize their mistake. Zain asks who alleged her. Barkath says Aaliya alleged her and says if Aaliya is thinking that, then whole house will agree to her, even he. Zain says he does not think like that and asks her not to take Aaliya’s words seriously. Zain sees Aaliya standing near the door and drags her from there. Barkath sees that and smirks.

Zain scolds Aaliya and says Barkath was trying to cut her wrist because of her. Aaliya asks him sorry. Zain says Barkath is very sensitive and she is very tensed regarding Shaziya and Nafisa trying to leave the house. He asks her to say sorry to her sister and goes from there.

Aaliya asks sorry to Barkath and says she did not mean to hurt her. Barkath says it is ok and hugs her. She thinks Aaliya will be ashamed if she comes in between her way. Aaliya thinks she apologized her, but she saw what Zain did not see. She then remembers Barkath acting like cutting her wrist. She thinks Barkath truly wanted to cut her wrist, then she is sorry for that.

Surayya sees Barkath preparing food in kitchen and gets happy. Barkath thinks Aaliya should remember that people prioritize their daughter than their daughter-in-law, especially if daughter has come back after so many years. She starts crying and says Surayya that she is not trying to divide her house. Surayya gives her promise and asks her to tell her who said that. Barkath takes Aaliya’s name. Surayya is shocked to hear Aaliya’s name and says she must have mistaken. Barkath says even she did not believe when Aaliya said that and clarified with Aaliya, but Aaliya is repeating her words. She starts crying vigorously and asks Surayya not to ask Aaliya about this. She runs from there and smirks.

Fahad tells story to his children and tells about the character who gets poor. Children says it is like we have become poor and Barkath will throw us out of the house soon. Fahad asks who said them this. They say mom said. Fahad says mom is wrong, we all will stay her happily.

Aaliya brings tea for Surayya. Surayya sees her and goes from there angrily. Aaliya thinks she must have been angry about the property division.

Precap: Zain asks sorry to Aaliya for his misbehaviour.

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  1. Where da next episode

  2. this thing is getting more worse than bull shit… i just hate seeing her face (barkat’s) wishing that aalia just gets the truth out before the partition… and how come none other the family members see this thing???
    this was supposed to b the story of zain and aalia what the helll whole family becomes involved everywhere in the story

  3. Yeh kya ho rahi hai??! Y is BakBak doing dis, lyk y create a rift between da daughter in law nd mother in law just 4 da property? Nd btw I think Zain finds out or something nd dat cud be also y he apologized. .. 🙁

  4. Not even a acturate precap guys!

    What actually happens…..
    Zain and aliya are next to each other. Zain says sorry, aliya moves away and zain says sorry again she gets up and moves away but he grabs her and pushes her towards him then he gets the clip fron her hair and takes it out aliya puts hands ontop of his hands to get the clip off, he wont give it they both fall on the bed. Aliya is on top of zain they have a romatic eye lock ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ahhhhh

  5. even i do it sugar …bt pls hv patience cos seeing u i 2 m loosing mines

  6. Inooo i hate barkat

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