Miss topper and mr handsome #Riansh (immj2) OS

Before reading I want to tell that don’t take things from bottom of your heart because you all also know it is bittertruth of society that I am going tell in the Story……so just enjoy and give your give about the contents…

Vansh Raisinghanai is a famous personality of the college. Every girl behind him. He did not live with his family. he is not good at studies and his family always compared him with kabeer this thing irks him most. In anger, he left the mansion and started living in a small room on rent…..he earning himself and paying few of the college…He is good by nature.

Ridhima: topper of the college but everyone makes fun of her because of her look. They call her chasmis, bahan ji etc.
Everyone come to her when they need her notes and any help in their studies. She is very shy and wallflower….she is so innocent that anyone can take her advantage very easily…..but she started talking because she is humiliated endlessly but always defeated by others because she is not clever like others

Kabeer Raisinghania : brother of vansh. He is jealous of vansh because of his fame. He lives in the mansion with his family. He also studies in the same college in which Riansh are studying.

Sara: she is a free bird and want to live the life way she wants…..she hates all men and wants to bring them on their knees in front of her. She also hates vansh because he is famous in the college and all girls are behind her. Her dream is to bring vansh on her knees in front of her. She is the friend of Ridhima and lives with her in hotel.

Ahana: she is also famous in college and many boys are behind her and she is behind our vanshu….she and Sara are enemies that is why she use to bully Ridhima. She use to make fun of Ridhima in front of the whole class. She and Sara has high competition regarding their beauty and how many boys are behind them

A girl is sitting on knees with a ring and proposing to a boy…she was very happy.

Girl: I love you kabeer…can you give place in your life…

Kabeer: oooh!!! Poor girl what made you that I love you..

Girl: but we always stayed like a couple Nah…

Kabeer: stop your drama Ridhima I don’t love and even I don’t like you…look at yourself you look like an elder sister of mine….and who will make you girlfriend…look at your potato face and your bahanji look…and how can I forget your this chasma which is giving a look of aunt….you don’t have perfect body look at your tummy look like your post-period of three months….

Ridhima is now in tears and was not able to look up as all the students are laughing at her. They started mocking her and started her body-shaming…

Kabeer: look Ridhima I didn’t mean to hurt you but…you were expecting too much…you and I can never be a couple….you helped me in studies and I am thankful for that but for this I can’t make you my girlfriend…..I already like Ahana and I am going to propose her soon….we both are of the same status too.

Ridhima ran from there crying….when she went to the bathroom there girl made her fun and laughed at her…they snatched her spectacles and started playing with it…she was just running from one girl to another for her spectacle….After troubling her for some time they left the bathroom.

Ridhima: why God….why you made this much ugly that everyone is making fun of me and mocking on my look… Kya mera talent koi matter nhi krta mere look k aage….I am a topper of this college but still, everyone use to make fun of me…. Why God why…(crying)

All matters to people is that slim trim body and beautiful face but not talent….and I don’t that charming have…she cried bitterly. I thought kabeer loves me and that is why he was staying with me…I started developing for him but he also left me and made fun of my feeling……

She remembers how he stepped on her rose and laughed at her. Why people can’t accept me as I am….why are they looking at my body instead of my heart….usually people use to say ” Dil ki sundarta jaroori hoti badan ki nhibut why are they not following their words and doing body-shaming….why they call me teacher and aunt whatnot….. when I am also a student like them.
What matters if I am chubby and I have a little fluffy tummy…please send me one who loves me as I am…god please I need him badly…

On the other hand in Director’s office

Director sir : vansh you are again fail…

Vansh: sir I gave my best but the paper was tough…

Sir: then how other students scored good…

Vansh: maybe they cheated in exams and I don’t….

Sir: stop your nonsense vansh….give a little time to your study…you know Ridhima again scored full marks…learn something from her…

Vansh: sir everyone can’t become miss topper…..

Sir: if you will fail this time then you will be out of college.

Vansh: but…

Sir: no ifs and buts…this time you have to score so that you can stay in college otherwise be ready to leave this college…and look at your brother kabeer who is good in studies…then why can’t you…

Vansh: because I am not kabeer sir…and don’t compare me with him…

Sir: beta this is your father’s college and how will he feel when his son will be out of the college ….

