Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lawyer informing Neil that he will get daadaji’s full property share only if he marries Ragini Patel, else he will get half. Neil gets angry and tells Ragini that she was serving daadiji without any relationship for his property and says he will not marry her. Ragini gets irked and walks out.

Neil as a voice over tells Ragini went out from room and Rupali went out of country. Rupali is in airport with Karan, Dimpy, and Neil. Karan cries. Dimpy asks Rupali to take him with her. Rupali says Karan has to stay with her and says Karan he is lucky to have Dimpy. Neil hugs Rupali and says they will be good friends and he does not want to go. She asks him to stop her by marring her. He says he cannot commit to her. She waves bye to them Karan and Dimpy and leaves.

Neil goes home back. Servant says lawyer has come and is waiting for him since a long time. He asks where is Ragini. Servant says she left home. Lawyer says Daadiji liked Ragini a lot and wanted her to become his bahu, so he made this condition in will. Ragini came to him and transferred all her property share in his name and said even if he is the last boy on earth, she will not marry him.

Neil is in disco with Karan and Dimpy. Karan shows Neil girl and asks him to befriend with her at least for Dimpy as she is sad after Rupali left. Dimpy says she is not. Neil goes to the girl and asks if they can dance. She agrees and they start dancing. Neil images Ragini in the girl. Tose nainaaa jab se mile….song….plays in the background… He continues dancing with her, then realizes she is not Ragini and walks out.

Neil goes to his hospital, sees a girl, thinks she is his secretary and calls sweetheart. Ragini turns back and says he has not changed and tries to walk out. He stops her and says he was searching her. She says she got a better offer than his hospital, so she joined there. He says he is in love with her. Ragini is in operation theater helping surgeon, Neil enters and says Ragini he is in love with her. He kneels, shows ring and asks if she will marry him. They then marry and have children. Ragini sees Neil with Rupali getting into car and gets suspicious.

Neil takes Rupali to restaurant. Rupali says she is surprised he married a girl whom he did even tolerate seeing her face. Neil asks if she married. She says marriage is not in her fate and says she met Ronnie and saw Neil in him, so she had a live-in with him thinking he will marry her, but he denied marrying her after being for some time. He asks her to calm down. She stumbles. He finds she is pregnant and asks why did not she inform him. She says she came here to inform him and says if she had informed her dad, he would have died. She found about her pregnancy when she went for her heart checkup. He says her 70% arteries are blocked and says if she had informed him earlier, he would have done something. He says her delivery will happen first and then he will get her operated next. Ragini calls her. Rupali asks him not to inform Ragini about her. He picks Ragini’s call and says he is in a meeting. Ragini comes there and shocking sees them together.

Ragini tells Karan and Dimpy that Rupali is here and Neil checked her in a hotel. Karan says how can she be here. Ragini says she saw them together in a hotel and says she is not an orthodox, but since Rupali and Neil were in love before, they must have started again. Karan asks her not to doubt Neil. Ragini thinks she will find out the truth herself, goes to hospital and asks nurse if Rupali basu is in hospital. Nurse says Rupali is admitted in maternity ward.

Precap: Neil tells Suhana that she is Rupali’s daughter, Ragini doubted him and he did not have energy to confront her, so he felt better to part ways.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Plz update it fast

  2. Thanks for updating

  3. That should not be done only for these reason they are apart since 15 years.plz suhani mila do neil nd ragini ko

  4. i love this show till now … truly suhani do something as we cant wait to see ragini and neil together again … they are such a sweet and lovely couple … ragini is such adorable … pam and nivedita are just witches.

  5. ooookkkk…i am confused now. how can she be pregnant with Neil for long time….while Neil and Ragini already have 4 kids…how can Suhani be younger than all of the siblings. Rupali is pregnant with her live-in boyfriend not NEIL….

    1. I don’t think Suhani is Neil’s child. Rupali broke up with her live in boyfriend and then finds out she’s pregnant, she has heart problems. I think Neil took Suhani after Rupali died and raised her. Possible Ragini thought she’s Neil child. O this woman, no wonder Pam can rattle her cage so easily.

  6. if suhani is rupalis dauther,,,,,,,
    then she should be elder than
    raginis childrn……….
    as neil had relatnship with rupali
    before their marriage………
    bt here ranbr nd nishi is elder
    than suhani………..
    how can it happn………..

    1. Suhani is rupalis daughter. but not neil’s daughter. Rupali had a boyfriend Ronnie who is Suhanis father. this happened after neil and raginis marriage. then rupali had a heart block then she came to see neil and told him about the pregnancy. just as friends.

  7. if suhani is rupalis dauther,,,,,,,
    then she should be elder than
    raginis childrn……….
    as neil had relatnship with rupali
    before their marriage………
    bt here ranbr nd nishi is elder
    than suhani………..
    how can it happn………..
    So it means suhani is not neils daughter as well……….

  8. Suhani is Rupali and her live in relationship boy friend’s daughter and not Neil. Neil never explained this fact to Ragini.

    1. I don’t think Ragini gave him a chance to explain anything.

  9. neil could make ragini
    understand the fact………….
    Either he didnt try or
    ragini didnt realize………….which
    one had happn then……….
    Will come out in 2morrows epi…..

    Wht track will follow this serial….
    Lets see……….
    [email protected] all differences and
    misunderstandings of ragini
    and neil will sorted out
    in upcoming episodes……..

  10. I am actually likin the episodes

  11. So stupid breaking a marriage for suspicion and that 2 in the world of dna
    kahani banani thee bana dee thats all
    its gud cause the actors r gud and tons of masala is there with witches pam and nivedita what all hindi serials thrive on

  12. WOW I love you neil what a man i wish we all could find a husband like you you are just to wow (loving) beautiful programme love the way you and ragini look at each other.I love this programme

  13. ragini oh can she doubt sp when rupali returned india after so many years..musnt have given neil a chance to explain or he musnt have told her the truth..what friendship is this with rupali that neil put his marriage at loss by hiding abt suhani..nonsense..


    1. Ragini is not much and the lack of this quality has been evident for a while even before Neil came back. She’s very emotionally charged. I stopped watching this at some point as I couldn’t understand a grown couple acting worse than newly married people.

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