Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 57 # Numb

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

Finally your kaam wali bai is back.. Because yesterday i became kaam wali bai as mumma was not at home😩..

Honestly i thought to write this chappy long but i was tired..and now i just wanted to post ASAP ..

It is quite short ..plz adjust..

Let’s start

Scene 1..

Riddhima’s pov

“Vansh..leave me..u moron..chhodo mujhe” i shouted wriggling on his shoulder..

After entering into the mansion he picked me on his shoulder Forcefully

“Shut up or i have my own ways” he shouted making me quite..

“You Mr.haiwan raisinghania..i am not gonna fall into ur trap this time” i said and zipped my mouth..

“Ziddima” he muttered and locked the room from inside throwing me on bed..

“Leave me..” i shouted and he hovered upon me on bed keeping his on leg beside my shoulder..

If looks could all would have been enjoying my teervi till now..

“Vansh…” I murmured with hot tears flowing from my swollen eyes..

“Sit” he said making me sit on bed slightly..

Silence…2 minutes of silence prevailed in the room..

Holding my hands in his..he came close to me piercing my soul with his intense gaze

“Pari…” He said in timid voice..

And here is the worst mistake by my not so dear anshu..

All the past memories flashed in my mind and i lost my temper

Anger rushed through my veins and i pushed him hard..

“I am not name is riddhima..”i shouted making him flinch..

Well done riddhu…!!you just pushed the god mafia who is unfortunately your husband..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

“You are my pari sweetheart” i said softly but this jungle billi is ready to pounce on me..

“You killed that Pari many years ago with your own deeds” She shouted and i nodden in no like a kid ..

“Let me go..i am not gonna live with u anymore” she shouted and i  lost my bacha kucha sabar..

“You are my wife damn it”…i shouted holding her shoulders..

“The marriage didn’t happen Mr.singhania..” she shouted and i smriked..

“C’mon i look this much dumb to u..

I knew it..if u would get to know about my real identity you will definitely try to run..

So i caged u with me for eternity.. I don’t care if u believe in that paper pen wali shadi or not but the truth is you are my wife in front of better keep this thing straight in your head and i if i will need to cage u here I won’t hesitate for a second to do that..” i shouted like a devil with blood shot eyes..

Why she keeps pressing my wrong nerve damn it..

Just a mere thought of her leaving me arouses the devil inside me..

I don’t want to show my Beastly side to her but she is the one who forces me everytime

Numb!! She stayed numb for next few moments..

“I thought u love me..but no..u wanted to destroy me again right” she said weeping her tears..

” I love u jaan” i said trying to touch her but she again jerked me..

“How amazing you are..first you sold to me  when u wanted and then brought me again when u wanted..

Do i look like a commodity to u..or simply u wanted a sl*t to warm your bed right” she shouted and i rose my hand to slap her..

She closed her eyes in anticipation and my hand froze in air..

sl*t!! Like seriously..she is my love not any sl*t..

“Love..listen to have a misunderstanding” i tried to make her understand but she was hell bent on making me more angry..

“Why did u stop..slap na..slap me..vent out your anger and frustration on me.. afterall this is for what u brought me here..

And talking about listening u..did u listen to me that time when i was begging in front of you..” she shouted and a lone tear escaped from my eye thinking about her pleading face in childhood..

“Riddhu..jaan.. listen” i again said but only for pushed by her again..

Nobody on this earth have that guts to push VR but she is not nobody..she is my queen..

“You know vansh.. everytime i tried to understand you..u came up with another deception.

You always say na u suffered so much..but do u know how much i suffered..

You let me that time rot in hell..but do u know what happened after u left me..

How i felt when my own step brother and father tried to molest me” she said and my hands automatically turned into a fist..

You will pay thakral for playing with my doll’s dignity..

“Jaan.. listen na” i said and she shouted showing her palm🤚

“No more words..i swear a single word more from your mouth and i will be dead here only.” She said and i stayed mum like a kid bowing down my head..

“You wonder na why nobody loves u know why..i will tell u.. because you don’t deserve to be loved vansh..

You only know how to play with someone’s only do what u want ..but what about others..have u ever thought about others..

If u want to love by someone.. first learn to love someone..

Uma maasi also left u because you deserve to be alone” she said and left the room crying..

I rooted at my place with no strength in me to stop my Colleen ..

Her words kept echoing in my ears..

I don’t deserve i that bad..i kept murmuring this words cluthching my maa’s photo lying on bed..

I didn’t realise when i started crying like a kid..

Is it true maa..u left me because I don’t deserve anyone’s love..

Am i selfish maa..say na maa..why u left your ansh in this cruel world..

See na riddhu my pari is hating me..she hates me i that bad..😭..

Plz take me with u..i don’t want to live here more.. I can’t stay alive seeing my love hating me..

“Mummmaaaaa” i cried keeping her photo close to my heart..

Pov ends..

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all are liking the plot

Ps : few more revelation is on the way..

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