Vansh: please stop dragging personal matters between professionals….

Sir: but beta you have to score this time.

Vansh: sir will give my 100% to study…rest is in God’s hands.

Sir: everything is in your hand…just give your 100% to your work then see the magic beta.

Vansh: thank you, sir…I will not disappoint you.
This is the time of lunch so everyone was in the canteen. Ridhima was sitting alone with dull and sad face. She was thinking about kabeer and his behaviour suddenly someone came to her table and sat opposite of her.

Ridhima: want notes or any help in studies so say directly….

Person frowned at her question and said ” yes miss topper”

Ridhima: tell me!!!

Person: can you teach me for exams and make my notes so that I can pass in the exams.

Ridhima: listen vansh I also have exams then I can teach a topic and two…..but how can I for exams.

Vansh: please!!!

Ridhima: vansh do you even know what are you saying….if I will give time to your study then what about my study…

Vansh: you are already a topper and it will not be difficult for you…if I will fail this time then I will be out of this college….

Ridhima: vansh I am already upset…please don’t disturb me more…
Saying this she left the canteen….and vansh was following her…she moved to the library and vansh is walking behind her like a lovesick puppy.

Ridhima: what is this vansh….can’t you see others are getting disturbed because of you.

Vansh: Ridhima, please….I will be out of this college…please show some mercy on me.

Ridhima was checking books in the self and he was opposite to her and talking to her with the help of gaps between the books….that she was picking.

Vansh: in return, I will help you…

Ridhima: how will you going to help me…

Vansh: I will make you my girlfriend then no one…means no one will bully you…

Ridhima: having a relationship is not any joke….and by saying this you are mocking on my situation…

Vansh: you are getting me wrong….I am ready to help you because I am in need of your help….and what is wrong with this…

Ridhima: wrong….tell me what is right….

Vansh: our relation will be give and take relation….you are helping me in my weakness and I am in yours…so everything is right.

Ridhima: tell me what will happen after the exams…..what will I reply to people that you made me your girlfriend because I was helping you….and after some other boys will come with the same proposal then….

Vansh was silent now…Ridhima answered, ” then I will be proved characterless…..and everyone will get a chance to mock on me and make fun of me again…”

Vansh: Ridhima I didn’t mean that to go….Ridhima I really need your help….if you can’t then it’s okay…..

Ridhima looked at his sad face and said ” okay but you will not disturb me and if I feel that it is affecting my studies then I will draw back my hands from helping you….”

Vansh with a bright smile ” okay miss topper…..thank you very much,”

Ridhima smiled to him…..” Now no will going to disturb you….it’s my responsibility”

Ridhima: no need of it Mr Raisinghania.

Riansh were talking and she was suggesting him book…..at time Ahana came there and saw vansh with Ridhu….a pang of jealousy ran in her…she came to them with long steps….

Ahana: vansh what are you doing with this (making face to Ridhu) Bahan Ji…

Vansh with anger: mind your tongue, Annabella….

Ahana with anger: vansh my name is Ahana not Annabella…I look like a ghost to you…

Vansh: even ghosts are better than you and you are making on my sweetheart……

Everyone looked at vansh like they had seen a ghost instead of vansh….even Ridhima was shocked at his announcement as she thought he was just buttering for notes

Ahana shouted “what???”

Vansh: what…what??? Stop shouting others are getting disturbed…..Tumko to pad a likna hota nhi hai dusaro ko bhi disturb kr rhi hu….

Ridhima was feeling different because for the first time someone was taking her side that too openly…” Vansh what have you seen in this chasmish ” mocked ahana

Vansh angrily said ” shut up you chalta firta make up ki dukan….how will you come to know about natural beauty….she is not plastering her face like you… “

Vansh placed his hand on Ridhima’s waist and said ” come sweetheart….she is disturbing us….we need to go”
As vansh placed his hand on her waist….A bunch of butterflies started fluttering in her stomach and her breath got hitched. She looked at vansh’s face with some mixed emotions and moved with him.

