Begusarai 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Phulan says to Mitlaish that i know Rekha is hurrying for marriage of Lakhan and Poonam for greed only, Mitlaish sys you knew everything even then you sent me to say sorry just because i said truth? i can touch her feeet daily if you ask me but this is not right, Phulan says there is difference between politics and family, we should not remain silent in politics and we should sometime remain silent to run family, if one family member is hurt then whole family suffer, Mitlaish says you wanna say that i should silently see bad happening? Phulan ask do you think Lakhan and Bhshan are greedy too? Mitlaish says i am not saying it, Phulan sys so assume that you did this for your uncle Bhushan, trust Lakhan and Bhushan, they wont let anything bad happen to Poonam, otherwise we are there for her, have faith, Mitlaish is not convinced much.
Ghungroo is eating food, he ask bindya to eat too as this is last dinner in Begusarai, Bindya is looking at Mitlaish, Maya playing with her kids. Maya sees her, Bindya closes door of her room, she comes to eat dinner, water falls in er plate, she eats that food only and says this food will make me remember that i dance around people for 5000rs and doesnt spend it too as i have to arrange money for my old age, i live by eating this dirty food, i have no hope in life, my fate is to listen abuses of drunk men, when i entered Begusarai i thought i can live good life too, i can come out of dirty life too, Ghungroo says i saw one dream in Begusarai too that all thakurs are running behind us with guns, Bindya says you always talk rubbish, game is not over till we dont sit in train, maybe something happens, she prays to Maa.

Scene 2
Poonam comes out of room to go to college, she finds Priyom there on his bike, he says see you find me again, Poonam smiles a little, Lakhan comes there in jeep too, Priyom says to Lakhan that you come on time everyday, Lakhan says to Poonam why are you listening to Priyom, come, i will drop you to college, Priyom shows him some jackets, Lakhan says you must have got it in sale, Priyom says they are imported, just imagine how good you will look in them, Lakhan says you will take my life in return of these jackets, Priyom comes to Lakhan and says i have one request, let me drop Poonam to college today, Lakhan says did you fight with her? Priyom sys yes, Lakhan says why you tease her, Priyom says i didnt do anything, she is angry on me without any reason, Lakhan says dont do drama, Priyom ask you want jackets or not? Lakhan says not for jackets, for friendship, i am allowing you, he says to Poonam that Priyom will drop you today, Priyom says i love you Lakhan, Poonam comes down, Lakhan is in his jeep, Priyom is waiting for her on his bike, Poonam doesnt sit on his bike, instead sit in Lakhan’s jeep, Priyom is stunned, Lakhan is surprised too, Poonam looks at Priyom, Priyom says you were not listening yesterday and not seeing me today, Poonam says i will not go with anyone else, Priyom is shocked, Priyom says are you mad, you are going against Lakhan, Lakhan says she is not going against me but going with me, solve your fight later, Poonam glances at Priyom, Lakhan takes Poonam with him, Priyom still cant believe it.

Scene 3
Lakhan and Poonam are on way, Poonam recalls ill words of Bindya, that she flirts with 2 boys, Lakhan says to her that i dont know how to talk about love and all and i am not interested in it but i liked it when you said that you will not go to college with anyone else, some biker comes infront of his jeep, Lakhan uses slangs against him, Poonam is disgusted, Lakhan says we have to say these kind of words, Lakhan says i liked it what you said, he says i never came in your and Priyom’s friendship and will never come, if he is my life then you are too my.. she looks at him, he says i dont like it when you both keep fighting, you both dont talk, i will talk to him, if he doesnt agree then i will slap him but i dont understand what happened? what he did? Poonam says he didnt do anything, Lakhan stops car, he looks at her.
Bindya comes in Haveli, she prays to God that let her live her at any cost and she will give parsad of 11rs, i will stay hungry, but do something that i stay here. Poonam starts crying, Lakhan ask did anyone said anything to you? Poonam is crying, Lakhan shouts to tell, Poonam says that Binday doubted my and Priyom’s friendship, she tells him about bindya’s cheap remarks, Lakhan gets angry.

PRECAP- Lakhan runs the jeep at high speed. He comes in Haveli and drags Bindya with hands in lunge, he says you know Poonam is my would be wife, how dare you say that to her, he slaps her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. bindya deserves tat slap bt she wil create misunderstanding btwn them

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