Begusarai 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Choti Amma is tensed, Badi Amma ask what happened? Choti Amma says Mitlaish was in Bindya’s room, he went back to his room late night, Badi Amma says i found Maya’s mood off too, Choti Amma says its not easy to be Thakurain, we made Bindya live in this house but i am worried if her stay get longer here then.. she is very clever, Badi Amma says she will get burnt if she comes closer to us, Poonam listens this, she finds Maya working, she sadly looks at her, Guddi ask what happened? dont worry, many girls came in Mitlaish’s life, this is normal, Maya should find some other man too, Poonam says what are you saying, Guddi says if Mitlaish can go to other girls then why cant Maya? because of people like, we have different rule for girls and boys, if i was in her place, i would have done it, she leaves, Poonam looks at Maya, Maya ask you have some work? Poonam says where is Priyom? Maya says he is not at home right now.
Phulan is eating, Manjeeta gives him cloth to wipe his hands, Phulan says you are our partner now, this is not your work now, i will shoot you if you do this again, Manjeeta says kill me but dont stop me from serving you, i dont want this 10% partnership, i dont need those money which will make me away from you, i dont need money, i am happy serving you, Phulan says what kind of man are you, saying no to money, he takes cloth from him and says ok i will let you serve me but you will also not say no to my 10% money, Manjeeta agrees.

Scene 2
Poonam is waiting for Priyom, she recalls how Priyom remembered her result, how he listened silently when she was angry, how he pacified when she was miffed with him, how he made Lakhan agree to let Poonam study in college, how she said to him that she want to live like a common girl and how Lakhan said her to live life, she says its already late, why he didnt come till now, she keeps waiting fro him, its late night now, she calls him but he is not picking call, she goes to sleep but then goes to check, she finds his room’s light on and says he returned but cant even see that someone must be waiting to talk to him, she goes to his room, she knocks his door, he opens the door and screams saying ghost ghost, Poonam gets afraid, and shouts, he laughs, she says i was calling you but your phone was switched off too, she says you cant even call me back, you just roam around Bindya, he says you wanna thank me then say it, she says yes, today Lakhan came and said sorry, he says i know, she says you know everything, he says now you will ask me how i made Lakhan understand that you want to go to college, she says do you know magic, i cant understand how you make Lakhan understand, he shows her video in which Poonam is saying that because of me Lakhan had to fight, how she cant live normal life, he says i cant give speech like you so i showed life telecast, she says i am not looking good in video, he says you never look good, she beats him, he says i havent even eaten food, she says i will bring it, she brings food from him, he says its cold, she says die else eat this food only, Priyom eats the food, she smiles, he ask her to not stare him, Poonam says you recorded my talks, i dont even speak infront of Lakhan, what if i had said something against him in video? Priyom says i know you very well, you cant say bad about anyone, Poonam smiles, he says if someone kills you even then you will say its not his fault, Poonam glances at him and is all smile,Poonam says to Priyom that why dont you marry? Priyom looks at her, Priyom says from where did this question come? she says you dont drink water till i dont give it to you but till when i am here, i will go away too after marriage, Priyom says you are not going tooo much far from me, i will come to you to get your scolding and food, Poonam smiles and says i am not joking, you should marry, the one who will marry you will be luck, you understand and respect people, what else girl needs, Priyom says i dont wanna marry, Poonam says you must have felt seeing someone that yes this is the one with whom i can spend whole life, Priyom says thanks for your food, she says tell me did you felt like this ever? did you like anyone? swear on our friendship, Priyom looks at her, he says ok i will tell you but dont ask me about again, he says 4 years back when my marriage was fixed, i started loving that girl, Poonam says then why did you break marriage? did she break it? did she not love you, Priyom says no she started loving me too.. Poonam says this means you flirted with other girl infront of her too? Priyom says i cant stay at one girl, i am not marriage material, what if my wife keep waiting for me at home and me enjoying night with other girl, no i cant live like this, i dont want to give pain to wife, dont wanna break her trust, so let me be like this, Poonam says you are good, atleast you dont do fake promises, he says why dont you prepare for your marriage, Poonam says Lakhan have also agreed for my studies so there is time in our marriage, she is about to leave, he smiles at her, she turns, they share eyelock.

Scene 3
some wedding music is playing, Maya and Chot Amma goes to see. they comes out of house to find Rekha coming marriage band, Choti Amma ask what she doing? Rekha comes to Poonam’s house with shagun. Poonam touches her feet, Rekha hugs her, she says call me Mammiji from now on, Poonam looks on.

PRECAP- Rekha gives shagun to Poonam and says now i want to see my daughter in law in my house, will do marriage in this month only, Priyom listens this and is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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