When they came out vansh removed his hand from her waist and apologised to her…she just nodded because she was still in shock because of the last incident and she is already a shy type girl who shivered with a mere touch of man……here vansh is claiming her as his girlfriend and touching her waist and this was out of the box for her….she was unable to digest things because this was something new to her.

Everyone mocked her look and made fun of her….this was the first time someone defended her and gave mouth breaking reply to slime trim girl for her…..she ran to the bathroom and she was unable to react to the situation as she was feeling something but she doesn’t know what….

In the bathroom, she washed her face two-three times and calmed herself…..she was even feeling shy to face vansh…..she was getting of flashbacks of library scene where he was calling her sweetheart and placing hand on her waist…..and….and pulling her to himself….Ridhima closed her eyes and rested her head on the wall.
From Next day In college only, Ridhima started teaching him……he was also giving his 100% in the studies…..after some days they become friends and exchanged phone number too.

One day vansh and Ridhima was sitting in the library. Ridhima was teaching him. He was looking at her face.

Vansh in mind : what is she saying….why I am not able to concentrate on things that she is telling….why I am not able to listen to what she is saying….look like she is just moving her lips…..ooooo….oooo… her rosy lips are tempting me….shut up what are you thing of her…she is not like other who will like this if you will taste her lips…she is helping you and you are doing nonsense…..but what I can do….they so pink and soft and urging me to nibble them and….vansh!! Control (closed his eyes to avoid his dirty thoughts)

He scolded himself and focused on what she was saying and again he started looking at her as a band of hairs is disturbing his view….he moved his hand to her and adjusted her hair behind the ear.she looked at him with “what” look…..he murmured “sorry!!”
He started looking at the notes and she again started writing and telling him what she is writing….he was secretly taking glances at her face.

Vansh in mind: how beautiful her eyes are but why she is hiding them behind the spectacles…..and her these chubby cheeks…..I want to bit them and make them red…..she looks more beautiful when she blush…..haaayyyy….haayyy her ” Ragulle jaise gaal…khane ka maan kr rha….I know she will eat me raw if she comes to know about my thoughts….he chuckled at himself…

Ridhima to vansh: samajh me aaya?

Vansh came to his senses and answered with a panic voice : kya?

Ridhima with irritated face: what is this vansh….I am giving my precious time and you are not just sitting and dreaming…..

Vansh: Ridhima I am not talented like you….so please teach me slowly slowly.

Ridhima: vansh or kitna slow…even you are not nursery class child…okay ek baar hi batungi fir se…. achhe se padna….

Vansh: Ridhima I am bored now…can we take a break…

Ridhima: vansh thori drr pahle to start kiya tha padna….

Vansh: please!!!!! Tum padai kro….mai thora recharge hoke aata….

Ridhima looked around her and found Ahana and Kabeer. She got the flashback of how Kabeer humiliated her in front of many people and made fun of her feelings. Her eyes filled with tears. Vansh was about to go but when he saw her teary eyes he stopped and followed her eyes then he found the most annoying person of his life.

He again settled and placed his hand on her…..she looked at him and they shared a beautiful eye lock where Ridhima eyes were crying and vansh’s eyes giving assurance that he is with her now….she need not worry…he will help her and fight for her….but being dumb her eyes are unable to understand him but sinking in his ocean.

Someone’s cell phone ranged and their eye contact get broken. Ridhima looked down and wiped her tears and vansh looked here and there to avoid the awkwardness. After some time vansh said ” Ridhima Rona galat nhi par galat insan k liye rona galat hai…..I am not saying because I hate him but seriously he don’t deserve you and your love….so don’t waste your precious tears for him….”

Ridhima just gave him a sad smile. He continued “Ridhima you are mature and responsible girl with golden heart….but itna achha bhi galat hai…ki koi bhi aake tmhe use krle or baad me tumhe hi chaar baatein suna de….or tum bas roo….make your self little bold and clever because this world needs this type of person only….life is a game and its upon that you want to become a player or toy ( that anyone can come and play with you then throw).….sometime changes are good so change yourself little.”

