Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 60 # The ultimate revelation

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Let’s start

Scene 1

Riddhima’s pov

Opening the diary again with my trembling hands i just prayed in my mind that whatever the result won’t break me again .

My poor heart wants to believe that my vanshu is right and I don’t want my poor heart to break again..

I started reading again with some courage

Chap 3 : The worst mistake of my life

2 years passed.. now my paru is 6 years old and i am 13..

My maa says i became mature early and the reason is my angel..

I never let any wish of her unfulfilled..

Whatever she wants i just keep that thing in her feet..even before her saying

Now my paru became more beautiful and chubby..

The life was going smoothly until that dreadful day came..

I was cooking meethi bhaat in kitchen untill i heard some loud noises as if someone is firing..

“Paru” i whispered thinking about my angel ..she must be scared hearing this noises na..

I ran towards the garden holding my breath ..

But the sight made my heart popped out from its ribcage..

“Maaaaaaaa” i shouted as soon as i saw maa lying on the ground in her own pool of blood with my angel sitting beside her crying..

My heart cracked seeing her tears but my gaze fell on the gun in her hand..

I wasn’t a mature man to understand everything..even i was a kid..

I blamed her..i blamed my paru for killing my maa…

How cruel i was on that innocent soul..she didn’t even know what that gun was in actual..

She just picked that gun thinking we can scare anyone by this..

I hated her badly for killing my maa which she didn’t actually..

I was angry..hell angry and mad at her ..

I didn’t even bother to listen her side..but that bastard thakraal turned the table upside down..

” Ansh..beta i am a police officer ..i witnessed the your mom’s murder done by that little girl” thakral said to me after mom’s funeral

“Why she killed my maa loved her so much..even i love her so much” i cried hugging him..

“Shhh!! Don’t cry beta..she is so small to understand this..but i am a police officer and it’s my duty to punish her and bring her on right track.. i have to take her with me” he said patting my back

Just a mere thought of my angel going away from me broke me from inside..

But the anger overpowered me..

” You will take her..?? But she can’t stay without me ” i retorted

” She is kid ..if we won’t  punish her this time..she will become more voilent in future ..may be she will become a criminal..

And i know you don’t want her to become a criminal.. hena..

Just give me your permission and i will bring her on right path..i will take her with me ” he said convincing me completely..

Although i didn’t want her to go but the pain of my maa’s death was killing me from inside..

I said in anger in front her that i gave the permission to take her..

But i didn’t know that the thakral had trapped me in a web..

He took my pari with him..and said to her that i sold her..

How can i sold a part of me..😭

I got to know after few months that thakraal is a mafia and he tricked me..

I got to know about his sins later..

I badly wanted to bring my pari back..she was innocent and i just let her go..

But fighting with a mafia is a impossible task for a 13 year old boy..

But i took the oath that i will bring my pari back any how

I left my dream of becoming a successful chef like my father and joined the Mafia business..

I changed my identity from Ansh to that bastard won’t be able to recognise his death..

I became the VR ..the god mafia just for my angel  but still that bastard was not letting me to know about my pari..

He kept her underground ..but i got to know that he was about to sell her to some dubai mafia and i brought her ..

That bastard didn’t able to recognise me and sold my pari to me.. although i didn’t saw her ever  ..

But my pari was so strong..she ran away from his clutches..and i am still searching for her..

Plz pari ke bappa .. Forgive me if u can..i know i was wrong but i never hurted her knowingly


Chap 4 : Got the angel of my life again..

Riddhima…the love of my life..

Just by listening her name whole body starts feeling goosebumps..

I never thought i would be able to love anyone after my angel..

But i dont know what made me fall for her..

Even if i love her i never forget about my pari..i am finding her till now but their is no picture of her..

Riddhima is my jaan..i can’t think about living without her..

But one day she left me..all alone on our date night .

I was hell mad on her for leaving me.. but i didn’t want to repeat my previous mistake again of being oblivious about the truth..

She left a letter for me..i was heart broken after reading that but the thing that caught my attention was her locket…

I was flabbergasted and happy after seeing was the same locket which maa gifted to me and her…half part was with me and half was with her..

Means..she ..she is my angel..i couldn’t believe that my angel was in front of me..

But how dumb i was not recognising her..

I ordered angre and he somehow collected the info about thakraal’s daughter..and that pic matched with my riddhu..

Riddhu is my paru…

But i knew if i will tell her directly that i am ansh..she will never believe i decided to hide my identity..

I love u jaan..i love u more than my life..and if earning your forgiveness means giving my life..i will definitely accept my death in return of your apology..


Riddhima’s pov

Thudddd!!!! The diary fell from my hand as i was numb to react…

He is vanshu my ansh is innocent..

I don’t know what should i do.. should i feel happy to know that my heart is right..or should i feel guilty for hurting him so much..

” Bha..bhabhi” angre said shaking me..

” I don’t deserve him angre..he was innocent and i hurted him..” i cried sitting on floor

” Then what u want ha..that he should suffer more staying away from u..

He already suffered so much.
Now plz give him his share of happiness..

I did my it’s your turn to mend your mistake” he said and i wiped my tears and started running towards the mansion

“Bhabhi..where are u going” angre shouted from behind but i was in no mood to stop..

” Going to my ansh” i shouted turning slightly while running…

“I am coming Ansh..your angel is coming”, i murmured and ran as fast as i could..

Pov ends..

Scene 2 (morning)

Vansh’s pov..

I woked up rubbing my eyes lazily suddenly i realised what happened in night..

I ran towards the hall shouting angre’s name..

” Boss..boss..woh..i want to confess something” he said bowing down his head

” Shoot” i said glaring him..

” Boss..i am sorry i gave your personal diary to bhabhi..but I can’t see u both like this..if u want to kill me plz do..” he said and i gasped..

“What the hell.. means u gave my diary to her…😡 How could u angre” i shouted making him flinch..

“ was my idea..plz don’t punish him” Maanyata said defending him..

” Thank your stars that your love is my sister.. otherwise i won’t have minded killing u ” i said glaring angre who was standing lowering his head .

” But boss i am happy that you got bhabhi back..i am so happy that finally everything is fine” he said and i scrunched my brows..

” What!! Have u gone nuts.. What rubbish are u even speaking.. where is riddhima..i didn’t saw her after yesterday’s fight ..” i blurted out instantly

” What…but how is it possible..i myself sended her to you last night..

She was feeling guilty after knowing you are innocent and she ran to u” he said  and my heart stopped for a moment..

” She didn’t come to me” i said in a low voice..

Realisation hitted both of us hard and we both looked at each in shock…

” Shitt!!!” We both shouted and i ran outside the mansion holding my gun ..

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Pheww!! finally truth is out .. hope u all are at peace now…

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