Little things – RiAnsh OS by Tanvi

Hii everyone! Hope you all are doing good. Best Jodi Award is ours!! I can’t believe…I missed Helly. But Rra won most romantic 🤭. 

Not fully mine, not fully someone else. Did changes on something…


Riddhima is seen to tell Vansh about draping a saree.


“And then we make the pletes, and then we out in on our shoulder, and we make more pletes and tuck it, and then done” Riddhima smilies rubbing her hands together.


“Wow. Even I can do that.” Vansh said with a wink.


“Bet?” Riddhima asked happily.


“Done. If I loose, then…I will be at your service next 6hours. And if will (winks)” Vansh said and Riddhima smacked his arms.


“Not now… tomorrow morning. Good night” Riddhima kissed his cheeks moving to the bedroom.


Yes, they lived in a 3bhk flat, just both of them, a happily arranged couple.


Riddhima was standing with a pissed face while Vansh took rounds around her with the saree in his hands.


“No Vansh! Stop! Leave some part for the pletes!” Riddhima guides him, while he did failing miserably.


Vansh bent to make the pletes, and started folding it very…I mean it veryy big.


“Pletes are not these long Vansh! It won’t fit” Riddhima scolded him, of course she was tired of standing for so long.


Vansh opened the pletes again, and there was a huge gap in between. Vansh suddenly chuckled and Riddhima looked at him with a ‘What!?’ expression.


“I think I will fit in this…this gap.” Vansh said and started laughing.


“Vansh I am tired na please say you lost forgive me!” Riddhima mumbled like a small kid.


Vansh sighed, and moved in rounds around Riddhima nothing like told, and tucked it on her waist sitting back on the couch.


“Perfect!” Vansh adored her with a smile.


“Awww really UGLY!!” Riddhima moved to the mirror, she badly wanted to cry at her buddhu husband.


Riddhima changed back to her sweats and was Vansh working on his laptop.


“Get me a coffee sweetheart. You lost the bet.” Vansh said adamantly.


Riddhima had nothing to say. She went blank and went to the kitchen, and came back after 2 minutes.


“Vansh…I can’t find the sci..” Riddhima was cutted by Vansh.


“Right drawer at the top” Vansh said without even looking at her.


Riddhima went back, and found the scissors. She smiled, he knew everything. She extended her hand to the milk packet and…it wasn’t there!


Her eyes roamed whole the house, but there was no trace of the milk packet!






Riddhima’s eyes widened and mouth was in O shape. Vansh was drinking the milk directly from the packet!


“What is that!?” Riddhima asked as he passed a smile.


“You were taking so much time to make coffee. So I drank milk only.” Vansh said like it was nothing.


Riddhima turned around and banged her head slowly onto the wall. The doorbell rang, and there was the delivery boy with all the groceries. She thanked him and took the heavy bag inside.


Walking weirdly with the heavy bag, it slipped from her soft hands and all the stuff ended up on the floor. Vansh immediately looked at Riddhima, who passed him a cheeky smile and bent to collect everything but….


It was all just Maggi!!


(Oh my god I am crying now)


“Vansh I gave you the list what is all this? Maghi of different flavours? Only!?” Riddhima scolded him as he collected all the packets silently.


“It’s not only…I have bought these also..” Vansh said throwing the packet of sanitary napkins towards her.


Riddhima catched it and kept it aside putting the maggi packets at the bag.


“I know that has time but… Chocolates!!” Riddhima squealed taking the bar but Vansh snatched it from her.


“You were on a diet na?” Vansh asked her.


Riddhima looked at him, her pink lips turned into a frowning pout, her twinkling eyes blinking again and again, she sobbed, fakely, Vansh knew.


“Damn your cute face yaar!” Vansh gave her the chocolate bar back and she smiled eating it. Vansh adored her chocolate- smeared face.


Riddhima’s phone rang, and she ran and picked it up, it was her boss calling her back to office urgently.


Getting ready fastly, she left for office not giving a goodbye kiss to Vansh.


Taking a small nap as he couldn’t be here without Riddhima, Vansh felt hungry so he went up to the fridge which had a note stuck on it.


“First wash your face…your cheese Maggi is inside” 


Vansh smiled and opened the fridge, another note fell on his face.


“Leave some for me.. plzzzzzz” 


Vansh smiled, and looked for maggi…in the fridge. He found another note.


“Buddhu Maggi is not kept in the fridge! It’s in the hot pot next to the gas!” 


Vansh slapped his forehead, couldn’t she tell that before?


Taking out maggi in two bowls, he opened his mouth to take a bite, but remembering Riddhima he kept it back, and covered it.


Riddhima barged inside, Vansh was listening to music on his headphones, he hugged her tightly.


“Hungry?” Vansh asked her


“Veryy much” Riddhima said putting her handbag away.


“Come let’s eat…cheese Maggi” 


Riddhima stopped, did he just didn’t eat because she was hungry? Her heart melted more for him more…she smiled and went to him, and they both ate in the same bowl, watching TV.


All of a sudden, Vansh left the hall and went to the room reading the newspaper. Riddhima was confused, she followed him.


“Vansh what happened?” Riddhima asked her.


Vansh didn’t respond, his face was telling he is angry.


“Vansh did you find my…” 


“Yes.. don’t fake your love just because we were arrangely married Riddhima!” Vansh was angry, and upset too.


“Vansh I have been looking for it for past how many days!” Riddhima tried to explain him.


“It was in my cupboard…you were hiding it from me!” Vansh said angrily.


(Vansh…kya hoga tumhara..agar nhi samjhe toh read again)


“Vansh…if I had to hide it…why will I keep it in your cupboard?” Riddhima asked him.


“Yeah because…..(realises) Oh… Riddhima” Vansh slapped himself mentally for creating blunder on nothing.


“And you were fighting with me … really? Now let’s see how will you pacify me…” Riddhima said and moved out of the room..


“It was just a piece of waste I wanted to throw away! I wrote it before our marriage naa” 


Maybe the end?

First of all sorry for being soo lost. My school schedule has become so tight. I go to school daily and there is 100% of the strength coming.

Teachers want copies, we want studies, and hence…you know.


But but but! Now I wrote this toh obviously I will write next part…but.. *mischievous*

And don’t be gussa as I haven’t written the next part, let’s see when god permits.


Tanvi 💫



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