Ridhima: all these things are easy to say but hard to apply in life….what are you thinking I never tried to change myself….I tried then again people laughed at me…

Riansh were silent for some time and vansh asked breaking the silence ” what have seen in that kabeer that you developed feeling for him…..I mean aisa kya dekha tumne jo tumhe usase pyaar hogaya…..kuch bhi to nhi hai sibaye manipulation talent….” Ridhu smiled sadly remembering the things that mad her develop feelings for him.

Ridhima: you are with me so that you can pass your exams so we should focus on that…..I think you should not waste your precious time on my matter….Let’s study…

Vansh made an irritating face on the name of study….
Vansh: can’t you think of other things except for study….

Ridhima: vansh!!!

Vansh: boring…..

They started studying and after that, they attended the lectures and then left for home.

In night Ridhima was studying….when her phone rang. She looked at the called ID and sighed in disbelieve.

Ridhima: haa bolo vansh!!!

Vansh: are you studying?

Ridhima: hmmm…you tell me what happened.

Vansh: I was getting bored….

Ridhima: am I looking any entertainment package….

Vansh: no!!! Sweetheart…will you join for night walk…..

Ridhima: on phone call….you stay so far from our hotel….

Vansh: don’t worry about that…you just come out from your hostel…..I am waiting on the road for you…

Ridhima with sock ” what???”

Vansh: don’t shout otherwise your warden will awake and we have to cancel our walk…

Ridhima secretly come out from the hostel and vansh looked at Ridhima who was now without spectacles and he was lost in her beauty. She was looking angel who came from heaven. She was simply wearing salwar suit and duppta on her head like adult but today it was giving charm to her beauty….don’t know why people call her aunt or bahanji….because is like a sweet kid. Her face was shining or should I say glowing.

Ridhima: because of you vansh I broke the rules of the hostel and sneaked out….This is my first time.

Vansh ignoring her complaint said, ” you are looking breathtaking in this atire….or should I say without spectacles.”

Ridhima felt like her cheeks burning and a sweet smile came on her face….she looked down in shyness. Vansh said “Ridhima I thought you don’t do makeup….why you applied at the night…we are not going on date”

Ridhima again blushed to hear the word ” date” then she said ” vansh why are you so much flirty….can’t you talk normally….It’s my natural look if don’t do makeup in day time them why will I do at night….(showing her glasses ) when I was climbing from the gate they fell on the ground so in hurry I just holded in my hands  “

Vansh: oooohk!!! sweetheart don’t act like that you don’t enjoy it.
He winked at her with a smile.

Ridhima: shut up vansh.
She pushing his shoulder.

In these days both came close to each other and vansh never skipped a chance to make her blush…. Because of vansh Ridhima started enjoying her life and started laughing genuinely. They walked for an hour and then returned to their respective home.

When she came hostel with a broad smile. Closing the door taking her hands near her chin she smiled broadly and closed her eyes to remember the things.

Sara looked at her with an astonished face and said ” Ridhima from are you started hanging out at night and most important with whom”
Ridhima very well knew her jealousy for vansh. Somehow Ridhima developed a soft corner for her newly made friend or should I say boyfriend (for others)….so she hid the fact that she was out with vansh.

Ridhima: wo I was feeling suffocated so I went out to take fresh air….

Sara: okay!!! You know Ridhu…..all boys are made on me even that kabbuter too tried on me…..but that angry Raisinghania is still left.

Ridhima with confuse face ” angry Raisinghania…”

Sara: Arrre Vansh!!!

Ridhima looked at her with an irritating face and said with little jealousy ” why are you behind him….what did he done wronge with you…haa”

Sara with shock : and why are you supporting him today….this is not the first time when I said something for him….why are getting so hyper today.

Ridhima: wo…amm..a…just like that.

Sara: no!!! I am noticing that you are changed in these 10 days and even you started getting busy on phone…..and with whom have you started talking for hours.

Ridhima: Sara I have to wake up early in for the studies so I am going to sleep….Good night.

She ran her bad and closing her eyes tightly laid down.
Precap: little more close between Riansh and Ridhima’s jealousy.

Thanks for readings….so how was the content….
Any mistake or thing that I said wrong then tell me…..or any suggestion for the further story….

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