Begusarai 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya tries to snatch gun from Mayank but bullet is fired and its Soni by mistake, all are shocked, Soni touches her belly bleeding, all women and Adarsh runs to her, brothers grab Mayank, Amar says you killed your sister Mayank, Mayank says i didnt shoot deliberately, Soni says seems like it is my punishment for hurting my family, Mayank cries and says i did all this for you Soni and for my baby, soni says its good then, i wont be able to live with person who would kill my whole family for wealth, she takes deep breaths, Bothers have grabbed Mayank from neck, Soni is taking last breaths, all are in daze, shakti says we should take her hospital.
Bindya is sitting in room, its dark, Badi Amma comes there and says cowards sit in dark, you are not coward, Bindya says you have come to put salt on my wounds? i have lost, a young girl won over me, my sons left me, today my sons believe that Ananya more than me, she weeps and says my family is broken, Badi Amma says sons are not with you because of not the fact that they dont respect you but now they have started to see whats right or wrong, you should be happy that they have started to take their decisions, Bindya says you are asking me to be happy that my sons have left me? Badi Amma says there is so much difference in this Bindya and Bindya of Priyom, Bindya says that Bindya died when she had to burn pyre of this whole family, Badi Amma says this Bindya has thinking like Daddaji, who never respected women, who thought they were like slippers, this is not that Bindya who brought all women together to save Guddi, this is not that bindya who did good with everyone, where did your goodness go Bindya? Bindya says time killed my goodness and then born Maa Thakurain, Badi Amma says you are mother before Thakurain, you remember then Mitlaish tried to molest you then whole thakur family stood with you, you felt bad that your own family member tried to molest you but what you did? you divided in 5brothers, just because Komal cheated us doesnt mean that all women are bed, dont forget sacrifice of Poonam and Maya, Ananya is trying to bring you on right path, its time to comeback and accept your wrongdoings, just accept it and decide what you want to do, she leaves. Bindya recalls how Lakhan, Poonam and Mitlaish died when Komal killed them, how she became mother of all sons, how she had be cruel with Ananya, how she had got her married to 5brothers, how she made her walk on burning coals, she sits there in tears. Ananya comes there, Bindya emotionally looks at her, Ananya brings milk and says you havent eaten anything since morning, drink milk and eat medicine, Bindya looks down being guilty, she says i have been cruel with you, Ananya says for now you are being cruel to yourself by not eating this medicine, Bindya says let me speak, today i have gut to accept my mistake infront of other woman, let me accept my mistake, i was blinded by my ego and i couldnt see that i was destroying my life, i always thought to teach respect, mannerism to my kids but i have them guns, to ruin you i forgot that you fall in dig what you have made for someone else, i have stooped so low that my sons have left me today, she cries, Ananya says what you think that your sons will leave you so easily? they are you power, she nods her look back, bindya looks back and sees her 5sons standing there and smiling at her, Ananya says to Bindya that today my mission is successful, now you understand that woman joins family so please accept Bhavna as your daughter in law, Bindya looks at Ananya in tears, Bindya says i have done bad with you, i will call pundit and will free you from this cheap relation, Ananya says its not needed, relations are made from heart, this is not mahabharat, i am no Draupati, this kind of marriage is not accepted by me or by government so this doesnt exist, Bindya smiles agreeing with her, Ananya says just allow me to leave from here, i pray that your other four sons get good wives too, Bindya caresses her face and says i never thought i would say that but in whichever house you will go, you will bring happiness there, for first time i am praying like mother for you that you never get any pain in life, Ananya gets emotional and hugs her calling her mother. Ananya touches Badi Amma’s feet, she blesses her. Ananya comes and greets brother one by one, she smiles at Samar and Amar, Adarsh says Thank you, Garv says today i am asking forgiveness from heart, sorry, Ananya smiles. She comes to Shakti and looks at him, he says do you need to go? Ananya says with which right or relation should i stay? Shakti says you know you have right, Ananya says but you have lost that right, Shakti says i can get that right back? Ananya says maybe if you try to become old Shakti whom Ananya loved, they look at each other and shares eyelock, Ananya leaves, she turns and looks at him one more time, she looks at Bindya who smiles at her, she turns to go, she leaves Haveli.

Scene 2
Ananya comes to Ramakant’s house, she is tensed. Ramakant says it feels like boat has come out of storm, everything is fine now, evil has gone, and we will wipe remaining evil, i know whatever happened in Begusarai with us after that i have thought to transfer from here, we will go to village and will leave from here. Ananya says i can runaway from people but what about wound of my heart? Ramakant says time heals every wound, Ananya says dont know even after winning this battle, i feel incomplete, there are bitter-sweet memories with this city, i have weird connection with this city, Ramakant says you have lost alot here, life is not like this, rule is that when we loose something then we get is back in some other form, dont think that you will not back what you lost, maybe you will get it in some other form, you will get everything. Ramakant says we make life beautiful with our thinking, dont let your thinking become ugly, i will cook food for you today, she smiles, he goes in kitchen, Door knocks, ananya opens it to find Shakti standing outside.

PRECAP- Shakti says now situation is like that where i cant even hope a chance from you but i cant stay silent anymore, i have to confess it, Ananya says i am leaving Begusarai forever, Shakti is shocked and hurt.

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