Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nivedita asking Pam to speak to Neil about their engagement. Pam says Neil is angry on her and blames her for all the mishap, so she will not talk to him and she will have to wait. Nivedita thinks she cannot believe Pam, takes Suhani’s pic and writes something on its back.

Agam shows Nishi’s pic to Suhani and says she is Kareena now and is her old socila networking friend from 5 days, so she will go to Delhi to meet her. Suhani says it is a very good idea. She goes and tells Pam that she wants to go to Delhi to meet her friend, calls Nishi and gives phone to Pam. Nishi tells she stays in Delhi and wants to meet Suhani. Pam says she can come here with her brother or father. Nishi says dad is dead and she does not have father. Pam says cuts call and tells Suhani she will speak to Neil first.

Nivedita goes to hosptial to meet Neil. Aman sees her and asks if she did not meet Neil well at home. Nivedita says it is important and goes to Ragini’s room and keeps pic in a diary. Aman then goes to Ragini’s room and asks what happened to her. She says she is feeling headache. He says he will massage her head and insists. Neil comes there and says Ragini is tensed due to something and asks the reason. She tells what Ranbir was doing with Shilpa and asks Neil to control Ranbir. Neil says new age children cannot be controlled and says she knows even he did not listen to his dad and grandpa. Ragini says her Arav listens to her. Neil thinks even Arav wants to move ahead in life and does not listen to her.

Raj comes to meet Ragini and says he wants to meet Dr. Devika. When she goes out, he sees a pic and sees Suhani Nachiket Khanna written on its back. He keeps it in his picket. Ragini comes back and he asks if she keeps her desk untidy and does not check her items. She says she is hospital admin, so many people keep their things here. He realizes she must not have seen the pic. Devika comes and takes him for examination.

Agam and Suhani walk on the road thinking where to get Kareena’s mom now. A beggar lady pesters them. Agam says he does not have change. She says she has even 500, 1000 rs change. He gets an idea and asks her to become mom. She says her figure will spoil. He says she has to become Kareena’s fake mother. She agrees.

Ragini informs Neil that they will have to got o Nishi’s house as per rituals. He says he remembes their time and says he has kept the shirt he worn and they will go for sure tomorrow.

Suhani gives Pam phone and says Kareena’s mom is on other side. Beggar lady speaks and says she has piles, but she can send her daughter. Pam asks about her husband. Agam signals him to tell husband is dead. Beggar says though her husband is far away, he is with her. Pam says she understands and permits Suhani to go Delhi via evening flight if Neil permits. Suhani gets happy.

Neil brings Raj home. Pam tells Neil that Suhani wants to go to Delhi to meet her friend. Neil says if she is okay, she can send her. Pam says she will not take a decision as he does not trust her. He says she took care of children and he was just materialistic, he is sorry for his misbehavior. Pam gets emotional and hugs him. Neil asks her to keep her tear for her bidayi. Raj jokes that their marriage is being fixed now. Once Pam leaves, Raj shows Suhani’s pic to him. He says she is looking cute. Raj says he found it on Ragini’s desk and asks if he knows the meaning. Neil says someone is trying ot create misunderstanding between him and Ragini.

Precap: Suhani meets Ragini on road and requests her to rescue her from her uncle.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Stupid gone to the dogs sucks

  2. stupid nivedita. suhani has to be super careful with her plans.

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